How WWE Should Handle The RAW & SmackDown Draft

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I know we already had one this year but given that the raw is about to be exclusive to USA and Smackdown is about to be exclusive to Fox WWE is just as solid they’re gonna run another drug I know it’s ridiculous it’s silly let’s all just smile and deal with it the thing is this one may be far different to ones we’ve seen in the past because really if you take numbers and metrics into account Smackdown is now the a show and Raw is the be shown if you do the following professional wrestling for a long time you know it’s never been like that Monday nights is basically Vince McMahon’s baby but it does mean like I say that this version of the draft could be more fun could be more interesting and good raise a few eyebrows like just how exactly is well Wrestling Entertainment trademark gonna balance this out well let’s do it let’s go through the thing here’s hell WWE draft [Music] we’ll start with the so-called top guys in the company which I believe our Roman reigns and Seth Rollins and quite interestingly right now if you do look at it from afar Rollins is kind of get the Roman reigns 2016 treatment but I guess that’s happens when you know you do it like an angsty teenager eventually a mom tells you to go to your room you go to your room you paint the walls all black you listen to Papa Roach you know then and then a little inner this is mayor you know how it goes but straight up you can’t have both of them on the same brand that would be ridiculous and you would run the risk of tanking whichever show got neither of them also you don’t want to piss USA off I know that I don’t a long-term partner in all of this and by all accounts WWE and them have a good relationship all it takes is one bad move and then you’re in a whole world of pain you can’t cook like all Fox is my secret affair lover so screw you long-term wife husband whatever don’t work that’s why you basically keep it how it is especially because when you have been looking at the SmackDown advertising Roman reigns that weird dog is all over that and you don’t want to piss off any fans after so no I will watch fry the right Smackdown because like Roman reigns and then he’s not there so Roman can fly the red flag all the way around the blue flag Seth can fly the red flag and everything should be all right movies that’s how I see it there’s a similar debate to have when it comes to the major women in the company you got to figure the reason WWE are running Sasha banks and Bailey versus Becky Lynch and Charlotte Flair on the first ever episode on Fox is because eventually they are gonna go their separate ways now you may be thinking well Sasha banks and Bailey your friends I guess WWE would keep them together but actually I think we’re going to go the other way and once again we’re basically gonna stay the course the wild card ruined all this but on paper I think Becky and Sasha were meant to be raw superstars and I think Charlotte and Bailey were meant to be smacked down once I mean I could be wrong again the wild card came along and just burned everything down but talking about burning things to the ground that’s why I think Becky Lynch will stay on Raw because she has a relationship with Seth Rollins and again even though she has been figured into the commercials for Smackdown og comes really really good I don’t think WWE wanna risk upsetting those two on top of actually is the raw Women’s Champion banks can follow her there because there’s every chance Sasha wins the raw Women’s Championship at hell the self if you put them both on Monday nights their program could continue over there and I would bet my ass that within the next three weeks Charlotte Flair is your new Smackdown Women’s Champion after beating Bailey and that’s why those two go to Friday that’s right I said bet my ass I am putting my bottom on the line which means if I’m wrong I don’t have an ass anymore that is called confidence next up is the Intercontinental and United States Championship and this is where we start to have some fun now by the time you see this video of all the time this video goes live raw may have come have gone the season premiere of raw which means you’ve already seen Cedric Alexander vs AJ Styles but my prediction will you build it into the draft to his eye somehow in there makes no sense of the story but I think Cedric Alexander will win that championship which frees up a j-style of the phenomenal one to head all over the Smackdown I think he’s too versatile and too good not to be on the show that WWE wants to push the most and again while it is ludicrous cuz any move to raw recently everything’s out the window now so we can just do whatever the hell we like them because of that The OC galas and Hansen probably go with him to also explain why they lost so easily to the Viking raiders on Raw is WWE are looking down the line as they I want to do and they think well it doesn’t matter because they’re gonna be on a completely different note soon anyways that also leaves Nakamura on Smackdown with his championship and really it doesn’t matter what happened wish since K these days it just kind of float to WWE even though he is a damn hero was exactly right so we do have to figure that some teams are gonna get broken up because WWE loves to do that and I think it’s finally time to pull the trigger on sending the new day in different directions of them get some new guys don’t like the new day I just think it would be something interesting and it would be a storyline that people would probably get invested it also if Kofi Kingston is gonna lose the WWE title Brock Lesnar which I think you will I think that serves as a lovely CEO point big he also has single star written all over him and you could get some real emotion from this and you could even team up Xavier woods in Kofi Kingston as a tag team because let’s face it when all is said and done WWE is solutely gonna need more tag teams we’re not gonna be able to go oh man we need to put a new pairing on this show so we’ll just do it cuz who cares about the roster divide that’s all going when we do go to Fox and USA so that works that means the Big E can go to raw and hopefully finally smash it I tell you one day biggie is the world champion I ain’t gonna be mad don’t cigarette and Bobby Roode can also stay on Monday nights and I think we