Kid Trash Talk with WWE Superstars


-Hey, guys, WrestleMania 35
is this weekend,
and my favorite part
is all the smack talk.
[ Laughter ]
You gotta make
your opponent scared
before they even step
into the ring with you.
So, it got me thinking,
could wrestlers make any
trash talk seem intimidating?
To find out, we asked kids
to send us their best taunts
and see if WWE superstars could
still make them terrifying.
It’s time for “Kid Trash Talk.”
Here we go.
-♪ Kids talk trash ♪
♪ Trash talk ♪
[ Cheers and applause ]
-Now, remember, these were all
written by real kids.
Here to do our first taunt
is the winner of last year’s
WWE Greatest Royal Rumble.
Give it up for Braun Strowman!
[ Cheers and applause ]
-You want a piece of me?!
Do you want a piece of me?!
I’m gonna kick your butt
till you fall in a lake.
And I’m not joking!
Because when I’m kidding,
I say, “Knock, knock!”
[ Cheers and applause ]
[ Applause continues ]
-[ Laughing ]
All right.
Next, give it up for the former
WWE SmackDown Women’s Champion,
[ Cheers and applause ]
-Come at me, you noodle.
I’ll wax you New York style.
-Mm, wow.
Next up is the two-time
WWE Tag Team Champion,
Drew McIntyre!
[ Cheers and applause ]
-I am gonna shove my foot
so far up your butt…
that you are gonna be
pooping toes for a week!
[ Cheers and applause ]
-Next, give it up for three-time
WWE Raw Women’s Champion
Alexa Bliss!
[ Cheers and applause ]
-I’m hungry.
So guess what I’m gonna do?
I’m gonna take your lunch box
and eat your lunch.
Next up is one of
the longest-reigning tag team
champions in WWE history,
Kofi Kingston!
[ Cheers and applause ]
-Yeah. Hold up, hold up,
hold up, hold up.
Hey, check it out.
You look like a potato and
a chicken nugget had a baby!
Got ’em!
-And, finally, we have
a two-time WWE World Champion.
Give it up for Seth Rollins!
[ Cheers and applause ]
-Don’t make me bake a pie
and put your face in it,
’cause your butt is your face,
and your face is your butt!
[ Cheers and applause ]
-Give it up
for the WWE superstars!
WrestleMania 35 will take place
at MetLife Stadium
this Sunday, April 7th,
at 7:00 P.M. Eastern,
and will stream live
on WWE Network.
Stick around. We’ll be
right back with Alec Baldwin.

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100 thoughts on “Kid Trash Talk with WWE Superstars”

  1. Jeremy Miller says:


  2. CheetahPlayz says:

    The band is so annoying

  3. MechaMew2 says:

    Honestly, I'd take this over what's been on WWE TV right now.

  4. Justin Case says:

    "Tag team champion" – "last years winner" get the fook outta here. There are no winners in WWE.

  5. JasonL77 says:

    Strowman’s cracked me up.

    Carmella’s actually sounded kinda badass.

    Kofi’s was probably my favorite because you know you’ve just been insulted, but you’ll need a few seconds to figure out exactly how. “Wait, did he just say I was ugly, dumb, or what?”

  6. Leo Leo says:

    Jimmy needs to find another real laugh , like a real one
    Not that fake laugh with the hit on the table .

  7. Isra AHMED says:

    The end 🔚😂😂♥️

  8. azuresss says:

    I don’t think jimmy is even laughing

  9. swami dude says:

    Are these real fighters or from that fake American shit?

  10. Deep Biswas says:

    That was stupid. You're never gonna be as funny as Conan and Kimmel.

  11. Crime Fighter says:

    Lol…those two women "wrestlers" are so out of place, lame and useless. Not even a 3 yr old would be intimidated by their "trash talk".

    Why even have women on wrestling matches? So why do people wanna see some trashy hens scratching, biting and screaming? Just to see some skin. That's it. Because there aren't any great fighting styles or skills or awesome moves or any intimidating characters in women's wrestling. It's just some kinda fashion show with lot of bitching hooters, that's all.

