Nickmercs vs TimTheTatMan Arm Wrestle?! (TwitchCon 2019 Vlog)

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a couple things well we got we got twitchcon coming up at the end of the month I don’t know what you guys are doing everybody’s gonna be there a lot of people gonna be there okay if you want like an M fam land experience with my people twitchcon event will be money last twitchcon i only went for two days this twitchcon i’m going everyday so it’s gonna be fun man we’ll definitely have some shit planned out [Music] [Music] [Music] Yoshii do what they have these tables over there you see that table worships where he’s standing mr. camera guy right yeah yes you see I did right there it’s like an armrest McDavid we show our muscles not you’ll be I will that’s how we should have had this the halftime show I haven’t lifted in a while he’ll beat me I’m not trying to get embarrassed you know who her arm wrestle me the doc no he would not think so no because you could beat him and then his integrity would be hurting it’s like it’s like you know it’s a trap chat don’t do it we wouldn’t maybe like an eating contest where that be wild I think he’s right I think I have like a fear of choking when I’m eating food I’m serious man I feel like suck you know I almost choked to died on steak five years ago I felt that I swallowed it but got stuck and I thought that was in for me man look at my dad I was like no and he’s like my little boy started crying he’s got scared cuz he knew I was messed up do that it was lives like like nothing I thought was done so what happened feed that on my back I coughed it up you know and ever since that day I got a really I have a weird phobia of eating too much at once which is a hot dog guys just going is shut down besides it and I didn’t just chew your food bro [Music] you never give me any change watch me [Music] but I told you [Music] [Music] Dean [Music] is there that guy got that guy stop credit card soccer parents weren’t good boss TV or the beatgrid till then all right be slow baby peace and love [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Applause]

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