Isaiah “Swerve” Scott vs. Roderick Strong: WWE NXT, Oct. 9, 2019

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Isaiah Scott can flap his
gums with the best of them. What a jumping sidekick by Scott, quick
cover backstretch and Scott looking for the upset, wow!>>Wow!>>Talk about shocking the system. [SOUND] [NOISE]>>What a kick, up kick by Scott.>>Wow and again to the side of the jaw.>>And just went Strong
thinks he is in full control.>>Isaiah Scott on
uncorks a shot like that.>>I love that right hand of Isaiah Scott. Time and time again it has found its mark.>>Nick Cave fans might call
that a red right hand Nigel.>>Roderick Strong is
seeing stars right now.>>And Isaiah Scott is running
over the North American Champion.>>Into my arms for Roderick Strong.>>Uppercut in the corner Isaiah Scott
>>Second rope!>>What an upset this would be for
Isaiah Scott.>>Isaiah Scott not satisfied
with what he was able to do in the NXT Breakout Tournament,
looking to breakout. Wait a minute, come on!>>The rest of the Undisputed Era out now.>>Super kick, dropping DDT. Scott looking for the victory. Scott’s gonna win Isaiah Scott, no. [NOISE] Wow, what a jump and suplex by scott
>>Beautiful.>>Flat liner.>>No!>>The cover! Isaiah Swerve Scott! Wow!
Roderick Strong kicking out and Scott can’t believe it. And neither can The Undisputed ERA. They did not anticipate this. Isaiah Scott Looking to
seize the opportunity.>>Scott mustn’t get frustrated as
Roderick’s thrown his robe to the apron, for a little bit of space.>>Scott talking about wanting to
leave an indelible impression. He is doing just that on the current
NXT North American Champ.>>Scott’s leaned heavily on his striking
throughout the this match, it’s been so effective
>>Wow, Roderick Strong hanging and Isaiah Scott sweet shot doubles stop.>>And a heartache!>>And a heartache by Roderick Strong! And now looking for
the stronghold of Isaiah Scott.>>Come on!>>The stronghold forces Scott to tap out. What a match!>>Here’s is your winner by submission, the NXT North American
Champion Roderick Strong.>>Once again chock up the assist
to The Undisputed ERA of the slight distraction once again.

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