  12. BaSS KinGDoM says:

    Ice cube could do a better job

  13. Gamer girl Starlyn says:

    These are better lines then the acual lines they are told to say

  14. Adaora Ewelike says:

    If a potato and a chicken nugget had a baby, I'm sure it taste good as

  15. Ali Abrahem says:

    These promos are better than the ones that are on live TV

  16. Zombie3110bd says:

    I was too turned on to be scared at carmela because of her cleavage

  17. V3KS says:

    It legit seemed like Drew McIntyre wanted to kill Jimmy Fallon.

  18. T9T ASIMO TIER says:

    Emilia’s was the best one when Braun did It

  19. Thayalan Sundra Rajoo says:

    Fallon's fake laugh always gets me

  20. Kendal Manis says:

    😁😁😁😁😁 kofi Kingston

  21. That One Time says:

    🤣😂🤣 that was cute to say the least. A lot of butt stuff here.

  22. El Batesy says:

    Biggest load of bullshit it’s fake and full of faggots WWE….Joke

  23. mrs benedict cumberbatch says:

    Slam that table one more time i swear

  24. Joshua Lawson says:

    For the wrestlers this is probably similar to the shit they have to say each week anyways so…

  25. imeanhonestly ? says:

    y o u n o o d l e

  26. javad jj says:

    I hate you jimmy fallon i wish you and your offsprings drown in a river

  27. Crosy Khawlhring says:

    You know you're too old when you don't know none of these wwe stars😩

  28. Alexicia moore says:

    Carmella and Drew 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 New York Style and Pooping Toes for a Week 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  29. wolvie041007 says:

    the kids were more talented than that fucking jimmy fallon and his fake laughter. fuck jimmy fallon

  30. Adam Edge Copeland says:

    Imagine trying to say this in front of a crowd and not crack up

  31. Joseph Delgado says:

    Comical genius

  32. Talha Barut says:

    Jimmys laugh fake af

  33. Caroline O'C says:

    I find it really funny and relatable that Adam doesn't know what to do with his hands lol

  34. amir koliver says:

    Alle of them are jokes

  35. . says:

    WWE is so shit nowadays

  36. Roberto Lendof says:

    Jimmy might be a sociopath ibe never seen a real smile come out his face

  37. John Brown says:


  38. Seth Gecko says:

    I haven't watched wrestling since the ultimate warrior was a thing.

  39. DerEddi says:

    still better Promos than what the real WWE-"creatives" come up with

  40. Mohaimeen Hassan Razeen says:

    Better than the crap they say in the main roster

  41. // 0 0 H 0 0 says:

    I bet the kids will meet them and say I’ll kick your butt into a lake

  42. Vazz Vegas says:

    Somebody in Connecticut needs to get these kids a job on the creative team.

  43. Jim Dranidalo says:

    Brawn walking like he got something up there

  44. Jade Nguyen says:


    Kids: I’m gonna break just my toes off in your butt!

  45. Ethan J Wong says:

    Those aren't names of WWE wrestlers..what happened to names that could kick butt like stone cold, the rock, y2J, X-Pac…

  46. Tex Conway says:

    I'm gonna hog tie you, Texas style😅

  47. scorpion MK11 says:

    CARMELLA IS SO FINE AND ALEXA BLISS TOO 😍😍😍😍😍😍 but I'm to dumb for them

  48. KJG2ndComing says:

    Too bad Braun and Drew didn't put Fallon through the desk

  49. Derrick T says:

    I love this it's so funny

  50. jeff cordova says:

    Alexa bliss is so hot it ain't even funny!!

  51. Shadow Weaver says:

    I went to a wwe live show last weekend and I knew the wrestling was fake but you have grown as men and I had floor seats that my girlfriend won 70 dollar tickets it was so fake that I died laughing and honestly I feel sorry that people pay so much for those tickets I understand the kids but men and woman that are at least in there 60s looking like grandpa and grandmas were so in to this now honestly I would never get in a real fight with these guys off camera I mean they are built and would mess you up but on camera wow I'm sorry they were taking falls and they weren't even connecting I told my girl don't bother trying to win tickets for this again I would rather watch UFC at least I know that's actually real

  52. Juan Vlogs says:

    Lol don’t know if I’m the only one who noticed but Seth Rollins neck is long

  53. kishan kr says:

    They should have bought the rock

  54. charlie hovey says:

    this video was o.k. but why couldent you get any good wrestlers to do these lines.

