Kevin Owens Drops PIPEBOMB On WWE SmackDown & More

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[Applause] hi guys I’m Adam will Warner from what culture and I’m the inspirational Andy Murray from what culture and remember rhyming is not crime in copying up when I get hungry sometimes my mouth drools and I’ve got a couple of matches to tell you about for Extreme Rules and when I get hungry I don’t want ravioli from a can but here’s the latest on Sasha banks in Japan I’ve got a fetish its feet on all elites this is the news oh my goodness that was quite the opener yeah let’s get into it let’s get into last night’s March time because our pipe bomb has dropped kind of I guess using pipe bomb as the term for what Kevin Owens pulled off is maybe a little bit extreme but it certainly hearts back to the days of CM Punk’s infamous work shoot promo when he heard the whole of WWE kick-starting the summer of punk now apparently seems that were gang the summer of keV yeah something like that I know what some of Owens would be better oh yeah but they too early they smart done kicked off with a brawl it was in the parking lot it was very Eric Bischoff actually it was Kevin Owens and Dolph Ziggler getting into it after last week’s screw-up and there’s our miscommunication this ended with shame coming out and basically telling Owens to leave to go home jump in your car and get the hell out of here well stamp he wasn’t gonna stand for that sweet so barged his way out to ringside very forceful against the bosses are there got a microphone and he shot short hard I’m just doing a season is open I’m just gonna read you probably transcription here from PW torch because it’s probably the best way to get this whole thing over basically Kevin Owens said that he is tired of being a company guy he’s done with it he said that he heard the McMahon say they were going to listen to the fans and give them what they want like Batista I guess but since then Shane is gone even more TV time and nobody wants that he then said it makes him sick every time he hears McMahon say he is the best in the world he’s certainly not the only one there he kind of continues he goes into it gets onto the stage well sorry Shane comes out gets on the stage calls for Kevin Owens Mike to be cut off it is cut off but King a school it’s like cut this mic what most stupid Shane McMahon that’s not an actual court by the way and he says it’s a slap in the face to everyone whenever Shane calls himself the best in the world and he said Shane McMahon kiss my arse Bitteroot there we go Kai again so he grabbed the announcers headset and he yelled it like he he named a bunch of wrestlers who aren’t getting on TV as a result of Sheen’s extended push by the Murphy Apollo crews out Lee some other ones in there as well and then eventually he bid for a well he escaped through the crowd safely and that was that need one hell of an impact to start off the show I absolutely love this obviously the end of the show saw him come out and stutter Shane McMahon during the main event I I’m I’m this I know obviously this is not as tight Bamiyan as you know work shoe is in the past but he is saying what we’re all thinking and hopefully this is yet another sign as we’ve seen over the last few weeks and as we reported yesterday that WWE have recognized that their issues with the product and I’ll making changes and it’s almost better because not only they’re making changes they are making the wrestlers the catalyst for that change as opposed to just being like oh oh no we get it ok we’ll tell you everything yeah like this to me kind of reminded me of the segment last year with the McMahons and Seth Rollins when the effectively blamed Baron Corbin for everything and said yeah we know things suck but you know we’re removing this constable goober from his position for I love that constable goober and didn’t feel quite as strong as the pipe bomb and in today’s modern era it’s even easier to be cynical about any changes about any paradigm shifts but it was really great Kevin Lewis makes all the sense in the world of this kind of fiery figure because he’s so goddamn charismatic in the past few months we’ve seen him bucfly can absolutely be losing left right and centre him and sammy saying whipping boys where is sami zayn by the way he seems to vanished either way good stuff really enjoyed it really fresh exciting way to kick off smart town which often feels like a really steal sure as solid as it can be I’m all for it yeah and Kevin Owens is the perfect perfect guy through the perfect anti authority figure and well I say anti-authority he you know obviously Sam pot was the voice of the voiceless considering where the authorities Kevin Owens is apparently the voice of the authority but I’ll take it I thought was absolutely fantastic more of this please WWE more updates coming off the back of Smackdown live last night now we have two new matches Alec to Extreme Rules we already knew that Alistair black was going to be competing Extreme Rules and it’s now been revealed that his opponent will be boo Cesaro yes I was finally unveiled in an interview segment he revealed that he was the guy who’d been not not knocking on blacks door and I can’t wait for this match these to be fantastic Zara will revealed himself as the one who knocks looking rather dashing you’re not pleased in t-shirt combos well you woke a very sexy man when he isn’t wearing that bar mouthpiece and this match you’d absolutely rule right yeah like I mean how could it not well I mean if they give it five minutes that’s how it could not rule but on paper is really excited to show the tremendous Cesaro zero of course is like the work-rate guy in this company