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[Music] hey guys it’s a Nara here and welcome to WWE draft predictions for October 11 and October 14 before this video starts make sure to leave a like subscribe to the channel and turn on post notifications to be notified when I upload the future video so let’s start Becky Lynch joins Monday Night Raw [Music] Roman reigns joins Friday Night Smackdown The OC AJ Styles Karl Anderson ello gallows joined Monday Night Raw [Music] schinsky Nakamura and Sami Zayn joined Friday Night Smackdown Eric Young joins NXT the fiend Bray Wyatt joins Monday Night Raw the beast Brock Lesnar joins Friday Night Smackdown [Music] the Viper Randy Orton joins Monday Night Raw John Morrison joins Friday Night Smackdown Alexa bliss and Nicky cross joined Monday Night Raw Bobby Lashley and Lana join Friday Night Smackdown the Viking raiders joined Monday Night Raw [Music] Sasha banks joins Friday Night SmackDown Natalya joins Monday Night Raw King Corbin joins Friday Night Smackdown [Music] the street prophets joined Monday Night Raw [Music] Erick Rowan and Harper join Friday Night Smackdown the lucha house party join Monday Night Raw [Music] Akira Tazawa joins NXT the ikonics join Friday Night Smackdown Kevin Owens joins Monday Night Raw Lacey Evans joins Friday Night SmackDown [Music] Chadd gable joins Friday Night Smackdown Sin Cara joins Monday Night Raw ricochet joins Friday Night Smackdown Humberto Carillo joys Monday Night Raw [Music] Cesaro joins NXT drew Galax joins Monday Night Raw Tamina joins Monday Night Raw Moustafa Ali joins Friday Night SmackDown [Music] the B team joined Monday Night Raw [Music] heavy machinery join Friday Night Smackdown Finn Balor Joy’s NXT Seth Rollins joins Monday Night Raw [Music] the new day joined Friday Night SmackDown – O’Neill joins Monday Night Raw the revival joined Friday Night Smackdown alistair black joins Monday Night Raw rusev joys Friday nights bang down Bailey joins Monday Night Raw dumbass joins Monday Night Raw Samoa Joe joins and XT Robert Roode and all Ziggler joined Monday Night Raw a opie authors of pain join Friday Night Smackdown the Kabuki warriors joined Monday Night Raw Apollo Cruz joins NXT drew McIntyre joins Friday Night Smackdown rey mysterio joins Monday Night Raw [Music] Elias who joins Friday Night SmackDown andrade and Zelena joined Monday night wrong Cain Velasquez joins Friday Night SmackDown Shelton Benjamin joins Monday Night Raw heats later joins and xD Carmela and r-truth joined Monday Night Raw Drake maverick joins Friday Night SmackDown [Music] sarah logan joins and XD [Music] braun strowman joins Monday Night Raw Jinder Mahal joins Friday Night Smackdown fire and desire join Monday Night Raw [Music] but II Murphy joins and xD and now here are the shoutouts for this video thanks for watching and leave in the comments down below what are you WWE Draft predictions and I’ll see you guys next time goodbye [Music] [Music] [Applause]

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