Pro Arm Wrestler Tries Rock Climbing | Devon Larratt

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good oh you drop you lose finish this off really yeah lots lots of them really good tree climber yeah you know muscle memories gonna hold on a long time you should be able to climb a lot of trees in here if there were anybody yeah no trees no trees but we’re back in inner Peaks and Charlotte and Devon have you rock climb before I have Rock climbed just a very little bit okay well I couldn’t do when we go to rock climbing gyms my kids really good yeah my oldest guy he’s like a spider yeah yeah it could work got some crooked stuff going on but I this can be fun yeah okay [Music] that’s not right yeah yeah generalist I mean your your body takes about half this wall you have to go down on the red – does it count you just go down like so on the way down I can I could take whatever yeah yeah yeah kill this I gotta out climb somebody here today it might be him it might be me yeah yeah simply because of both your waist but you beat me on deadlifts do I have any chance of beating you here no not a chance it was a beat one so you’ve already graduated from nothing – just one thing all right yep [Music] all right sweet nice height is good for me yeah are you yeah are you a little afraid to jump down I’m still gassed out already yeah 3 1 like get you up on a b3 you just sit there and just without any problem solving to sit there and get trapped and then we’ll superset that with my normal eyes yeah I know I both you sit up here no no I don’t want to sit up here I might have given him tendinitis like once my hands are blown out oh yeah I can still probably pull with a strap you know okay because the purpose of this we’re gonna challenge a few rock climbers to arm us Oh that’ll be fun it’ll be interesting yeah I have good grips that’s for sure yeah good hands three camps he’s choosing Creech he’s choosing your feet are in the wit you got many foot spaces to put it nah to be one man that’s a big one this is like a beat one point yeah that is definitely a big one it’s set by og yeah I think we should jump to me to Zoe Devin looks a lot different on a rock climbing wall than on the home wrestling table there you go that’s solid that’s a big one all right I did it accounts yeah counts looking sloppy yeah now just find your way down Devon when you’re doing this what’s the first thing you feel I mean jiggy here fear fear yeah fear of death I got like I could die you don’t want to fall uh yeah you know I really like that comfortable hold yeah a lot of these it’s like you can’t really get that bend in yeah then it starts to get weird right okay there’s some coupling them there’s some oh yeah there’s no cupping focus yeah right yeah if they’re like together like yeah I think yeah do that cliffhanger move oh my god that was the equivalent of rock climbing dunking a basketball there we go there we yeah do it Wow I’m not used to be this is the only one of those shoes well I might not even have to run feelings with okay I’m gonna have to move a child like this yeah yeah yeah it counts if you kick a hole through the wall there you go all right free hand in it that counts yeah you use the reach to get up there really see IV to right yeah Judy’s gotta do it man I feel like I can arm wrestle at like a medium intensity for a long time and I’m fine I can’t do this at a low intensity without my tendinitis flaring up well we’re just gonna go up to V that we fail it okay I think this is the worst thing for my arms honestly like heal my arm swelling up doing this like I will yeah I feel like I’m getting pumped jump yeah yeah it’s easy it’s right there there you go I’ll just finish it easy yeah yeah yeah you got this V – there you go she’s doing the orange v3 but he has to determine what’s orange or what’s red yeah yeah so red orange because I want to you know I’m just not very good at paying attention to detail okay oh he’s jumped up there because she’s my guy this guy it’s orange what is this me no that’s not me he’s got good reach for this to call out Denis sip lenkov yeah you don’t want to do that Denis this is how Devon is training for your next match take that grip pull it down oh man I feel it up already yeah you could beat a wall you could beat Dennis but I shifted that grip you see yeah all right like this spot yeah all right this one’s got a big old Boulder in the middle there wow this one really makes you have to think about what I’m doing for this one yeah you got lots of feet like that’s just not friendly to me me that’s the corner that one holy moly this is a hard grip I feel like you got it somehow like run up and light again you wanted I know that what I know everything well that’s the only Christmas see that’s anything anything good is there are you bleeding alrighty I guess so I don’t know where I certainly you know yeah this one we got to hold up against the wall I think they should make like a ratio that’s the hip ratio all right yes so if there’s like a one to one you’re good for the easy as soon as you start to get up to a certain thickness you’re prohibited credit Avani to be a weight class rock climber okay [Music] right I’m not going anywhere Oh calf extension Chaffetz oh yeah I’m losing it I need to grab her you got to just go for it that was me dying I think I grabbed over there yeah I was tried differently – I like your sauce I forgot another girl holy crap I don’t know guys like a 90 degree bite yeah I’m just not fine there’s not many of those see that red one over there you see that one up there that’s a 90 degree yeah I look those are not yeah I’ll try that one you just tried yeah god this one has no foothold man just get a Blue Hole there’s nowhere to put your feet that’s true that’s so small think you can put one up here look at that yeah these uh these shoes aren’t ideal for that hole Oh God gonna call it there we need Magnus’s help guys next series coming up a few videos from Magnus with those coming back to do rock climbing with Dustin well hopefully teach us