Naomi and Jimmy Uso get matching tattoos: Total Divas, Nov. 28, 2018

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so what are you guys looking to get tattoos matching tattoos on our wooden finger cool don’t pass out just do it man when I hear – buzzes Anita I just want to jump up and run out of that tattoo shop like no no don’t touch me but it’s for John so I think I’ll be worth it your joint is barely barely push it through that’s it I’m done yeah all that for that first tattoo love it I do awesome there you go man how’d it feel this is nice where do you like you to answer I do where you like you I can’t believe how quick it was oh yeah you see yeah man see you know John and I initial side by side which other ring finger I think is so special this year is probably the hardest conversations we’ve had in our marriage we’ve been together 10 years and a lot has changed we are gonna always be evolving and changing but I just know that no matter what we’re gonna rock with each other and be by each other side and I always have this so now if I don’t have my ring on you still feel okay I’m all right we cool he’s a better tell whoever trying to holla at you sorry I’m married no just go like this

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