the guy that everyone looks at when they think like you know an in-ring focus should be how WW presses forward black for all the kind of problems I personally had with these stupid segments in recent weeks is a great wrestler himself yeah I mean I’m excited yeah they are going to have a in his words fight cap defector a sheik but an idea and I think he beat Cesaro cesare if you don’t go and do do what he’s been doing in terms of destroying jobbers on on Raw and hopefully rebuild himself that way he’s not gonna be harmed that much by a defeat riser black and this could be a real springboard also read somewhere that blacks been fighting Orton on somehow shows and you know again some good reports there so that might be the the next level he can go to who knows but yeah fantastic so also it was tweeted out I think was revealed actually on the show B’s tweeted out last night that we are gonna get a raw tag team match between the revival and the Usos Extreme Rules another fantastic latter on a car that’s really shaping up yes looking good isn’t it fired up a for a b-level pay-per-view what the hell world are we living in anyway let’s talk about Sasha banks who we mentioned yesterday she’s in Japan she posted for was all over social media other accounts are conveniently posting photos of herself as well she’s clearly trying to get do is she’s clearly trying to cause a little bit of a stir regardless of whether or not she’s getting returned to WWE before SummerSlam or at Extreme Rules as has been rumored so there’s a lot more on it today we’ve got a report from Tokyo sports Japanese publication as translated by the wonderful Strega a must follow and we’re by the way if you’re Eddie Lee interested in Japanese wrestling he’s got the scoop here he is translated a he says according to the report banks came to Japan on our own accord without a manager on July 7 she went to see the Sendai girls event as a Miko sat amuro’s wrestling promotion in Korean Hall and then had dinner with newest Nami Chima refugee one of the biggest stars in Japan outside of New Japan Pro Wrestling on Monday she traveled to Sendai using her smartphone to navigate she checked in a hotel she contacted the sensual office Satoru estate she couldn’t hide her surprise about banks coming to Japan on her own and this is all verbatim by the translation Sasha came to the dojo one hour before the afternoon group training at 2:00 p.m. local time and was warming up the reason she went to send you is that she wanted to learn Japanese women’s pro wrestling Tokyo sports says that it seems she will stay in Japan all week but her actions after the 10th which is today are decided so she’s up to something isn’t she a little scamp I mean she make a great fit in a promotion like Sendai girls which is Wow the of the brat I did it it’s one of the hardest hitting woman’s pull promotions in Japan I think should be a great fit there but she’s under WWE contract so what the hell are you doing / yeah I mean I mean this may be all part of it like you say that this stick making it seem that all she’s ever in Japan she couldn’t possibly come over to extreme reasons it rolls in Philadelphia yes yes yeah but I think eat it whether it be a new aspect to her character that all they say she’s gone off and learn some new stuff and brought it back to WWE all the like you say whether she’s just preparing to eventually leave the company and go work in a fantastic of the promotion like that whatever is it is exciting to hear as a wrestling fan and I really hope she makes an appearance on Sunday we’ve finally story of today at centers around all elite wrestling and an update on their plans TV from Jim Ross who of course is the all of the wrestling senior advisor he appeared recently the steve austin show and revealed stuff what he didn’t really reeled that much stuff you sort of updated us on stuff that i think we already were probably a bit aware of he said the t v– which of course is gonna debut on tnt will begin airing in early october and he believes is gonna be on wednesday night saying that tuesday and thursday of course big basketball nights on tnt and they don’t have to dance around the basketball shows well of course farm who’s also promoting the fight for the fallen event which is taking place on Saturday a day before Extreme Rules is eaten up this yeah it’s getting exciting Wednesday makes all the sense in the world not only for the basketball thing but because smart downs gonna be moving away from Wednesday’s people are gonna sit down and watch wrestling in their usual slot and now they can get something’s different from aw Wednesday night dynamite very exciting stuff can’t wait for the official announcement of course maybe that will comment fight for the following who knows yeah and we’ve got an amazing Jericho forever apparently coming on in five four four – he’s pissed right let me watch your Twitter questions at what called uww of course if you want to send them to as we start with George tough one this if you were to change if you were in charge into URI sorry and would like to make three rule changes don’t have to worry about the wild card all of that bollocks about getting into ad breaks what would you do great question I’ve got one key febrile and two kind of behind the scenes rules the kayfabe rule hangouts you’ve got twenty I think it allows for a lot more scope it creates a lot more drama they have it in New Japan I think they have it any W someone can correct me on that if that’s wrong eying it’s just better than ten and behind the scenes let people talk like human beings no more Superstars and championship opportunities and no more having seven hundred million nicknames for everywhere