Impact wrestling 12-10-2019 Full highlights

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a soft stick kicking off impact what does that shirt say there’s Austin 3:16 I just banged your wife now he’s openly flaunting [Music] going on over here could you be over Wow oh good she’s got her fine [Music] glory Saturday the 19th it’s all clear this week I will be competing at all glorious right now any sauce that steals a kiss they they look like a couple of classy ladies he’s now trying to put away Eddie Edwards with the frayed rope for her account around here perhaps right in front of Asus new girlfriend’s look at this down board for a back suplex off the top this is dangerous the line Blue Thunder bomb smash the hand [Applause] and he’s gonna put them away to the temple nice long Eddie goes for the cover credo sculptures pull the referee out of the ring [Applause] Eddie T it off and he has the ultimate equalizer [Applause] Eddie Edwards what is he has got a piece of metal that he’s loading into that brace [Applause] [Applause] Oh [Applause] superb star by Reno stop scum and he saw stood I guess that’s it he’s going a Bound for Glory [Applause] this guy’s ready for war I think Ava’s got them afraid that they’re going to be replaced at the Catalina the gamma is well sometimes it’s better to be feared than loved so says my hero Machiavelli from Trey as he rolls it now catches real heat you’ve got to keep the pace marasco’s if you want to have any luck against them it’s almost nearly impossible to slow them down Trey went matrix row he goes to the ice I guess that’s how you slow somebody down Trey was looking for the tag Raj shut him down and out big time kick here by Trey this time this time the referee saw and here comes one fans are on their feet Wentz took a look back at the quarter and continues the onslaught here rolls all the way through bounds rascals are flying Aragon yeah they are [Applause] rascals using stereo dives come in sure puts a stop to that war but power by serum here comes Trey he’s gonna try sheera blessing flow there to the dome Oh Sarah still on his feet and not looking too happy all three Rascals can’t take down Shara it catches winds baby that’s what it looks like [Music] [Music] dragging rush let’s back to the drive maybe a little bit threatened see how we mentioned that tie has been champion for now 278 days do you think that you can end the reign if she survives here tonight in nine nights I know that I can end that streak it’s time for me to take over every time you come in here challenge because whatever happens if you beat her you’re beating the longest-reigning knockouts champion Volta yeah I’m gonna feel pretty good about that certainly has been impressive since bursting onto the scene here at Impact Wrestling night one you came face to face with the champion and took her title held it up it’s sitting in front of you here on our announce table you seem very confident that you’re gonna leave Chicago with the title right now outside of outcries and full control she hasn’t taken her a session oh Jessica havoc the Nikon’s championship on the line here in Sam’s Town casino in Las Vegas it is taya Valkyrie defending her title against Jessica havoc the number one contender for the championship Tennille Dashwood has joined us ringside for commentary that would be actually sort of terrifying certainly didn’t take the easy way I mean you came in Cara Madison both very very well established knockouts here so I think there’s some jealousy though you’ve experienced the ankle of have a kid now Havoc’s in trouble I have a crew climbing up will we see a double stop here from those tie off the ropes havoc the chokeslam now trying to put her away for all [Applause] that’s exactly what we’re in happened but Bravo is a former senior rep arose [Applause] we’re taking the rap are you seeing this Johnny’s Bravo I think she’s still the champion [Applause] that’s a silver being his qualification ring tire retains her title [Applause] she’s been criticized in terms of her long title right Bravo’s done championship off this ridiculous [Applause] [Music] to kneel down prepare and number one contender for the Knockouts championship Bound for Glory scoffs this is a taste [Applause] [Music] for glory that Ben daughter is a UFC Hall of Famer – and Stephan Bonnar tag-team partner and opponent up booze at Victory Road and down here tonight print rig has joined us here at commentary another UFC Hall of Famer and Frank we’ve been talking about your relationship with booze will continue to do that throughout this match as he gets ready for Bound for Glory is he ready for Ken Shamrock yes and tonight will prove it will he beat Dan Brown absolutely without a doubt I’ll schedule a got about two men tear at him after two into thirty Seconds to go home at Albany loose you got this all figured up dances Masterson attested I like to see it’s easy why can’t you give comments like that so Frank what’s the strategy of most here against someone like Stephan Bonnar with a tremendous MMA background what is the bill conference to show the stuff that we’ve been working on in the gym so I should work the other thing is to make sure that everything beautiful everything to make sure that he does is picture perfect exactly because it means what he does Stephanie’s gonna deliver perfect Wow nice is that I don’t get along with Kent as much as that we’re just not friendly you know those guys