I love Hana Kimura! | Gears 5 Co-op #4

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yep then I do inch right probably like I’m eating my mic or something but I’m pretty sure sound all right on my hand not even that close to my mouth I probably sound alright I’m trying to keep it away from your shit no mushes I’m making sure much just from holding I got hot keys and then I got my computer to make sure it doesn’t press any hot keys [Music] they don’t the tooth gives a shit that’s the real question [Music] exactly like keeps an extract I am joining as my Modelo beer alright I mean welcome back to gears over 5 I tried to record we tried to record this a few weeks ago but a few things was happening why my audio was going to the I mean um audio my internet was going into the shitter and – exactly my shit was very laggy and buggy and the footage was unusable so me a wolf decided to try to just use play our hands into your God o game so it’s a weird setup think of each we both got going on for me this is uncomfortable I won’t tell you why what is very uncomfortable and at course oh yeah that’s exactly why saying fuckin cords all around my fucking neck and it hurts like hell no Mexicans don’t have doors we have to we have to do yeah let make sure what chapter we were on chat act to the first chapter recruitment drive my footage was not usable so we already knows what happens but my footage was totally unusable so we’re gonna act like well I’m gonna act like I didn’t see I don’t know what happened I’m ready oh my fuckin good alright nobody quite girls on October 1st has a punky head on her titties and vagina is censored out wife skull and an emoji wait what something disgusting we’re gonna post it and I’m not even gonna put it in the video cuz it’s just gross only for like putting up the picture for that oh there we go four months later yeah that was 13 my thanks fast she knows how that shit shut up oh forget how he does it he does a shit on stream nice dad did the same she was like no Lizzie carmine had died last where we left off yeah heard you talking for a while and did like I just couldn’t hear anything after a while unlace II can we bring my robot alone no come on Jack yeah I told you it’s not you it’s her I told you it’s not you jackets wolf because he’s a sexist robot I mean he’s a sexist female he’s a techno sexual late enough shut the fuck up hey that means he loves the robots he doesn’t like robots she Kate still looking like my Spanish teacher she had AK again isn’t it we are we’ve seen this cutscene already before we even ended our last video of this game song don’t talk over the show tomorrow after we’ve seen Lizzy die this was the first session dude this is the first session jackass take my gun fucking watch language buddy fuck you suck my balls not that like if imagine if ejaculation was and billions of microscopic sprinkler but does a little big sperm scale and every time it jacked off you had the killer before squirm too far that’s gross I’m not putting that in the video I’ll play altering their song it might just be a for you called a wolf we didn’t even pick this discipline or well this is our first go around all know what the hell did you talk about look at this either Wow I got a picked up the horn you look at a flute there you go that’s all the time you get to read it oh look there’s more shit right here well you missed out on like Easter eggs and shit not Easter race but like and you missed out on this plates a long way from home and Lima found a coupon you would have missed that all right let’s get out of here let me get out of this room I’m just picking shit up that we might have missed Dom was there so y’all’s gonna forget about Dom aha Dom was one of the special characters I miss him rest in peace Dominic Santiago it they must have known thing I guess they don’t mention Dom a lot but but JD’s middle name is Dominic named after Dom Dom was one of the best since his wife died in Gears of War to hit all went downhill from him he went and he even lost his mind he was just so depressed I’m a fat kid John yeah I’m sorry I was looking at stuff bitch wake up let us see him sleeping the shit yeah when those is itchy ooh every video you know what I gotta talk about wolf oh shit she working out yep if you need y’all watch stardom wrestling it was just a Japanese look at this little child right here this showed the fucker go up there kids eyes got whoop his ass you missed this right here in phenotype stardom wrestling is a Japanese uh pro wrestling company mostly of females my favorite is Hana Kimura she is she is the five-star Grand Prix winner of the tournament they just had that is that is Bay right there if she ever sees this and she learned some English enough to understand what I’m saying marry me marry me I will treat you right I may not be rich what a fuck that I get up so fast I may not be rich or famous like you you good you get there you walk it all creepily the way you is just looking at one screen you were just like oddly blanking out and standing to the distance like you were standing to the Sun like riding a brain zone you just zone and now like her like you were just like lost sure you have well you know Hana Kimura if anybody ever shows you this I’m your man I am two years sir am your to see her birthday just passed she’s two years older to me I’ll always have a chance