Has NXT GIVEN UP Caring About Ratings With AEW? | WWE NXT Oct 9, 2019 Full Show Review & Results

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[Music] [Music] what is going on guys thank you so very much for joining me right here for NXT on off the script this is your review for October 9th 2019 week number two in the Wednesday night war if you want to even go that far this week between NXT and aew all elite wrestling now this is the second week in a row that I watched aew live from 8:00 to 10:00 I did my podcast I uploaded for you guys and then I went right back into the living room with a nice hot cup of tea and I watched NXT from 1:00 a.m. to 3:00 a.m. which is a lot more enjoyable on DVR where I could fast-forward through the commercials I don’t know and I know it’s not me being exhausted which I was very exhausted last night it’s not me being exhausted i watch NXT now if this was one that I raw I would have been asleep and a half an hour i watch NXT always with eyes wide open I don’t know if you guys felt the same way last night but I feel like WWE just did not even bother competing with aew now I don’t mean that in a bad way I really don’t and I wish I wish that everybody would just say screw the ratings don’t worry or concern yourself about the ratings NXT has to do what NXT has to do which right now the only thing that NXT should be worrying about is war games and aew should be worrying about what a e-w has to do and getting themselves ready for Baltimore and full gear I wish it was like that Jericho dropped some pipe bombs on NXT on dynamite WWE didn’t really say anything regarding the Wednesday night war they went about business as usual and what their business as usual is he’s putting on quality TV shows which they’re next he last night was a quality to our wrestling show it wasn’t the greatest it wasn’t last week but it was still a great show the vibe that I got was one in which they didn’t even bother putting in any effort to compete with aew and great that’s the way it should be but it was just a regular run-of-the-mill NXT show with no real progression towards storylines outside of the undisputed era that is all that we’re getting right now as far as storylines go we got drew gulick and Leo rush for the cruiserweight championship this match came about in one week Leo rush was off TV he was being punished by WWE management’s they bring him back in the role that he should have been in since the beginning put in a match with drew Gerlach and he’s got a cruiserweight championship no real story there outside of him beating Oni Lorcan to become a number one contender fine it’s a match it was a great match for what it was but there’s no real storyline there then we got the undisputed era we know what’s going on with Adam Cole we know what’s going on with Finn Balor coming back and eyeing the NXT championship we know what’s going on with Tommaso Champa coming back and eyeing Goldie again we know what’s going on with Roderick Strong and The Velveteen dream Kyle O’Reilly and Bobby fish do not have opponents as of right now for war games or undisputed era I should say doesn’t have opponents for wargames and this is where WWE’s priority should be but I feel like we’re not even at that point yet where they can begin building towards war games and it’s only a month away so when are we gonna get the build for war games you could go either way with war games I don’t know what they have planned you could do the easy thing and pit Imperium versus undisputed era but do they have any issue on NXT TV the answer is no and you can’t do that because it would just be NXT giving you a dream match of sorts inside a great gimmick and that’s all it is I want what I want from NXT which is story and then match because the story is gonna make you much more invested in what’s going on in the match you could do the undisputed ever versus a mixture of finn bálor Tommaso Champa maybe you throw in Matt riddle maybe throw in dream I don’t know where they go maybe you could substitute Johnny in there and then we could get DIY in the cage against undisputed era being that there is a major history there between both Champa gargano and the undisputed era I don’t know where they’re going when is it going to come when are we gonna start getting the build for war games seems like NXT the last couple of weeks as soon as they got to the USA Network for I would say four weeks now we had the first two one-hour shows then we had the two-hour season premiere last week which was a takeover on USA Network pretty much and then we got this week that makes four weeks of WWE just throwing random matches out there with barely any storyline and NXT is known for their storylines it’s like they went in yesterday’s show and really didn’t give a shit about putting on a great show and I don’t know what the reason behind that is I really do wish that they stay this way and just focus on storylines and less on the ratings because when they focus more on the ratings then the quality of the shows is not really gonna make much sense if you guys get where I’m going with this once they