again the beginner techniques judy’s good just do a backflip and then definitely do arm wrestling and everything’s okay yeah like zombies going up a wall yeah yeah this is it this is good you guys looking for someone to wrestle there’s not many people here certainly if you arm wrestled before few times nice you rock conquer how long about two years now alright yeah let’s just go real slow and easy to start with see where you’re at yeah see how I cover my son a lot of people like to do that yeah real slow I feel like you’ve got something in there yeah very slow good good watches watches now so if you kind of pull up into my fingers push your elbow forward and now you have the ability to grab even higher yeah now keep your wrist strong kind of pulled your elbow back okay let’s do that again but better like when you come forward really free your hand as you come forward yeah check this out see this all I want you to do you see that line make it come up okay up until your arm wresting me like here yeah good yes there we go in slit yeah now get down there you feel the skin move right every time that skin moves it’s to your advantage yeah your hands higher my hands that’s it yes now you feel it right yeah yeah yeah what do you see usually when you’re pulling rock climbers strong hands good tendons yeah yeah because I think in rock climbing there’s a lot of that shock there loads of tenants so normally like you feel like they got that solid structure when they get pushed yeah yeah yeah good like a lot of thing with rock climbers it’s just a little bit than the arm wrestlers is I think like from a strength perspective and like physical performance perspective like rock climbers are more shifted to the hold okay like me they’re slower guys I think typically they got the ability to lock and stay as opposed to really pulse for the most part okay yeah I mean there’s explosive oh yeah for sure yeah but I think most the time these guys are going to hand fatigue yeah you know they’re not going for yeah they’re not going for like super lifts through the hands they’re like going for the ability to you know do that sustained work cuz their pro armor their rock climbs yes yeah one of the very best climbers in the world a guy called thanks Marcus and I’m push I have to get his name right he’s a US Austrian dude he’s the only guy who’s ever assented this really tough Patagonian mountain in the winter Marcus I think it’s put push yeah.he arm wrestles out of Austria and he’s good he’s good but he’s a ridiculously good climber okay kick your wrist back see your palm put the finger as high as you can there we go but get more bent that’s it good now you can start to use your body a little bit once you got those angles locked in the armwrestling is like having the best hold like you really get the work off of a good hold like a it’s like a v- three once you got a strap it’s like a v- v that’s reducing it but the the skill and strength you have in the hand is really going to amplify what you can do like so it’s hand is super important but it you’re like using a hand on like the most simple climb possible particular story watch this dude you step another demo told me to slow all right but right that’s it 9 I’ll do this for them looks really goes fingers thank you beautiful beautiful you got pumped from the rock back that’s the key dude get a pump from rock climbing in that chant you get move your hands every chance yeah again again move your elbows we’re good that any grip good don’t go for the pen just go for pulling him across the table good good good grab up higher on his head sit on his hand both doing the same thing yeah strip a little strap it up we talked about shark yeah right and that’s why I like sometimes I don’t like chalk because it makes the handsome stick here on the regrip he’s saying uh oil your hands before armwrestling boil em up man no you don’t Sam you don’t you don’t want people to know you want to be like yeah yeah gosh but you got John here have your arm wrestle before no experience in rock climbing about two years all right cool Sam versatile John grip is who’s better the one with the H you have an H in your name no it’s actually short for Jonathan well so you got you got nature no age me John Oh Joey Joey oh god you guys are both no waitress no waitress Christ the Battle of the no waitress who’s gonna win this shit angle here you’re like oh yeah get more andum and get further out into his fingers he’s killing you on his setup man you have to push me back out yeah Jesus juju your shoulders are more problematic than the boulder problems just thinking about banding here give me the big head first thing just bend the wrist don’t do it all right there’s a fucking sloper here I got a slope yeah good just stay in there try and advance your hand higher get a better grip I can’t come either yeah yeah he pushes my thumb back out you got you’re in trouble there yeah yeah now he’s now he’s pressing let you go that’s a bad position to be in right there you’ll burn your arm out so angle guys are pretty good man like you guys are good at this yeah the guy’s got a lie strengthen your can’t put your finger on his knuckle oh man yeah hey Devon how many stars you give over the top yeah out of five well it’s got to be 25 stars out of five twenty and the power of five I feel like I have pretty good hand control but then I’ll get them in this position that’s in game and they’re tight they got a nice lock on it mm-hmm I can’t just like you know flash down I can’t just plop them down no I mean it’s taking a lot of I don’t it’s putting a lot of strain on me to even think to even bother with that so they and you put in the new oppress yeah put him in a press – so Dave they’re good at this you can use muscles you can use your arm and your hand as opposed to just your hand right first step is making him all pull pull up pull up there we go head to the corner see how you kind of push in you’re pushing I feel you pushing you’re pushing me watch watch watch pushes okay hold on again hold on okay