Hate Your Car Stereo? Replace It With This


rev up your engines, welcome to mechanic
Monday today I’m going to show you how to install an android 8.0 into your car
and at the end of the show I’m going to give it away to one of the viewers, now
it’s the best 5 channel car amplifier lot easier insta lling one of these android 8.0 than you might think,
this particular one is an Eonon and it comes with even the tool you need to
take your dash apart and here it is but before we start taking it apart, why do
you want to put one of these things in in the first place, well in this case
this 2007 matrix hey it’s just got the factory system, it’s a radio and it’s a
CD player, you can’t hook your phone to it, it doesn’t do GPS you can’t play
videos on it, hey it’s a pretty basic thing and it’s so easy to replace them,
now the first thing you have to do is remove the plastic cover, so you get the
tool, you stick it in and you start to pry out a little at a time until it
starts to come out, then you lift it out but you’ll notice it won’t come the
whole way because it’s got all these electric tangs in, and they can be real
stinkers but you push the little Tang in here and then pull them off, but since
I’m lazy I took the two in the middle off and the side ones I’ll leave on
because I find you can twist this whole assembly and you can get it out of the
way, so now you have working room to get to the radio and you don’t have to
unplug all that cuz those are really hard to get off, then you get a 10
millimeter socket and take the four bolts off that hold it into the car and
that’s pretty easy, they’re never in all that tight, you can even use your fingers
then and out comes one, then two, then you need a long extension because the other
two are further in, their way down here there’s three, and there’s four, and then
the whole radio slides right out, well it slides
partway out, of course there’s the antenna you got to unplug in the back and
another set of wiring clips you have to unplug, as you can see on the back side
there’s the antenna over here, we unplug the antenna and then we unplug these two
wiring clips this one and that one, and they’re the same as the other ones you
push a little clip then pull them out, and two
and there goes the radio, now here’s where it can be kind of a pain if you
don’t think ahead, all these wires you can see I’m all coming out of here, they
have to be connected to the new radio and since they rarely have the same clip
as you can see this is completely different than the other ones, get a
wiring splice kit that goes from factory to aftermarket, in this case it’s the
Toyota, so these plugs will plug right into the car all you got to do is wire
these up to your new system, as you can see on the kit it tells you what wire
goes to which, what’s your power which are for which speakers front and back
left and right, and make sure you get a decent you don’t like this
because it’s got all the wiring diagram here, so it tells which of these wires go
there, you won’t get confused and mess up, and here’s a tip I’ll give you from my
years of installing these things, it’s not a good idea to buy a universal
adapter that says, oh it’ll plug in your car and will plug directly into your new
system, because a lot of times those are made incorrectly and when you plug it in
it fries everything, sure with these kits you do have to solder the wires together
but really it doesn’t take that long like I’m gonna show you now, since you’re
not gonna be using this connector you can just cut the wires right near it and
we just follow directions, it says that red is 12 volts and on the new unit
it says red is the power 12 volts with the ignition switch on which is what you
want, so you just get your little wire splices and cutters and make some bare
metal, then get your adapter, twist the wire around itself
and then you have a nice tight joint that won’t come off and of course get a
little electrical tape, slice it with the razor and wrap it, because you don’t want
all the wires touching each other that’d be stupid, and you just follow the rest
in this case, the yellow goes to yellow that’s power on all the time to keep
memory alive, now of course there’s various ways to connect wires you can get those
little twist connectors and stuff, but really if you solder them they’re gonna
stay nice and crisp you’re not gonna get crackles and the connections are gonna
be perfect, now the only other thing you have to do is take the brackets off of
your old radio and put it on the new Android, they just unscrew then go on
the other side and then screw it in snug, and don’t forget to do the other side
and snug them up and you just put the radio in the car first snap the
connectors in, one and two, plug the antenna wire in for the radio, then slide the
radio in so the little line ups line up and you can bolt it in, get off four
bolts nice and tight up here, down in here, and on the other side, and there she
blows it’s warming up, and take my advice, try it out before you
put the dash all back in because you might have messed up with a wire but in
this case I didn’t, so I guess now I can throw all these old CDs cause this
Android is the killer music machine and much much more navigation, radio, music
video, you can do all kinds of things with these Android only your
imaginations gonna let you up on that, so I guess when you consider all the
things that this Android can do, maybe this was a bigger change over than when
I was a kid and had no radio at all and put an old tube Buick radio in the glove
box and since this is mechanic Monday, I’m giving away one of these Eonon best car audio amp
Android 8.0 an early Christmas present, to have a chance to
win, just place a clean non offensive comment on the YouTube comments below
and the winner will be chosen randomly by computer to get one of these cool
android 8.0 s’ to put in their car, so if you never want to miss another one of my
new car repair videos, remember to ring that Bell!

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