Isaiah Martinez – 2015 NCAA Wrestling Champion (157 lb)

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getting set to go for 157 pounds we’re guaranteed a first time champ once again Isaiah Martinez 33 and a lot of Illinois tried to become the first unbeaten freshman since Cael Sanderson won the first of his four titles back in 1999 nonetheless you can’t blame real judo you can’t blame Ian Miller it was a fault in the official scores table and the referees of that match good news Ian Miller did get all-american status for Penn State great to see now we get a chance to see a very very good matchup between an explosive offensive wrestler and Martinez and a very technically sound wrestler in real future guys Martinez breaking out the Illini orange she was so excited about wearing the singlet has never been worn by aniline I what a way to break it out the orange he is powerful real beaut Oh a gutsy kid he tore every L there is ACL PCL MCL last year in this tournament and rehabbed all the way through the southern scuffle at the first year and so he’s just getting into peak form after coming back from an injury I’m really impressed right now how real boot was control in the center that you see right there he pushed as a Martinez off the mat there once a control the tempo he’s very tactical that’s what you got to do against a guy like Isaiah Martinez he’s very strong very physical it’s got that gas tank so you got to stay tactile with him he’s smart and pick your shots as a Martinez 33 and oh he has 24 bonus point victories this season six of them are false he’s been one of the most explosive offensive wrestlers in the country this year officials timeout just to make sure the headgear is in place for Isaiah Martinez okay here we go on the line gentleman thanks flabber officials miked up over the course of the evening as well you’ll be able to hear what some of our officials are saying Matt sorts in ski out of Ohio is our lead official of this man trying to get in on a lag and Realmuto try to take advantage of that deep deep shot first called – and then not to tell you what Isaiah Martinez does not want to get in a scramble so far strategically real butyl doing a great job of keeping Martinez from what he wants to do he did not not to show you on that leg there is tough spot for Martinez to be got a challenge guys Rob Cole just went over to the scores table and raised the red challenge flag so it looks like Cornell will challenge whether or not that wasn’t take down we did see the official put up two fingers momentarily and then he waved it out so the call is no takedown yes that’s what Cornell is challenging that it should be a takedown this is the second year of the challenge protocol in n-c-double-a wrestling the angle that you are looking at right now is the same angle that the officials are looking at at the scorer’s table the situation there is did Isaiah Martinez have a real beaut OHS leg at the same time or before his hand went down a real beaut oh did he get behind Isaiah for the two points right here say one more look and I want to hear your thought on it right there thought two legs in the hand it looks like to anchor your team there looks like the two points three-point stance by Isaiah Martinez I was just about the saber that scuffle happened I was really impressed throughout this tournament the discipline that Martinez is shown and not getting those situations to where he’s in trouble right now it looks like Rio butoh sucked him into his style getting in scrambling after further review the call on the mat is confirmed no take down go take down says max or chin ski that’s a tough call and now do you notice it go I got to say we rarely have seen overturned calls so far in this tournament which I’m a little bit surprised by but just like for those of you watch our football coverage there has to be indisputable video evidence to overturn the ruling on the mat we shall didn’t think there was enough to overturning well you look at what Isaiah Martinez is trying to do he’s trying to get in with his left underhook he left under e underhooks with his left arm which is really rare he does it with his arm only he wants to attack the body right here is where he’s tough on the body there’s the two points buuuut Oh we’ll have that right foot skid out of bounds and Martinez has the first lead of the match here in the first period the solid take tin here better he is getting the high crotch switching up to the double leg driving food especially his hips now Martinez will go ahead and cut him loose this is the type of wrestler that Martinez has shown he is he wants to be an offensive minded wrestler and talk about in arabs a lot of stall the calls and maybe the offensive wrestling is going by the wayside in this field and especially in the finals we have a lot of good offensive wrestlers martina is trying to get in on that leg nearly had control of the ankle now he’s going to try to drive him down to the mat and no tape down yet because real bureau is so good and funky on the Martine Martinez does a little duck then he stuffed ahead comes around picks up the ankle tried to cut off in the end we later did a nice job of scrambling out and keep him from HIPPA taken down times into the first Martinez a takedown and the cut loose Martinez had choice he will choose bottom to start this second period coming into this match it felt like this is where it was going to be difficult for real beautto to make sure that he can ride out Isaiah Martinez it’s been very tough for a lot of his opponents to do that’s really a compliment to Martinez coming in as a freshman that’s one of the things you think about freshmen coming into the college wrestling style is can they get out from the bottom position Martinez’s show throughout this tournament able to vote off that whistle get his hips out like right there at the nice hip high skate at one point he’s on the right leg of Realmuto trying to control that right angle trying to get inside of it of Martinez and he didn’t seem like he had the length Martinez has length he’s tall he’s ganglion he’s got a lot of strength well he’s been able to handle everything thrown at him so far and has just shown no fear all year long beating ness and Miller and green and packed along the way Alfred