Matt Vine is Ready to Crush Anakin’s Dreams at PPW272

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premiere planet I am the ppw heavyweight champion Matt vine I have a question for each and every single one of you what do you call a man who defeats someone who claims to be death proof what do you call a man who single-handedly led this company to 26.6 and counting dollars and subscribers on YouTube I know you call that man the modern-day gladiator vine I trust Matt vine a man who can do anything I’m a Renaissance man I’m a modern-day Renaissance man I can do anything I put my mind to you see I can go toe-to-toe with someone 300 pounds in an all-out brawl and this Saturday I can stop and ground an all-out aerial assault from a hundred and seventy five pounder if that like Anakin I can do it all baby get you a man who can do both and that’s exactly what’s going to happen this Saturday you’re gonna see a man who can do both you’re gonna see a man who’s gonna stop one of the highest flying kids in the world today one of the best up-and-comers this studio has to offer and definitely the independence best-kept high-flying secret I’m going to stop him I’m going to end him he can say all he wants about how much better he’s become in 52 weeks because the problem with that is is you don’t take into consideration that for those 52 weeks you get better Anakin I get even more better than you you

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