so get rid of that the robots it’s awful I need to change the other one you only get one short opening revolving door in ring boring for a minute talking segment a month one not every sure a month yeah like I think that the way that they’ve started it recently was a budget matches star in it just hops back the good old days and I think it’s just far more intriguing for wrestling fans just I want to see more blood and by that I don’t mean I would see everyone blading or green code or dying roads just no sporadically fine and also when it happens accidentally just show it it’s fine we know we get into yeah they even like black and white the foot was on the website we know it’s to come on over and graze their knee they look like you’re not saying shown when the you know Eddie growers pissing blood out of this course yeah you know when it happens accidentally just go for it right second question today comes from big fish who says who had the best celebration Cedric Alexander after losing to one claim or kick or lex luger after beating Yokozuna by DQ oh man well big fish if that is indeed your real name I mean the wax moment is just classic hilarity really isn’t it I’ve kind of got to go with that although like you know Cedric and Roman be like hey we sure fooled them after getting their asses kicked in what two minutes was easily kind of Cedric switch weird yeah yeah but I’ve got to go relax like I’m a likes Luger apologist bought that moment was just well I was four there it was ridiculous James McHugh gives us our final question he says congratulations on the wedding thanks James he says would you like to see w we get rid of the universal title and bring back the World Heavyweight Championship overall no like I think that the universal titles only been around for a few years it’s still creating its legacy hasn’t really been around long enough to leave any lasting mark on company history I would like to see it kind of even though the champions haven’t been booked all that well I mean Seth’s been good and I personally really enjoyed the Brock lesner runs but most people don’t and that’s fine Balor obviously lost it the night after he won it after getting injured versus Rollins so it needs a chance I think they need to build that up I would like to see them do that as much as I love the big gold belt I’ll stick with the fruit roll-up for now I’m just realized I lost all the questions from earlier and I can Trevor you said it but thank you for it someone else asked who else would you like to see air their grievances in a pipe bomb oh man it’s tough like I’m generally not all that into these unless they’re executed by like a master like Kevin Owens or CM Punk oh I mean the tragic of guys like Cesaro in general and so forth in the past and Sammy was good family a little bit yeah the the critics critic stuff was really good and only just abandoned it who’s really undermined and really deserves better I mean there’s honey you answers yeah I mean this this one that I act like I could they’re not gonna do it it wouldn’t really work for him but for someone if he had the talking power of a CM Punk someone like Shelton Benjamin I’d love to hear this just say what he’s actually thinking none of this product for his life and my by my subjective tastes and bias are gonna show here but buddy Murphy would be good to guide house s hold a tea televised match since April for God’s sake he’d come out he does some really good stuff I’d busted my ass on this Brown you guys don’t care about for nothing and now I’m here I’m not even making TV I’m doing stuff during the outbreaks feud with Ali was abandoned after one commercial segment it’s there’s plenty there for him to work with would you get over I don’t know but I’d like to see him try they’re never gonna do it and he’s probably never gonna do it imagine if Finn Balor just went all prints debit boss like right we’re having words here because I’m tired of smite yeah but I hand up the accent went all in I’d be awful that’s meat that’s that’s what we love to see but let’s we went to the raise and finally this might not be breaking news for everyone but it is for me I was trolling squared circle this morning and discovered an old news story do you know which wrestler in the nineties well I think well not late 90s early noughties was linked with dating Jennifer Aniston or it’s gonna be someone ridiculous in it yeah Gangrel it’s not Gangrel it wasn’t but you’d think maybe the rock might make a lot of sense you know Jennifer Aniston huge of course on friends in times the rock obviously one of the biggest stars in the world it was in fact Rey Mysterio Ramos you yo with linked up with dating Jennifer Aniston and as you can see in this image here is him coming off the top rope Jennifer Aniston just posing you like a friend’s big Jess secret play hold up slow news day yeah I mean she could fall during the studio up and put them in their pocket like I mean fair play raised quite handsome little guy she’s got a little baby face not as big a pieces can go can you imagine kissing Gangrel with those I don’t know I’m gonna think of this one with the comment section which celebrity wrestler combo would you like to see day or my letter your thoughts on all today’s new stories especially of course that Kevin Owens pipe on any comment section below and don’t forget to Like share and subscribe you can send his Twitter questions that’s what culture WWE what should their father both it was you can follow him at and EH Murray the H stands for huge you follow me at Adam world warning floors all at what coaches WWE my thanks to Andy thank you for watching we will see you soon

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