Garcia Isaiah’s father who made the trip to the NCAA Championships from California to see his son wrestle Isaiah’s mom was so nervous she couldn’t make the trip she wanted to watch from home she gets too nervous well we can’t even watch this telecast right here you see that left on right there and on isaiah martinez and lives there ii and that’s why Brian real Bhutto’s I’m saying don’t get hooked he just does not want to let Martinez’s underhook come in and he’s done a great job so far Isaiah Martinez does not want to do a low body attack he wants to pound the middle of the body right there with that underhook look a real beaut toes right I’m trying to control that left arm of Isaiah Martinez that left underhook you were talking about real beutel’s really good from everywhere strong fundamentals and I like the fight in him he’s relentless he’s courageous he’s always focused he has that same look on his face all the time and yet coach says he’s relaxed and pretty sickness cerebral but man I like his intensity they tried to twister out and get into a scrambling spot and that was a very difficult position to be and he pulled himself up for a takedown Martinez takes advantage and gets the two it’s a huge job that Martinez on the edge of the mat and only edge of the mat BC right there with less than 15 seconds left he hits the takedown it’s not jiving here getting it on the leg but having that matter when it’s just to turn in I wonder how that’s going to affect what real beaut Joe’s choice is going to be at the start of the third period now that he’s down by four I agree precaution against real beautto tried to explode up too early hi Cornell has been very successful in this tournament the last few years there is the four-time champion the only one to do it in four different weight classes Kyle date who finished off his magical run in Des Moines Iowa a couple of years ago in 2013 he was a volunteer assistant for Cornell last year now a Cornell Club coach and of course on the international scene as well real butyl on the bottom to start off this period and a great Matt returned by Isaiah Martinez looking for back points this is where the physician when Martinez wrestled James green the four-time all-american from Nebraska in the dual mate where everybody said he’s for real he rode out green the entire third period to win he’s so tough in every position Isaiah Martinez excellent mat returned by Isaiah martinez right there to get nearfall points just a technically sound wrestler I really like how Martinez is staying low on those hips a real beaut oh and those guys that are real scrambling from the bottom positions that’s exactly what you want to do you stay low don’t allow them to get their hips out and get you in those funky situations as a Martinez his teammate Jesse Delgado is the two times 125 pounds champion but he was unable to go much further he had been dealing with a shoulder injury all year ended up with a knee injury during this tournament as well so he got eliminated from the championship bracket on Friday morning Delgado and Martinez couple of California kids who have made good in the Midwest wrestling in the big 10 Martinez trying to get in on that leg the defense that time from real beautto has been seen the other day Frank right there he’s crazy strong coach Jim heaviness called it called him the strongest most powerful person he’s known since Roy Salazar two-time NCAA champion back in the 80s for Iowa teammate and of Jim Heffernan it’s just and real beautto strong himself yeah just not at the level of Martinez now I don’t know which is more strong and stronger physically or mentally I mean for a freshman Anthony Wow especially in this atmosphere underneath these lights and it’s a completely different different situation which used to in a day-to-day wrestling season but Martina is just doing a nice job every single situation when he’s in you really convinced to it he puts that full force behind it mark Perry mark Perry has a lot to do with that mental and physical toughness of Martinez two-time NCAA champion tonight on self was a pretty good wrestling family Martina’s as the lighting time point locked if you can ride this one out it would be a major decision in impressive fashion Isiah Martinez well on his way we have not had an undefeated freshman champion since the break tale Sanderson in 99 we have one now it’s Isiah Martinez you how about the orange singlet I think it works a little bit of luck maybe the Illini like nation can celebrate the Illini orange tonight Isaiah Martinez redshirt freshman out of Lemoore California closes out of 34 and OCS in a 25th bonus point win look at this leg attack right here the shin Whizzer they’re not working Isaiah Martinez just on him all the time tries through under the legs works up to the hips it’s just too much power for Rio beautto alfred over for a hug quick quests Nick over there for an interview Isaiah congratulations what was the single key development in that match uh you know he was grabbed my wrist regret he had a good game plan uh I guess they’re just not letting it shake me and stop me from doing what I do and you know you grabbed my wrist I was pulling I was faking you know got to my offensive entually I knew if I got to the lake he wouldn’t be able to stop me undefeated adds a freshman’s were worried where do you get your poise from what do I get my poise phone um just a hard work ethic I grew up no real a middle-class family blue-collar and you know my coaches you know they they drive it home do used to work hard every day and they tell me how good I can be if you know I just put the time in the effort and believe in myself what was it like to hug your dad it was awesome you know we’ve been we’ve had this dream for a long time I can’t believe in half of my freshman year but uh I’m gonna roll with it you know he’s happy I’m happy it’s just a great emotional moment congratulations Adam sixteen years ago Cael Sanderson began his legendary 159 and oh one do we see some legendary status beginning right now for the freshman Isaiah Martinez hugging his dad out for Garcia in a magical moment in st. Louis Missouri a major decision victory a bonus point extravaganza this year for the explosive freshman you

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