start worrying about what someone else is doing then they start their downhill decline I don’t want to see that happen and even last night’s show you put matches together for the sake of drawing attention away from AE w who has the same audience as you you’re putting dream matches together for the sake of putting three matches together rush and gue lack was made to give you an exciting open to the show which is fun then you got Kishida and Walther in the main event which is a non-title United Kingdom Championship match why was that match made there’s no issue between Kishida and Walter no matter what they tried to tell you on WWE TV the last couple weeks Imperium showed up unexpected they were there nobody really knows who Imperium is with this audience the only one who knows who Imperium or I should say Walter is is a EWS audience so you’re merely putting with no storyline behind that you’re putting Walter in the main event against Kishida who is also another highly regarded independent wrestler before he came over to NXT you’re putting two guys who are highly regarded in the eyes of this audience in the main event in hopes that you get them to watch what you’re doing in the main event instead of going over to aew and watching what they’re doing in their main event so you still kind of focused on the ratings but you didn’t at the same time and you’re putting shit together with really no logic and no storyline behind it so who are you harming here NXT needs to get back to the basics it really does I’m not saying it wasn’t a good show I just honestly felt like they just threw out an NXT show that we would usually see at one hour on the WWE Network they gave it to you for two hours and they didn’t really put any effort into this show like they did last week and it seems like after atw beat them in the ratings they’re like I don’t think this is gonna be a good deal we’re just gonna go right back to what we’re doing and we’re gonna expand it to two hours but even then again the priority is wargames where is that I don’t see it so when is it coming yeah we could get the chairperson the calls and the Balor’s and the Gargano s– who has been on TV two times since takeover so it’s like what’s going on in our next date do they know what they’re doing are they overwhelmed are they stressing out that they now have to write live TV every week and at an extra hour I don’t want to say I’m worried about NXT button again all the signs are there all the signs that I previously mentioned in the podcast all the signs are there seems like they don’t care it seems like they didn’t want to be in this war to begin with if you extrapolate about what he would want with NXT he would stay on the WWE Network at one hour doing his own thing and still producing the best fucking show that WWE has during its week he don’t want to compete with aew he doesn’t and I guarantee you if you shot that man down he would say he doesn’t want to compete with aew how good they how could they you can add the Balor’s and you can add all these Maine lobster guys it’s not going to work you either are NXT or you’re not they fail to deliver new eyes and if the last week’s show which is fucking unbelievable being that that was a takeover on basic cable television and they didn’t do with that what are you to do what is going to work you think it’s going to work now with the Coles and the Robert wrongs and the velvetine dreams and the return of a Tommaso Champa not gonna work look at the show you gave us last week compared to this week how many people tuned out this week and if they’re not even tuning in this week to find out it wasn’t as exciting as aew the this entire concept of wednesday warfare is proving to be ridiculous like I mentioned this is all about Vince McMahon and his ego AE W is not a fluke everybody thought it was gonna be fluke everybody was like oh they’re gonna close up shop in less than a year clearly not the excitement and the desire and the want for something like a E W is growing and growing and growing and growing every single week and I mentioned on the review last night consistency week one was the success week two was an even bigger success no matter what the ratings are week three if they come out swinging and give us another great show that’s what I call the winning streak I don’t know if NXT no matter how great it is and we all know that it is we don’t need to compare them to aew to say that NXT was great no matter how great they are I don’t think they’re going to overtake the momentum of aew you can look at these shows and figure out which is a bigger deal you set an xt up for failure now they want to move them out of Full Sail University why is that why is that they were fine minding their own business on the WWE Network at Full Sail University now that their big time at two hours live on the USA Network now you want to move them out why you’ve already done enough damage to NXT and ruin the miss feet of NXT by putting them in this situation now you want to take them out of their home completely it’s not a good thing man this is not a good thing this is all about