yeah see this see my hand it’s open I’m pulling all right you do that to me that’s the young men against each other not just both you bend in your wrists a bit get past them to get that better grip there you go now you got something work off Stirling’s a beat and it’s still doing all the arm wrestler moves I mean you’re fighting for the grip and position and everything yeah you just 20 minutes ago well buddy he’s pretty okay at almost hurt nice and slow nice hip up there get higher up go through my fingers make me one you good and now as you get that better grip you’ll be able to take your elbow back closer towards your body again under tension good and now under tension move your elbow forward get a better grip up high good under tension yeah but when I say under tension tension in the wrists okay yeah good good yeah you’re healthy yeah you got good times yeah and the wrists don’t let me bend your wrists head to the corner not bad not bad but see how you’re kind of pushing yeah watch me very slow okay so yeah I’m pulling yep pulling I’m pulling I’m pulling applying okay yeah yeah good good good good now that’s looking even better but you can do more roll okay more rolls you’re kind of here and you’re kind of going to the side real tight yo but you can instead of on the side you can actually roll over it okay yeah up Cup get it inside your body yeah now roll yes that’s good yeah and with your wrist then pull it to like the tightest spot you can get inside your body before you start to go for any pin okay haven’t you seen any commonalities and the rock climber is like technique carrying over and then how they can apply it to UM rustling well I mean so much I feel like you get any kind of grip and I know I don’t know much about climbing but I feel like when I’m failing it’s because my grips failing and that’s like a commonality and armwrestling but I feel like you want to secure the absolute best grip that you can get before you actually attempt to move on in the next step right and it’s the same thing in armwrestling you’re fighting for that absolute best grip before you try and actually move to Mexico essentially that person’s hand is a problem that you’re trying to solve before you even start it yeah same thing yeah V 11 are you gonna try this again in the future I guess so yeah gotta get good at it so get close with your body right thing works off that negative so you want to be like as bent and together as you possibly can okay yeah good yes bring that elbow right tucked in now there’s this weird spot in our essence see how I can pull okay but I can also push check and also push yeah and when my elbow is here when my elbows like inside my body I can push like everything’s like really good you know but if I’m out here and I try and push there’s like this spiraling pressure that is very easily found by your opponent and that’s what you want to minimize so every chance you can tuck tuck tuck tuck okay now I’m good to push yeah okay every chance you can your elbow with your wrist / SI units dad house rest find it go well your monster you are 145 yeah okay I’m 205 yeah yeah you might get like if you try it again and try it a little bit different like what you learned try again you might get them let’s feel what you got first see what you do what do I do what do you feel it yeah you normally tell like if somebody who likes to bring their shoulder forward and like do inside moves or they like to come through the hand it can be it can be I’m kind of all over the place yeah bring your hip close and get right up on your tiptoes yeah yeah get close get close good yeah think about your wrist think about your thumb would think about my hand and bending my wrist back good [Music] [Music] yeah keep your hand high and pull me towards you what are you doing better grip perfect Amy’s got all kinds of excuses you good yeah ready Colin oh my gosh always look at your hand good good good good think about getting your elbow close to your bi all right now listen I gotta warn you she took off out of the blocks like a rocket last time I’m not I’m not I don’t know if I can do left hand I got this here we go okay are you ready like fired up I’m just trying to get a fair start here right that’s the middle don’t know ready go yeah I’m kind of unfair grip come on yeah some medieval crap this spear stringers I’m good take what I can take us take one you know what I’m doing I’m doing I’m doing the dad move doing the dad move all right here we go ready no no [Music] I’m actually might lose this one I guess he’s getting a good spot on me got my dad way of going what is this muscle you have the dad move is working dad move bad move [Laughter] good okay oh oh oh dang guys didn’t know it was a part of the original hundred ten pound rock climber video he is pretty strong on the wrist we had a good match back before this is filmed but apparently John has 80 pounds on the six wait wait maybe more than that it’s a hundred actually how much you weigh 95 pounds his arms are like as big as my head too yeah that’s about it we did a hybrid of powerlifting now we’re doing a hybrid Rock Calling which are me doing you doing right on give me the easier side of whatever this is the easiest thing like yeah yeah switches yeah oh yeah there we go let’s it if you drop you lose finish this off Oh we’ll see yeah well he’s out of his mind I’m losing my grip Oh God oh you know what I think I think we’ll is the rock climbing or arm wrestling world champion good world that’s the new sport it’s like that chessboxing it’s a rock climbing arm wrestling heavily crabs my new school you can be the one all right a great job will cuz amazed thanks for this guys we’re gonna see we’ll actually we’re bringing a pro rock climber next week and we’re gonna arm wrestle with him oh yeah now maybe you can do some you can as you’re going up you can like try and jerk the dude off the wall not going anyone I just hang here until I die safety [Laughter] [Music] [Applause] [Music] you

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