Nagzz21 Moments – Crazy Wrestling

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this so you put them all right let me let me put these all in here is it everyday I wake up and you guys control everything you send me knows you send me glitter box you send me pens chickens you make me move out me for a year and a half you’ve made names about me and I was on Armond but today next twenty one fights back I get down if I were you maybe after this I don’t know maybe I won’t send in a medic maybe I will I just realized Nags 21 has the aim of a baby deer with a spoon yeah why are we getting scared yes scared [Music] today’s my day I got you you know how much daddy now you have to clean up all those Nerf darts long I was gonna always gonna kill you you could thank the Sunnah now you’re not getting healed cuz I do have to clean this up now now you’re not getting healed you get that Kizuna fine I let the power consumed what that felt awesome son I’m dying remember my last words rah rah rah rah rah rah rah rah rah that was pretty nags bust on our faces mega lewd always leave your nightlight on so you could see it I hate this picture so much this one because it looks so real and it’s actually scary science is great this is from track on this is why you wanted me to fresh so you could write the street cleaner sucked up your fries so your engineer a super seagull that that’s why you wanted me to refresh he’s in there refresh that’s why refresh now for this this is why you want to beat a refresh so bad letter finally someone reveals himself well hello there nags oh boy do I have a gift for you use this to find your way to my clubhouse your pal DJ Dave oh boy put this perfect probably sent you the Mickey Mouse because of your name love oh no it’s together whose clubhouse cuz he does the Mickey Mouse voice Italian ha ha ha no yeah I feel like I feel the same he knows it’s double trouble Monday he knows he’s like ha ha max has a fat face baby baby babe streams nights nice I’m going to make coffee two minutes here I’ll give you the gnome again now Savannah this room is a freaking mess I know you all just saw that no move right please tell me you guys saw that well the stream has been very weird good night people’s better love the French commuter will send french fries for rad from McDonald’s or I’ll make sure to release the crunch you know what I think I have that word band saved I have them no it didn’t say it are you kidding me stop it didn’t say it you can’t did this thing really move because that’s gonna creep me out I do not want this near me when I sleep I really show me the clip set I’ll send me the clip right now cuz I will be freaked out if it moves I’m not even joking around rad approves gnome for harem rad does not approve that rad does not approve that this thing would go in the if that’s case insane or the crazy triangle you did you someone timeout read right now look at the gnome on your monitor I’m looking at it on the model on the monitor I’m looking at it the ice moved see how it’s looking left this is freaking me out dude I I don’t want it anywhere near me harem time to add genome to the fan art list JT please JT I did a rap for you for your birthday I rapped for you all right I got the clip to check this thing I got the clip to so you donated when you saw it move so bare there where where where the ice where yo guys you’re freaking me out where where where’s there really you all you all conspired together you even sent a donation really got him that’s impressive that’s teamwork wow I fell for that whoever sent that $38 no mom so I’m gonna get him bring the gnome back my gosh it’s moving now again yeah cuz I’m uh yeah Wow well played well played you love nuts right I know what to send you for next unboxing evil smile no P neuter you’re not sending me nuts haha you go to the gym still weak huh Oh from homebrew dwarf all right let’s see what this is within is the tools you will need to start the life of an active adventurer yo we got it we got another plug for three pogs Nier automata yet secret admirer DJ Dave and now the fourth POG of home brews I need water rah rah rah the gnomes choking me ahh are you choking me all of a sudden I can’t I’m choking I didn’t even eat anything that’s not not like that yo hmm stop great press it family friend you all have dirty minds um when negs gets pens what penner – it’s amazing that does Briggs have a good time at work buddy thank you for the five man thank you very much I hope your day at work was better than this buddy better than this rescues 21 Swedish television channel decides to protect the identity of the seagull that was saved from the UPS Store really are you kidding me are you kidding me when the hell was this where did you get this picture of me I never see this one flock of seagull Joey bagels someone’s a horde of seagulls to attack what the hell is this the hell is this it’s next 21 it’s red it our next 21 ah that’s why you guys are I didn’t do that who did that our link I didn’t do that I did not do that we can post anything you want to want him to see yes you can [Music] [Music] the hell am i watching don’t park this I could I could actually use this against them while wrestling how do you chil bak ha ha ha it is too much how do you close anyway I think I figured it out got pushed at it well that’s a lot to do to close it that’s a lot to do to close this thing you know what it’s time for boys new wrestling intro yeah break it down I think me and me and sin are gonna have the Tables Ladders and Chairs match so we got a table we got a table boys I don’t think nags knows what kind of wrestling he is gonna be doing with Zen nigga lewd it’s a little preview time in the top rope yeah [Music] when you have a moment roll the d20 from my gift and let me know the result roll a d20 what do you go we face pop and I’ll play D&D which number would I it’s got so many sites how I know the one is it the one with the triangle up not a ninety one Oh sixteen sixteen is I realized 9191 all I did I looked really quick I didn’t know what the hell is sixteen he rolled a ninety one on the deets one let’s go baby well played hope yo home-brewed dude home brewed home brewed that was actually that was dope Oh baby thank you I can’t believe I said maybe what don’t forget the link I sent in my dono earlier uh he’s a really funny anime I don’t know what this is you’re Bandai collie you’re banned from sending any animes hey my dude hope you are doing well hope you have a relaxing stress-free day yeah bricks yeah

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