Vince McMahon’s fucking ego and again I’m gonna reiterate it he is going to kill NXT and he’s gonna water down and XT because he would rather put them in a position to fail in hopes of killing his competition it just felt like they gave up it really did and I hope that they remain that way I hope that they don’t give a shit about ratings cuz they don’t need writers they don’t I want to see the brand grow but you’re not allowing the brand to grow when you’re putting them on Wednesday directly against aew I wish I wish one of these brands would move to a Tuesday I really this is why I wanted one to exist on a one night and the other to exist on the other you’re not allowing NXT to grow by putting them in this position directly competing against something like a juggernaut in aew Tuesday night dynamite should have been Tuesday and Wednesday should have been NXT if you wanted them to grow they need to grow on their own and I guarantee you WWE Vince put them in this position because he can’t help he can’t help himself once there’s a taste of competition he needs to be the only dog in the yard and Triple H I don’t know how he’s gonna handle this because last year last year we got wargames already being built we were already in the midst right in the middle of war games being built we knew what the war games match was going to be last year that is the defining factor in the last year compared to this year when we don’t even know or have an iota of a clue what is going to be the rivalry in war games that’s a problem when we were watching NXT and we visualized what was going to happen in war games already its October 10th wargames is a month away and we don’t have a fucking idea about anything up and down that guard I don’t know if you guys feel the same way I really don’t hopefully we get them starting to build storylines and giving us what NXT really is about the reason why we all loved NXT is because they were storyline driven they gave you engaging stories and here we have a two hour show and really no stories are being told nothing why is Damien priest attacking attacking Pete Dunn why because he wants to make a name off himself that’s like some Smackdown live shit it really is outside of the undisputed era there’s no storylines there’s nothing they need to get back to doing what they do telling stories and making those stories matter in the lead and the build-up to their next takeover I see nothing of that right now and again I want to say it’s not a bad show it’s not but they could do better we’re gonna go over everything guys Leo rosters rugelach for the cruiserweight champ but you have great match I’m gonna give you my thoughts on Leo rush becoming the new cruiserweight champion we have ray Ripley and her just destroying alia that’s not even the the most important aspect of what happened with Raya last night she challenged again shana Bazin for the Women’s Championship that’s something that I think WWE is planning for war games so we’ll see what happened we’ll see what happens with that and I got thoughts on Kushida and Walter two undefeated talents in NXT they go head to head there has to be one winner and there has to be one loser we’ll talk about what I think WWE did there and what I think is the right decision and Isiah swerve Scott and Robert strong to me the match of the night I want to see more of the swerve on NXT thank you guys so very much for joining me here on the podcast make sure you hit that thumbs up if you enjoyed that little mini rant at the beginning let me know if you guys feel the same ‘we also on top of the thumbs up hit that subscribe button down below and turn on that bell for all notifications we are just at a hundred and thirteen thousand subscribers we got there this week alone man almost a thousand subs gained in this week alone Thank You Vince 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bobby lashley so when he went away for a little bit and they ended that terrible gimmick and that terrible angle of bobby lashley I was so happy now for better or worse I don’t know how you guys feel about Leo rush but I’m glad he went away the time away has clearly done him good he looks like a different person he feels like a different person he looks more motivated he looks more focused and that’s all that we could have possibly asked for for Leo rush to possibly make a return to the WWE I know he’s gotten in trouble I know he’s got in trouble with his mouth I know he’s gotten in trouble for being very hard-headed and ignorant but man the reason why they didn’t let him go is the reasons that you seen last night in his match with drew Gerlach not only that you could even go back to the match with O’Neal or kin which I thought was better than this match with Gulick he is an unbelievable talent and at such a young age he’s not even he’s not even out the door yet you know he’s like he’s like your child and you’re sending him to his first day of school there’s so much more for him to do and so much more for him to accomplish and learn it’s ridiculous how you could have someone like this just sitting on the sidelines but I’m