I have a chance she is what I want stupid some I just watch this video tells her about it she has you swathi call I does it’s time we end this conversation you can find your way out no national – it’s either none of these is two dots you want all the smoke we won’t the smoke we want the smoke we want smoke huh what the fuck bang bang oh hi Oh damnit shit hurts oh my god I played this with blood go what the Lane bros a few weeks like last week oh my god hey guys you see them connection bars at the bottom of my screen yeah no no we’re don’t look at that I might wear it some call the fuck is she [Music] I am about to die oh there’s a fuck-boy oh shit get down damn that hurts fuckers bitch can offer me all right he’s dead bitch stop playing fuck oh fuck trap doing them now what the fuck oh don’t want the hammer purse what the fuck it’s not let me do it it’s not let me do it where’s why don’t see why I’m doing it 15 minutes later and wouldn’t let me do it take that you sons of bitches more replaces regular Lancer here with a fucking grenade launcher Lancer when I come back damn them before thank played using sincerity there’s a whole issue we don’t talk about judgment it wasn’t made bother it wasn’t me oh wait what’s this one right here buster the door lock on the place Oh wolf there’s some grenades in here in the retro Lancer talk to Cal Poly what the fuck’s in Miami and we think about shows that develop with an oil in here oh look wonderful soup in a diner [Music] what can I use to fuck his shock stuff I think it only works for you the left trigger why the electric and why works for you there’s no work for me we did it that’s a lot unless he does the stim but I can’t do the lecture here why half Nicky hold them right bumper fucking bitch you got penetrated you got a penetrated am up our weapons aren’t here our grenade launcher Lancer I got both lenses you show me the ammo son you sweaty bitch yeah you did it it already did it I can’t do it for some reason yeah you won’t let me do it let you did that I can’t do you got to do what was gonna be thanks for the help jack – ask your fuck off speed and fat fuck is dead and I fucked up on mother lode [Music] [Applause] that’s why so retro because they’re super squirrely shoot him in the butt cheeks oh hey you pricks think you’re doing damn she kind of hurt oh what’s behind door number wine oh look it is a brand-new car hell yeah yeah too bad I gotta work that day when he comes out for early access Mortal Kombat the tail Roger is here I’m the real Tuesday I gotta work too thick tell them I was gonna come in Tuesday to summarize my vacation who the fuck was ejaculating like that yes yeah pink man big weapon are you also a cyborg come on come on all right ah I like the windows Schwarzenegger I’m the real fucking god oh this is how you fucking do it all right come on come on come on come on all right all right come on this is how you supposed to do it these are how small to do it come on give it to me who’s your daddy to be or not to be put the cookie down I don’t want to leave this weapon how do you down I was up I was with the robot wait nobody’s helped up there to help you yet shit great job Arnold I like the window Schwarzenegger you my little cousin on this zone uh what what did you just say last checkpoint this is an intermediate little normal not experienced it gives us checkpoints we got it our last checkpoint was wind we just fucking kill the infirmary I’m pretty sure you will be up you will be up no where’s my fucking lip what’s in the back oh yeah yes yes yeah fucking get in yeah yes yes move to be or not to be yes get Big D Big D Big D Big D Big Rock the whole space into my eyes c’mon yeah well you think you’re going little man you’re dead we are ready to go all right all right all right cool down cool down get over here yeah yeah yeah Oh weaksauce vagina man ah he may handle me [Music] wolves get eaten by vagina is that movie teeth all over again hey where’s my silverback there you are get back here with my friends [Music] yeah fuck come on anybody wants some of this come on anybody want some of the big bang yeah where nobody wants some of me I’m the big man maggini was that you you won’t you won’t die for some reason you can’t die I got that [Music] what the fuck adjust you just died come on you guys don’t want none of this yeah come give me fat-ass oh it hurts dead oh man my silverback this jewelry oh no big man your uncle [Music] Oscar watch out [Music] [Applause] pop this hay like a green this over here let’s see finally if we figure this shit out I actually do it or gonna make a little complicated but probably effective way you don’t want to see this you don’t see this chill that’s cuz he because he tried to save Lizzy rest in peace Lizzy give her a minute I’m not going excuse me no I’ve been having these dreams still looking with my Spanish teacher god I gotta see if I can find a picture or something that’s good she looks like I’ll talk about Asians and everything well her choice his Hannah Kimora’s Bay it’s the start of a sick fuck but she’s she’s only two years older than me she’s only 15 my ass she’s 22 he’s explaining something here sir Yeah right I just made my chin itch habitats I have a chat log right here you asked her what size her boobs are she saved 30 to be say yummy [Music] [Music]

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