Michigan State Spartans at Penn State Nittany Lions Wrestling: 149 Pounds – Richards vs. Retherford

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terrific all season long 23 no 14 low-end tools and he is just I don’t know what else to say he is electric anything you could look for in a wrestler want to see you find insane Rutherford he will be taking on Kaelin Richards of Michigan State again the Nittany Lions in the blue singlet got the white Penn State lettering and they have the Nittany Lion logo on the back Michigan State working the green and white singlets a Nathan smart logo on the front kind of Brennan we talked about earlier in the match with the weight changing how the three wrestlers of Conaway Gulu bond and method all moved up a weight this year rather for it seems to be the best or the most transition to the weight janab see not a lot stronger so far and we’ve seen the campaign’s Zane Rutherford with two points for the takedown as they work off the bat they’ll return to the center he has four seconds of writing time already accumulated just a little over 30 seconds have gone by in this first period we’re gonna see a lot here Rutherford more than any other wrestler on this fence 18 he’s gonna get a lot of takedowns and also kind of got a lot of guys loose he loves getting takedowns pegged loose and try to get his positioning but it’s not a thing I can see is a guy that loves getting back points I love trying to get those pins and if he doesn’t have a good position right away you just cut some loose and tries again so definitely looked for that does entire match from Rutherford Richards has awarded the escape point Rutherford leads to 2-1 155 left to go in this first period Rutherford also has 21 seconds of riding time in his favor no takedown points awarded there a referee Michael Millward of fish initially put up two points in Rutherford’s favor for the takedown but quickly took that right back 1:30 left to go in the first period Rutherford leaps to to one bit of a scramble on the mat now neither wrestler with total control Rutherford now given two more points he leads four-two one working toward the head of Richards this is a match here for Richards I really is to try to damage controls you kind of talked about the keys in the open Brandon third team straight matches Zayn brother Berger has scored at least some type of bonus points and he just tries to keep that going tonight obviously and for Richards you really have to try everything you can to not expose your legs try not to get takedowns and more importantly don’t let don’t expose your back to Rutherford’s as we see he’s really already trying to work for those back points do not expose your backhand and I could take it back to this match I said brother fur is the best on this Penn State team of turning a close match into a blowout right away for the one Rutherford still leads 25 seconds left to go in this first period as you mentioned bonus points Rutherford’s riding time now nearing one minute and ten seconds one period see Rutherford but really in his go-to move out there with the scissors across his legs across the midsection of Richard that’s how he gets a lot of his pins and a lot of his back points he’s by controlling the midsection with both his legs squeezing as hard as he can and honestly at some point some wrestle just give up and get pinned because it’s so painful because his legs are so strong so Richards will be treated he’s got a bit of a nose pleat here though look to clean the mat very quickly leave they’ll just plug up that nose and he should be back on the mat in no time 14 seconds left to go in the first period and although I wouldn’t say Rutherford has looked completely dominant so far he’s certainly in control oh he has been in control a richer place if this is tough for him coming in 1 to 12 on the arrow and eight big ten coming back at you after looking a little bit off last night at three hi his best match I’m sure he will tell you that as well she doesn’t looks to try to get back on the right track here just back to back knee and try to close out the Big Ten regular season duels least on a good note now five seconds left in the first period rather fertile just ride him out as he collects a minute and 30 seconds of driving time just through one period here so we’ll have two left on the bottom look to see why brother fare is so dangerous gets that single leg this opens up spins his way around just uses his strength to open up to that double leg and get the two point takedown and that is one of the biggest things for other third he is shooting and others not a stat wrestling but over 90% of the shots he hits ere he gets through and so that’s why he’s just so dangerous when he takes o shots gets on that single leg he’s so dangerous and usually always converts for the two points rather furred up now five to one he’s awarded the escape 140 left to go now two more flights coming around the firts way as he pushes down on the head neck of Richards although Richards is awarded the escape point Rutherford now up seven to a minute 29 of riding time two more points coming to Zane he leads nine to two now 120 122 left to go and they’ll work back toward the center of the net 133 right of time in Rutherford favor now is when he’s starting to really show that dominance excedrin really now we started getting that groove and now he you know says when he’s cutting wrestlers look like is about to with Richards again it’s it gets pretty dangerous and it’s almost you know what can you do before a hurricane come back you just take down excape takedown escape in Rutherford is one of the best at and that’s why he’s so good and arguably were the best rosters on this grants a-team now caution was given to Rutherford before the referee blew his whistle there he was at that diamond triangle shape on the back of Richard’s I don’t know if the referee thought he was just pushing too hard or what exactly it was but a caution was called there on Rutherford nonetheless no points went against him that time but now Richards with the escape point Rutherford with a quick date takedown once more he leads 11 to 350 seconds left in the second period riding time now up over two minutes in favor of Zane Rutherford now the score is 11 to 4 Richards with the escape both wrestlers working at their feet and now Richards is really starting to look a bit fatigued let me see Rutherford working with that Russian tie they’re on the left arm one of his another big go-to news there you see another caution warning on Richards and it’s just for Richards is what can I do because even when it seems like his legs are covering is doing great job with macular drugs or anything Rutherford still finds an opening somewhere and more importantly connects on those takedown chances which is one reason why it’s so hard to wrestle against this retro sock 1 so it was a stall warning call there on Richards Rutherford leads 15 to 5 10 point advantage with 5 seconds left to go in this second period in over 2 minutes and 20 seconds of riding time Richards again just certainly looks fatigued heading into this third period and I would look out for an early Kelvin Rutherford’s way in this third period I said this is why he was so good now we see again there’s really nothing there just works his way around gets that single line double leg right away just kind of works right around Richard’s using his speed and strength telling that’s really benefited him moving up a weight class I said now you see Richard’s really starting to take some deep breaths you’re starting to slow down this is where Rutherford’s at his best taking advantage of that when the opponent is worn down that’s when he gets the back points and they said that’s why he has or leads a team with ten pins Rutherford with two minutes forty seconds of riding time and now Richards awarded inscape point record Burt with two more quickly for the takedown he leads by 11 17 to 6 and Richards again with the quick escape so like you mentioned earlier I believe it was in the first period they just kind of won’t let his opponent free and they go right back at him he leads now 19 to 7 with almost three minutes of riding time so he will certainly have the bonus point there Richard’s again awarded an escape see whether for really working there on that Russian tie a lot today it’s been so successful again another takedown right now this is where he just had his best he’s taking down a potent not even bothering with the put the end trying to get back once a pin just let him cutting him loose I’m just going right back again for the legs it’s just as a wrestler it just has to tie it around just said one point you know just break your will and during this match that’s where Weatherford does so well the wrestlers work off the Matt Rutherford leads 21 to eight less than a minute left to go in the third period Rutherford’s riding time again nearing three minutes and 15 seconds certainly dominant so far and to walk let’s go over the fence way is now is when he gets lethal almost working for the he continues now working Richards richer’s escape for a short moment 30 seconds left to go in this third period Rutherford still continues to chip away at Richards now 25 seconds see mother for looking at the clock 14 points right now is the difference to get to that 15 get that extra point for the tech fall unless you’re rich and that’s what Rutherford is doing we’re checking to see and without writing for that should he was right about that should do it didn’t the tech fall so extol second on Richards in that will give seen Weatherford

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