Miraculous Superstar landings: WWE Top 10, Feb. 26, 2018


My God!
>>Stiles going right back to the ring.
Ridiculous, [NOISE] phenomenal
form in the world [INAUDIBLE].
And Carmen kicked out I can’t
believe [LAUGH] what we just saw.
>>[SOUND] Whoa, wait a minute,
wait a minute.
Kid on the top turnbuckle.
>>What in the world?
Spring loaded.
>>The cover,
shoulders down on [NOISE] [CROSSTALK] and
kick out.
>>Nice athlethicism by Benjamin.
Or my gracious, man.
>>And Nitro in a bad, bad way.
>>He’s got something in mind.
I think we’re about to find out.
[INAUDIBLE] stops.
>>Landed on his feet.
>>[SOUND] Now from the top turn buckle.
Ian Guerrero.
[NOISE] [INAUDIBLE] by Guerrero.
>>Tettering ever so close to the edge.
>>Looks like Morrison, Morrison!
That parkour training
comes in handy again.
>>And Lesnar’s got his hands on Rollins.
>>And he sends into the ring.
And trying to escape, and got it.
[INAUDIBLE] [NOISE] lands on his feet and
>>Here comes.
There’s Stroman [APPLAUSE]
now oh-oh.
look out.
>>And Undertaker landed on his feet.
>>Undertaker has got Strowman.
Here comes Kane.
>>Kane’s got Strowman.
>>Look out.
>>No, get away, guys.
>>Brothers of destruction.
Ouch [SOUND] [NOISE] Thrown
him through the panel.
The brothers of destruction
put Strowman through
the table.
>>Woo hoo!
>>We’ve already seen that superplex off
the ring steps Please-
>>Come on.
>>Not another one.
>>This one from a much
do this.
>>Lands on his feet!
>>Avalanche German release suplex.
But Dunne lands on his feet!
>>Bitter end by Pete Dunne.
Bitter end!
>>One. Two. Three!
>>And it’s the end of another instanat
NXT classic!
>>And Cena.
Look at this.
[SOUND] Michael’s hit, [INAUDIBLE] cover.
Michael’s [INAUDIBLE].

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100 thoughts on “Miraculous Superstar landings: WWE Top 10, Feb. 26, 2018”

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    Kanalımda İphone Şifre bilmeden Nasıl açılır var 😂

  3. Veil Videos says:

    I like how it's always a 'Legend' taking number 1 from a really talented star, just for nostalgia reasons. Stupid. Pete Duane should be 1, just saying

  4. EvanPlayzGamez says:

    1 Like = 1 more percentage that AJ Styles gets the WWE Title back

  5. Zarina Rokad says:

    i like it


    Quien habla español??

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    At 2:05 strowmans face

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    It’s so wird how aj styls came back up so fast

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    Why the hell is Tyson Kidd on summerslam

  11. Judy Chen says:

    1:27 this ain’t no make believe

  12. Pierre Verdié says:

    morisson flip was incredible

  13. X_Grave_X says:

    How i landed on ground

    A parachute

  14. Danny Playzz says:

    2:22 lol ahhh

  15. Nyan twinz says:

    1 should be when randy Orion reverse cenas AA with the RKO

  16. TriTri SLAVIA says:

    Houston we solved the problem.

  17. best in the world says:

    why the undertaker is not top 1 tele me people

  18. suraj barri says:

    Stupid people in wwe

  19. M Mee says:


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    2:05 when you and dude been beffin on social media then you finnally run into each other

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    Where Was The Time Kalisto Jump On The Shoulders Of Cesaro?

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    Why did you have to make this video the day before my birthday

  25. JoacoAcerbi14 says:

    That Backflip from neville was so Epic
    Bring Back Neville :'(

  26. Ilyas says:

    It's so funny beacuse at Number 1 Shawn is show hit cena with a kick but if u put it in slow motion u see Shawn Slapping his thigh to make the sound and when u think he kicked Cena it missed

  27. fuck my life says:

    I don't give a f*** about what anyone says wrestling is fake throw the hits in this one of them didn't even make contact either that or he just has telepathy powers

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    The video was uploaded on 2/26/2018

    I am here on 2/26/2019😂

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    This day was mybirthday

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    I appreciate your hardwork …extremely intresting videos

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