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my mind is sticking out like this that fun working today’s explore the magic limits Singapore pro-wrestler hmm what is it’s a life action-packed movie where you can see athletes showcase feats of athleticism Wow actually putting on a good sport inside of him Thanks three times all these Asian STW champions the statements so join us as we watch Restless throw people around the ring so can the spw atmosphere and end sentences odd he can still see what’s going on well my sentence I ended it on a high of X so I’m here with you to introduce ourselves okay my name is Daniel also known as and I missed acting partner I’m Kaleb but I’m also known as the good of the gore I’m Kimberly do you guys designed your own costumes everything was made by our hands but for other people they have the design sense and I say what with a designer or a seamstress we also design our own t-shirts and how much he likes I just twanged my bra strap I don’t know if you heard it a lot of them wear skin tight very tiny shorts is a common choice it’s when you’re proud of something and when you you you worked hard for something just show it off you okay so you worked hard for you know how the pigeon or the minor puffs itself up in front of the other meals to show signs of dominance so sometimes they want to puff themself up in various parts of their body to you know show for four cents or dominance oh yeah there’s this move collar sent on so like you go from the top rope then let you jump then basically like you hit your groin into the person’s face killer like I don’t know if we can leave any of that is I regret maybe asking that question how often do you guys seriously I’m I have a point easier I know it’s the same thing as any legitimate spot you have to be responsible in taking care of yourself and also taking care of obvious the ACL stands for she’s testing my doctor knowledge I need to put in the subtitles okay he knows mama sorry yes you guys get health insurance yes health insurance is a must I think it just yeah thanks so they have failed to call this on commentary but one of the finishes that I used before I got injured was to really kick the guy as hot as I can across his face and I used to quite the KP hitch which stands for the kick to the hip and also the cool take one because that’s where you go after you get hit not so much moves but I always like to call my opponent siddhatma because eventually after I beat them I pin them the next logical step is to eat them so yeah of course it’s very logical every performer has their stage an actor well as a stage the wrestler and the ring and I have the parking lot of the Chinese plan association and yes the ring let’s get to the room you guys put a mic underneath the stage to make the process okay I can show you right now if we take a look that there is absolutely no mic Under the Sun is actually not engineer it’s an effect from the structure and also the way we built it the form is for safety the wooden plank is for stability but when everything comes together the last night’s produce and also terrifying but cars are no mic and that’s the important part Mike’s may not be tape to the bottom of the stage but they are held in the hands of the host like this just kidding this is a bottle aha prop comedy but really what does a horse – let’s get one to tell you first get the audience really really excited really involved and secondly make my performance look good I tried to look a bit small I wear a jacket and then I scared of my own wrestlers who actually my friends outside for the show the wrestlers got to be the scariest or most entertaining most charismatic people us the Mexico descriptor the surprises our script to order surprised run-ins and the surprise like hey I’m challenging you all the script the endings I seek are scripted but to be honest tell your secret if everything goes according to plan I don’t really enjoy myself a bonus is that wholesale so really good at providing great sound bites so many little things go into just making sure that the audience is a good time when the audience member has a good time he or she gets to escape from his personal life is personal mundane life for that one moment and that’s the measure of wrestling the host isn’t the only one in on the act turns out no referee is to between before to be a nester before myself you are a neutral person even a slightest off everything with that we have to play love it so offstage you may be a trained wrestler by on stage you are no longer in it yeah I’m just a movie since the endings are scripted in the moon Cara graphed it means everything’s cool and safe right my abject horror not so much we got one dislocated shoulder before dislocated jaw concussions a lot of times but it okay they just use a company for after Mitch never you have to be pretty check you know okay then I will send a little bit but I figure the first one and we seen injuries I feel movements quite devastating off the industry you’re mocking me being outside I see where they do get their photo by hand edges paper to click for the clips in a video at the roj till they gave me two tips that’s good why they gave me night one for the Ruffini right they never give me any any responses and I will be legal about the check so what we have here on the pants we also we can trust it to a terrestres account again do momen recommending do something more today when I go on their website spw calls themselves leading pro wrestling organization in Southeast Asia okay but how did they get there let’s find out so I went online to actually like five four wrestling school in Singapore and by chance I met my partner at a tap off time Vadim my business partner he wanted to actually expand a business into Singapore because he has a processing promotion in Russia so he asked me whether other carnaby female so I thought to myself like yeah of course definitely is something that I want to do this is my dream so you know and I’m sure there are many like aspiring fans out there which you want to live the dream stable and take the first step to actually become for restless I think like why not have a posting promotion here so for a good training school where you know fancy actually leave the dreams by stepping foot inside the ring and they don’t have to actually take a big reason like a big attempt to actually hit overseas I had a great time making this video but there’s only so much you can experience from watching pro wrestling on TV on YouTube you actually have to hit on down well as Peter be sure to actually eat the experience and this experience be once in a lifetime do you think people will believe that was me I if you enjoyed this video leave us a one-page letter written in double-spaced with a hanging indent and a few piece of paper if it’s any more blue than blue green I will find you and burn it in front of your heads bye

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