How to Defend a Kick from the Karate World Champion – Wing Chun

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MW: So to defend the round… MW: Hi everyone, It’s Master Wong here again MW: And today I’ll talk to you a little bit about how to defend the karate kick MW: To your goddamn head and body MW: So you can understand how to do that MW: So here we have, it’s the Jordan Thomas MW: I’ve been with him in a few videos, now you watching him in a few videos now MW: He’s the karate world champion, remember that MW: Otherwise you’re gonna have a problem MW: So we gonna go through the basic, how I will defend, he throws the kick to my head and my body MW: How I will do it to his Karate attacking me. MW: So when he’s attacking with Karate MW: That’s normally how you attack JT: So when you go for a Roundhouse MW: Roundhouse to the head JT: BOOM MW: That’s… You see if I miss that MW: My face will be dissapear MW: So my hand will be quickly, like bam MW: Okay, if he kick with this side I will be boom MW: That’s it MW: Give me this side MW: So to defend the round kick to the head MW: I will be, have my hand MW: In this position to when he’s attacking MW: Okay, like this MW: Because he hits so quick MW: I miss it, you see how quickly you lost your god… MW: attack=) MW: You see how quickly MW: That will come on in and break your face MW: So let’s go slowly for them to understand MW: If I miss it I don’t want to look ugly, yeah. So the round kick to the face MW: Bam MW: So when he came, he will come and I will be like this MW: If your hands like this it will defend that MW: Okay so he come and kick you in the face MW: BAM MW: Same thing if he kicks you to the face this side MW: I will be using this hand MW: On this side of my face to defend that kick MW: And this hand here just incase this hand is too slow MW: To block, and that is defend already MW: Okay, do it this side. If this hand is too slow MW: It’s already landed on my head MW: So now if that was stopping me MW: That was stopping me right at the way and then kick me again MW: And that is stopping that way MW: So if I want to move it, kick me again MW: So we go and move him now MW: So quickly the line come MW: I will be boom, I will move it MW: Boom I will move it MW: That’s basicly how to divert him MW: But if he kicks me in the ribcage, kick me in the ribcage MW: I will be sudden movement and have my hand here MW: Because my hand like this MW: In case he will go That’s the ribcage gone MW: Broken, same thing on this side MW: It will be gone MW: Because the way he kicking, say we’re using on a flick it half MW: You see how much power that’s coming in MW: Kick it again, if it’s land on your ribcage MW: It’s gonna be broken in pieces MW: So when he kick, I will have this to support MW: Okay and then my hand like this MW: To defend MW: Attack! So when he came MW: Now if he’s coming too hard MW: He will come in and I will move a little bit MW: To absorb his power MW: Same thing, we do this side MW: I will do the same MW: Same thing I will do my hand like this MW: So my hand here, working here like FMM MW: And this hand to support MW: Same one, same thing we just done, kick slowly MW: See the hand, my hand here and MW: Okay same with this side MW: And it will go like this MW: Okay now when we are moving MW: Kick again, I will move it MW: Show that again MW: Move the same MW: Okay let’s excercise some slowly, how you kick MW: How you do the roundhouse kick to the waist JT: Okay so the round kick JT: You go up MW: And turn? JT: And turn MW: And kick JT: Remember it’s all in the hips JT: Keeping it nice and tight MW: Okay so that’s BAM like that MW: Okay again, BOOM MW: Okay so if you are not good enough, then make sure MW: Bam like this, otherwise problem MW: Same with this side JT: From here same thing, now from here you twist in MW: AND BAM MW: Okay so the same thing MW: And don’t think it’s just flicking MW: There’s a lot of power coming in yeah MW: I felt it myself, so when it came. It went BAM MW: You gotta have to stop him MW: Again I’ll go boom MW: And that is how you’re blocking the KARATE ROUND KICK MW: And some of you there thinking it’s not powerful enough MW: You got to get your ass here to check out the 10k. Tell them a bit about 10k JT: 10K 32 Athletes JT: One winner MW: And the winner will take away £10000 MW: And he will be there to do some damage JT: And I want it MW: And he will win it, before it’s started MW: So if you like it, underneath here all the information is here MW: Check him out onto the Facebook and Youtube Channel MW: And the information below here, SO I WILL SEE YOU ONTO THE NEXT MW: video. SUBSCRIBE TO MASTER WONG HE IS THE REAL DEAL HE WILL FUCK YOU UP SUBSCRIBE BEFORE YOUR ENEMY DOES OR HE WILL KICK YOUR ASS TAKE CARE BYE

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