move heavy machinery there as well especially because they too are gonna have a championship match on Raw again you may have already seen but hey there’s a few right there you shouldn’t just do a one and done so weak that crap out the revival will likely go to smackdown because I always see them as up the polar opposite to heavy machinery so wherever heavy machinery are – and Dawson go the other way and hey maybe they even have another match of a new day because I haven’t done that too many times they have weed secret yes we have and that’s how you kick off all of them do the revivalist a new day the new days a different team I don’t know the tag-team division is in desperate need of something but once again I’m keeping everything crossed this is where it starts outside about it’s hard I mean if we take someone like Kevin Owens he could technically go three ways he obviously has this big ladder match on that episode of SmackDown where he does go against Shane McMahon and whoever loses has to leave something they say the company but it’ll probably just turn out to be Smackdown live but here’s the thing with that it means if Kevin oh it does lose and please my word do not let Kevin Owens lose but there is a narrative in there where although he does get defeated he turns up on Raw or hell maybe he even turns up on NXT you could do that in the drafting great some but on the flip side to that of course is that Fox wants Smackdown to be a more sports orientated show Shane McMahon is more of a sports entertainment character so I would figure that Kevin Owens beats him stays on Smackdown and then he’ll just move Shane to raw if that’s what you want to do I can do my little thing everything will be fine kinda I think if you do do the latter in chaos days on fridays braun strowman probably stays on Mondays for the reasons i just pointed out once again he’s less sports and more sports entertainment and while that is different for Bray Wyatt he’s like the embodiment of everything and that Fox evicted is a vast WWE hey can we have him sounds like Paul Heyman loves brainwipe way too much the theme will stay on Raw otherwise you can go wherever you want with everybody else he’s Brock Lesnar being the exception he’ll be allowed to go to raw awesome out down because Uwe sees him as a mainstream star but no matter what happens all I really do hope we don’t forget to know you know Renu buddy Murphy’s push or do the same for a Cedric Alexander or people like that same goes for Chad Campbell and now let’s bring in Daniel Bryan Luke Harper and Eric Rowan now my worry about Luke Arthur especially if you do follow or keep up-to-date with his social media is that he believes once Helmer cell is done WWE isn’t gonna use him anymore and he will fade back into the distance because I mean yeah just gotta go his Instagram look what he writes he ain’t happy in that company at the very least maybe they just split them up which means you got half run wrong Rowan on Smackdown or vice versa and of course for everything I’ve just said if Daniel Bryan stayed on Smackdown you would have Daniel Bryan and AJ Styles in the same brand which seems awfully unfair but again I think when all is said and done WWE may prop up Smackdown just a little bit more how do you do that with two of the greatest wrestlers of all time there’s also a ton of other wrestlers who need a home um it is arlena’s rusev this Sami Zayn this Cesaro there’s Carmelo there’s been the rock there’s my only we could go on for days but I actually think these are going to change probably around about 77 times before we even get to the drought because depends how Vince McMahon feels when he wakes up every day one day rusev could be raw then it could be Smackdown that may be things I want pelvic stealing when we fight going 205 live we’re not gonna know we kind of just have to sit those one out the key to all of this though is what do you think who should go where how important is this draft and is it actually gonna be one of the best things to happen to WWE for some time because if you do go through the history of this what usually happens is you know we have a brand split for around about a day and then it all just falls out the window but you can’t do it this time because WWE has made promises to Fox WWE has made promises in the USA along with pyro and loose sets and new music and new camera angles maybe this is a new dawn for WWE and I thorn obviously and very excited I mean I’d be excited they said a bug was gonna win the World Championship I find a way to pull the positives out of it but I tell you it makes we’re happier person you go kick ass WWE don’t screw up the draft now don’t they become below and let us know what you think about the draft again like I just said I want all your opinions down there like share and subscribe head under what cult or comm is gonna be a lot of information there about said draft what about coach one sort of what come to WWE and keep it on what culture wrestling we’re about to enter the craziest week in wrestling history maybe you could argue that if you want you’ve got to make sure you see everything coming into your face – I’m from what culture thank you very much for watching and I’m intrigued and I am pumped to see what WWE does especially with my man rusev but hey you Finn Balor he’s gone away he’s got to come back you pray why it’s on rod we put him on Raw to conceal a feud or do we put him on Smackdown – hopefully down the lines until they do another one in a year year and a half you know duties that I get people excited there is plenty of directions they could go the real question is what does mojo Rowley do that’s my joke I’m being serious I am still desperate to find out what the deal with the mirror and the blue face paint is here I stand in the September 2019 about to move into October you’ll probably see this in October and I still have absolutely zero idea what the hell that was all about so WWE you could choose raw or Smackdown let’s take you down there for a minute and just allow me to figure out what this once I’d appreciate it I’d give you a tip of a cat and more like the typical camp and finally I could sleep again at ninety nine at times I’m up in bed going want to flip with mojo Orion in blue face or mode review watch this video tweet me three world culture tweets somebody let me know see ya

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