MyHOUSE Sports Gear Design Studio Tutorial

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hey guys SHINee’s here from my house sports gear and today I want to discuss with you a little bit more about our brand new my house design studio to get started you’re going to want to go over to wwm a house for scare calm and in our navigation bar you’re going to want to find design studio or in our rotating banners find and click on the design studio banner ad you will then be brought to our initial design studio page here you will fill out our quick contact form enter your name your email address phone number your school or organization and any further comments you may want to add once all your information is filled out hit submit you are now officially in our my house design studio by clicking on the wrestling icon will be brought to our custom team gear apparel options we have everything from singlets compression gear warmups gear bags and more but for now we will just stick with our my house men’s singlet you will notice that we made things a little easier for you by providing you with our signature my house template singlets for you to choose from and don’t worry if you change your mind on the template design that you initially chose you can switch your template design at any time in any color logo or text that you use will be transferred to the new template that you choose today we’re going to work with template MSW – 0 1 1 see on the right-hand panel you will see there are a few drop-down options on this particular singlet we’ll be changing color one color to color 3 the piping color and also the my house logo color and if you haven’t already noticed you can take a 360-degree tour around your apparel design front back and sides once you’re satisfied with the color options that you chose click Next here you’ll be brought to the logo and text page to upload an image or school logo click the plus sign under upload image be sure to have the logo that you want to use in an easy-to-find file in your folders also note high resolution PNG and JPEG files work best once your logo is uploaded it will appear on your 3d model you can resize and rotate it as you please next we will be adding the text when adding text it will automatically be placed on the back open up the text drop down menu click on the plus sign and enter in your school or mascot name from there you can customize your text even further with fonts colors and outlining once you are satisfied with your design press finish this will bring you to your view basket page where you will see a preview of all the designs you have created in design studio you can also add additional items to your basket we are now going to add a compression shirt you will notice that there are imagined template designs for each item to keep your team gear unified once you have chosen your compression shirt template you will notice that your previous Sinkler design colors have transferred over to your compression shirt saving you a ton of time and an extra step as we did with the singlets upload any logos or text that you feel necessary when you are done press finish and you’ll be brought back to your view basket page to make this set complete we’re going to add a sublimated template short you once you’re happy with everything in your basket it’s time to submit your designs you can choose one of two options download PDF or get a quote first let’s discuss downloading a PDF you’ll be brought to a submission form fill out your first name last name affiliation company name only if you’re a part of a vendor or dealer organization school or club name if you are working with in my house sales rep already click the drop down menu and find your sales representative if not click on assign me a sales rep fill out your email address telephone number your location and any further message that you would like us to have once you’re finish hit submit once you hit submit you will receive a personalized PDF presentation with your design studio files which is perfect for sharing with your team or board members before ordering speaking of ordering let’s talk about our get a quote button if you are ready to order and looking for a quote on the custom team gear that you just designed go to your view basket and click on get a quote you will once again have to fill out all the required fields your first name last name affiliation company name if you are a vendor school or a club name what sales rep you are working with email address telephone number location and any message that you would like to leave us before you hit submit there’s an optional add sizes and quantities button if you already know the sizes and quantities that you need for your team you can enter them in below for each design that you created once you submit your design under get a quote one of our skilled sales reps will contact you shortly well there you have it a quick walk through our my house sports gear design studio remember head over to WWE have or scare calm to start designing your custom team gear today

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