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you know what it’s gonna be like for you my man it’s gonna be like death row you sitting in that chair and you’re there waiting for the man to pull the switch but you don’t know when he’s gonna pull it but you can be sure he’s gonna pull it and ain’t nobody gonna save your sorry ass from the frying that’s coming your way those are the words of jake the snake’ roberts and he happens to be our guests [Music] [Music] [Music] hey Bill you know what I got for you know it’s kind of surprising I’ll be honest with you to see you sitting here because I know you even think that years ago you may not even been here today by all rights I should have been you know yeah stop something I’ve tried to hide I had a real problem with alcohol and drugs or no thought it for years and finally got some decent help and and thought why can’t we get out from under he’s probably a constant battle to is another well it was yeah I am kind of scary now because it doesn’t bother me at all about you know I mean I do nightclub acts all the time and doesn’t bother me to be around people to drink kind of this is my outfit time because I realized what I used to look like and I use that you know and I actually I’ve seen you before back when you weren’t doing too well you were a little bit lighter and a little bit meaner but right now you look like the old jake the snake’ roberts well I’m happy right now that’s the main thing you know I’ve found somebody that means a lot to me and I’ve got a good relationship the only woman I’ve never cheated on I’m not real proud of that either you know you had a lot of things happen to you during your lifetime in wrestling but right now you kind of are back into wrestling and a roundabout way with aew yes well just having a little fun you know they call me up every now and then just to do the promotional stuff and that’s all good and fun but right now I’m doing movies doing the comedy shows all around the world you’ve got a trip coming up to Australia fix the shoot a movie in China and having a blast in fact there’s aa movie coming out right now peanut butter Falcon that I’m in and rave reviews and I think those things don’t get real busy that’s very cool let me ask you wrestling has changed quite a bit since you first got into wrestling is there anything missing from wrestling today that you’d like to see put back yeah was this gonna be all day long some common damn sense man Jesus Christ guys you know it’s a shame that the guys don’t get the opportunity to learn like we did you know now it’s all cookie cutter stuff they put you in a gym for a year if you’re lucky and then they throw you out there in the light and tell you you better get it done or you’re done and so they’re taking a lot of shortcuts you know when you take a shortcut man it will come back and haunt your ass and it’s just a shame the guys today they’ll get a chance to learn what the real art of it is it really really is yeah I miss the storytelling which is something you don’t see much now it seems more like an athletic exhibit maybe exhibition instead of actual storytelling it’s a theater of the absurd is there anything right now that in wrestling that you really like this happening there’s some things that I like you know I was liking what Bray Wyatt was doing for a long time but they’ve jerked him out of that so you know what the hell are you doing man if it ain’t broke don’t try to fix it I don’t feel like Bray Wyatt was ever let go to do what he was doing no they always tipped it off or chopped it off or held it back that’s a damn shame now you’ve worked for vets so you’ve seen what he does with characters as they come in to me one of the things that I think makes the big mistake for WWE is that they have wrestlers that they like that are out on the Indies or in another fed somewhere and then they try to change them into a different character instead of leaving them who they were that became popular that way Vince can say look what I’ve done for him right pride goes before the fall now in your case when you first got into wrestling you went to good events that he tried to change you a lot no the only thing he didn’t like about what I was doing was I would always try to have a decent match on television he didn’t want decent matches on television he wants slaughter jobs and I just never was comfortable doing that you know I felt like the people that were in the arena should be entertained and I always tried to entertain them at every match the art of a promo that’s something that I think you can help a lot of wrestlers with that’s something that is truly missing today is how deliver a promo you’ve done some of the best ones out there do you have a favorite promo that you ever cut no there’s been several man that I really enjoyed for different reasons but I’ve always got one or two laughs about one you kind of promo right now if you want on bill upper bill no way Jake I appreciate your time very much and it’s great to see doing so well thank you [Music] you [Music]

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