you know that you’re just not friendly with and we’re just not friendly with introduce a Ken Shamrock is an egomaniac I wouldn’t say there’s a egomaniac you have to be smart enough to have a ego to be oh wow okay Frank I have to ask you right now all we’re seeing from BOCES mind games being played with Ken Shamrock you think this is gonna work yeah ken is a very difficult time but it’s like a alluded to earlier he is a very hard time but deal with people getting his head oh that’s what loosens no Achilles getting into his head that’s at the back are you suggesting ken Shamrock limited spinning heel kick thereby Stephan Bonnar okay so Steph is still a little athletic you got to give him props sometime he looks great you know let’s be honest look at this nicely done I have seen stuff to barter get split open multiple times in his career and he always comes back strong and worse for the wear yes that makes you feel like you have taken part of his soul and he takes all of yours so what do you what do you like dude it is cut Wow okay so mooses get a little ass please go back Bonner has the back moose if he wants it yeah but I think that blood is affecting his vision Stephan Bonnar has a very dangerous elbow truck actually no Frank well there’s something you don’t see in MMA Stephan Bonnar is bleeding here [Applause] and moose is looking at send a message defense camera freak wait [Applause] we make wheelies in where after all he’s here stopping his way sports the rig mr. moose is trying to cover up shamrock is lighting up moose fight that fight that [Applause] [Music] [Applause] Stephan Bonnar is standing a bit sweet Frank Trigg and what’s happening inside the ring and shamrock is twisting the ankle ken Shamrock does not care if this happens and Bound for Glory shamrock will feet boosts we’ve seen her in the past on what is she holding hard me what are wouldn’t what are those like the Golden Gun bar over the money she’s banking her right [Music] JT Forbes sent a couple of wrong boy okay good stuff couple of run-ins with short grades sweet Christmas side-headlock here by Katie Forbes to get this match started nice side headlock takeover by Katie Forbes yam and we can see these two going back and forth here have you checked out the new jordan grace t-shirt at Preston tees calm pretty blue great Impact Wrestling look at this that’s impressive push-ups by Jordan gray says she has Katie Forbes and a headscissors Katie now looking to abuse her goodness geez that lennick I mean you can talk all you want about the twerking and everything else we’re all going crazy but she is a powerful athlete and she is a very well-versed Pro Wrestling [Applause] his orbs not happy with being abused by jordan grace grace go got caught bear eighty suckered are in i like that good flexibility by katie forbes extending that land as a joke and now usually this is Jordan’s there someone in the corner and driving them works has a lot of strength what does she have in mind here little calendar date head spring elbow it’s impressive it was and there goes 80 corks open up give you the play-by-play rain for the evening is going on here oh that’s a lynching a Richie yeah I think that’s what they call it [Applause] Oh shoulder first dosed 80 pours now Jordan grace just tell the referee Calloway Jordan gray nicely done brother daddy kicks out baby kicked out Oh direct the face Shobha nicely done tornado DDT shoulders down cover and a nearfall that was very close that’s as close as I’ve seen Jordan to get it pinned in sometimes he’s got George grace up what you’re good big squat all the way down to the basement but elbow now good escape by Jordan Jordan grace just punched her in the jaw arm strike watch out now British driver and a victory for Jordan so George grace secures the win here against a game Katie Forbes here in Sam’s Town casino in Los Vegas [Music] [Applause] grin match between these two but in the end it goes the way of Texas’s own jordan grace [Music] [Applause] [Music] Oh [Applause] not good Josh Mathews [Music] [Applause] [Music] you stare a hole through Batman stir them I’ll test the athleticism with anybody advanced monster [Applause] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] Blanchard and Targa hope the ring [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Applause] monsters [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] Safety’s match da go near the back unfazed [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] mr. Blanchard [Applause] that’s the Blanchard x-division champion Oh [Music] God is so different it’s so unique used to say she and then knockouts champion but she’s so different [Applause] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] wiped her out [Applause] [Music] [Applause] ladies and gentlemen were going to hurt but we’re getting over to Danny O’Brien I’m just here to Brian Paige is here is back look Sami Callihan where is he Jimmy Jimmy will share who’s OB every robbery goes out of the ring robbery get out my way [Applause] [Music] [Applause] the monster [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Applause] champion to the to the top row by obe finishing to finish it he’s helpless prey has been comped Bound for Glory Josh [Applause] Paige is gonna go down a value warrior [Applause] begging here maybe [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Music] [Applause]

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