NCAA Wrestling Finals Highlights | 2019 Championships | Motivational Videos

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[Music] time when you feel weak you want to just give up [Music] to find that inner strength and just pull that shit out facing to not give up and not bad [Music] killing him feeling the minimal swap to cotton [Music] [Music] comes off till the lights go out [Music] [Applause] [Music] five over image even though a few people got a fucking problem with me you hate it but you know respect you got to give me the presence wet dream the clap and you Whitney the roof comes off till the lights go out to my legs give out can’t shut my mouth to the smoke clears out and my high I’m a bone color [Music] [Music] [Music] till the lights [Music] [Applause] [Music] like he doesn’t need his name of his life he just wants to hurt whether it’s the pain of the fight he feels so unlike everybody else alone in spite of the fact some people still think that they know I’m the fucker he knows it’s not about the salary itself now noise faking story making sure it stays up that means 2020 anyway he never really talks much never customer status mister leaving the starstruck opportunities given despite the fact that many mister because it accept everything right here at what together myself in the picture connect he’s never asking for something get some respect he’s only four so what he broke his wethersby y’all freeze both guillotine I said luck twenty percent skill fifteen percent concentrated power of will five percent pleasure fifty percent pain a hundred percent reason to remember the name [Music] [Music] [Music] 20% skill 80% beer beer under the same clinic karate but still I would have thought he’d be the one to set the West in flames and I heard him when I get with the crystal meth nickname it became drop Megadeth took in the church I like bleach man why you had this completed is the truth without everybody giving them guest spots and snacks would move I heard he trouble with dance we call him ride you’ll be sick and he’s bitten fire and Mike got about the dryer Aeolus porcupines [Music] when they wanna be within rappers homemaking Chatelet isn’t making patiently waiting the blow now the record wishes notice taking over the globe he’s got a partner in crime is shit is believe the kind of shit that comes out of this kids ten percent luck twenty percent skill teen percent concentrated power of will five percent pleasure fifty percent pain a hundred percent reason to remember 20% skill concentrated power under percent reason to remember the name [Music] [Applause] [Music] like this job let’s go [Music] for my Nana MC Noda styles of beyond Rio shot machine shop [Music]

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