  55. Thunder'sDad says:

    Which lake will I fall in? Some are pretty nice this time of year.

  56. Scutty Gromp says:

    Is Jimmy Fallon growing a beard so he can look cool like Kimmel?

  57. Sacchin says:

    I'm not joking. Bcoz when I'm, I say knock knock… 😂😂😂

  58. RAVI KUMAR says:

    When it comes to trash none of them can't stand in front of John cena

  59. Allen charles says:

    Well Jimmy does look like a chicken nugget and potato had a baby

  60. bigc198387 says:

    Guys that where skinny pants are gay

  61. Anya Metten says:

    Some of them look like dothraki living in modern world.

  62. Blood0cean says:

    what a missed opportunity, i thought it was more going to be like an snl skit with them in each others faces, not this mediocre internet level of quality crap

  63. unknown - says:

    How do they manage to look that hot reading trash???😍😍
    I need to rethink my life😧😧

  64. jonas ex says:

    3:53 bukkake okk no…

  65. Spideyy! says:

    Alexa is hungry huh?Imma let her eat my d all day long🤤

  66. BiGsImY says:

    When I joke I say KNOCK KNOCK!!!

  67. Tarandeep Singh says:

    Jimmy fallon fake laugh…. Cringe!

  68. Andrew Elder says:

    Sad that — even with Che and Colin appearing AT Mania — SNL couldn't be bothered to do a scrap of promotion for the show. Thanks Jimmy!

  69. dank Network says:

    " I say knock knock!!" 😂😂😂😂😂

  70. oscarilp says:

    nfuck you faloon

  71. Xavier Siji Paul says:

    Anyone else THINK Drew sounds like Jason Statham?

  72. SYED RAZA says:

    The most unnecessary thing I have seen

  73. Rohit Dixit says:

    Yeah! These lines were totally written by 5 yr olds. Totally real just like Jimmy's laugh.

  74. Blast Burn says:


  75. Dustin Martin says:

    Jimmy shoulda said former WWE Intercontinental Champion when McIntyre came out.

  76. ACG Medical says:

    Bliss, is like 5’1. What is she the champion of, the tollhouse cookie tournament ?

  77. DyDyMiDi says:

    My Trashtalk : Seth Rollin real name was Set Me Rolling~~~ rolling on the floor

  78. AQ Raphzz says:

    They are way more cooler than when they r in stage

  79. Rob Mojica says:

    Wheres rey mysterio.sin cara.and kalisto

  80. Azusa YT says:

    John Cena was here
    We couldn't see him,sadly

  81. benarsenal says:

    These are really good! 😀

  82. Fabian Munoz-Barajas says:

    Drew will turn anything into scary with that Scottish accent

  83. Wayne Zoo says:

    omg hahahahahah cuz your butt is ya face ,and ya face is your butt!

  84. Painis Vergina says:

    Omg lmao this was hilarious

  85. Tyler Burke says:

    Was this supposed to be funny?!

  86. It's Mr VL C.D NOOB says:

    There was smoke every where at the back hahhahaha😂😂😂😂😂😂

  87. hazard says:

    I swear to god , Jimmys fake Laugh is so fucking pathetic. Kill someone please Jimmy.

  88. The Card opener says:

    Drew next to Alexa was hilarious

  89. Jess Champ says:


  90. Ryan Leibrecht says:

    Who else thought Tim the tat man was in the thumbnail

  91. Robert VanderMay says:

    That first one is the best

  92. Archit Adh. says:

    No one were even near to braun strauman 😁

  93. Mary Cullen McVay says:

    The first roasting was better than all of them even though that last one was pretty good

  94. LaneOneProduction says:

    When I’m joking I say knock knock

  95. PineXiaomi 2244 says:

    Real kid made it

    But real person help it

  96. PineXiaomi 2244 says:

    SOS Entrance Kofi Kingston I miss it

  97. Teamgriznes says:

    Hahah som so funny

  98. David Austin says:

    Well, Ladies! there you have it Alexa Bliss wants to open your box and eat it!

  99. Michelle Laurie says:

    Of course the black guy was the best one lmaooo

  100. Pontiff Piecer says:

    That Scottish guy is a fake like wrestling lol

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