Kushida re-injured after battle with WALTER: WWE Now, Oct. 10, 2019

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hey it’s madcap and after plenty of fallout from last night’s NXT on USA Network it’s time to update the NXT injury report the main event was a fans dream match between Kishida and the WWE United Kingdom champion Walter and it did not disappoint when it was all said and done Walter stood tall and victory and unfortunately for Koo cheetah he reacted the wrist injury we reported two weeks ago he’ll get an MRI to evaluate the injury and his day to day the team of ever eyes was scheduled to face freeze Ango but Jackson rhykker appeared on stage with the beaten bodies of Matt Martel and chase Parker as a result of what the forgotten sons called a vulgar display of savagery Martel was diagnosed with a shoulder separation and will begin physical therapy Parker was given a CT scan to check for a possible jaw fracture but will need to follow up with a surgeon both members of ever eyes are day to day it didn’t take long for Cameron Grimes to score another victory when he nearly stomped Bowa through the mat as if that quick loss wasn’t bad enough hilly and Dane immediately hit the ring and dished out his own beating to Bowa including a brutal slam onto the NXT announcement sailings Bowa had difficulty breathing due to a possible rib fracture and is listed as day to day for further updates on these injuries stay tuned to WWE’s digital and social channels ahead of next wednesday’s NXT on USA Network at 8:00 7:00 central [Music]

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