Kushida vs. WALTER: WWE NXT, Oct. 9, 2019

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[Music] two undefeated superstars putting it all on the line Walter and Kushina we’re an incredible map what an incredible chop a battle of attrition the unforgiving ring post Walter in trouble Kushina doing a great job of chopping the tree down to the floor to see us just wiped out Walter no [Applause] jido oh my god Walter how is will just sustaining surviving the torque the leverage over didn’t look like grumbles for having those clothes Neelix to universe yelling tap his fingers Walter the ring general for a reason spatial awareness but how compromised is that arm looking for the hoverboard lock again this time Walter throws him off and Walter with the shotgun dropkick what I’m I would surely this is it what up – scheana – scheana gunshot chops cat down you’re not dreaming Nigel this match continues Lord they say its darkest before the dawn [Applause] this is and surely they gonna be an incredible match to close out tonight’s mystic festivities launcher remains undefeated and while Kishida may have tasted defeat for the first time on NXT TV he indeed proved that he is also as good as yes [Music] [Applause] [Music]

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