glad that he sat on the sidelines and got himself right because this is the Leo rush that I knew we were getting and I’m glad we’re finally getting it now on NXT main roster underutilized and main roster just completely shit all over Leo rush this is the Leo rush I remember this is the Leo rush that is loved by this type of audience and I’m glad that he’s finally getting to showcase who he is and NXT I knew because it always happens with NXT when someone moves from the main roster back down to NXT they always are put in a position to succeed and they’re always being utilize to what their strengths are so I’m happy to see that Drew Gulick has been great drew Gerlach has been one of the top performers in all of WWE with his recent run and him recently capturing the cruiserweight championship he’s had a decent run and rugelach obviously is a WWE guy they love him everything that you asked of him everything you asked him to do he’s gonna go out there and do it and break his back doing it in the process I didn’t know what was gonna happen here going into this they could either hotshot the title and make it a really big deal or they could keep it on google ak who is a WWE guy and you know what whether you like Gulick or not or if you’ve been paying attention to go like you might think that he’s had somewhat of a short run or a short reign as cruiserweight champion so I didn’t know where they were gonna go with this hotshot the title make a big moment to start NXT on week two during the Wednesday night wars with aew or keep it on the guy that’s been one of the best talents in all of WWE for the year of 2019 well they hotshot at the title if you even want to call it that I don’t necessarily want to call it hotshot in the title but we do have a new cruiserweight champion in Leo rush he beats drew Gulick and what was a 12-minute great showcase for the cruiserweights this is exactly what we need to see moving forward from this title and this division on this show and I would love to see this elevated to a takeover as well I think that would be a great showcase for not only these types of guys but the two or five live brand as well Leo rush wins the cruiserweight championship in 12 minutes he is the new cruiserweight champion my thoughts on this are this 205 Live is in limbo nobody knows what’s happening with 205 live is clearly getting lost in the shuffle with everything that’s going on right now in the wrestling week it’s best if it’s showcased like this with these types of guys on this show it’s a reset everything got a reset last week Raw gotta reset a ewt season premiere NXT got a reset and their season premiere Smackdown got a reset and their season premiere everything’s getting a reset – well five live was just again just an anomaly just floating out there nobody knows what’s happening with that nobody gives a shit about it this was their reset this was their reset how many people realistically gave a shit about rugelach as the cruiserweight champion how many people even knew through Gerlach was the cruiserweight champion how many people going into this new dragula or who he was how many of you knew what the cruiserweight championship was they even know WWE had a cruiserweight championship probably not probably not this is on the USA Network you’re trying to get new eyes you’re trying to create something from scratch again new you’re starting a new so instead of keeping the title on drew like who we all know is the guy you’re gonna give it to Leo rush here and you’re gonna get this moment and start anew it’s a fresh start now you got a new face now you know who he is you seen him on this show already people are familiar with him always that guy that’s 23 year old who could do all these great things crowd loves him I know him I like him they put the title on Leo rush for that reason along now with Leo rush and dragula I’m assuming that this is not going to be the end I don’t think it should I think these guys can go out there on a takeover ad ten minutes to this thing and they’ll give you a fucking match into your classic but with Leo rush winning the title not only did they want to start anew with the cruiserweights I honestly felt if they did not with that crowd reaction Leo rush was incredibly over with that crowd reaction I think it would have been a major letdown that they didn’t give the title to Leo rush after the crowd wanted so badly for him to win it so I’m glad that they did it just based on that aspect but this is a fresh start for the cruiserweights guys this is why they did it Leo rush into new cruiserweight champion he beats Kruger like in 12 minutes great match match started out like I anticipated with Leo rush he usually does the Spanish fly in the middle of the match he went right for the Spanish fly at the start of the bell GU lacked charge he missed Spanish fly and Leo rush got a quick two count over the top rope tow page suic de acai moonsault and it started really hot and heavy so as the end of this thing rush was in control he was hitting some kicks on Gulick gulick then turned rush in sideout what a mess of Lariat great sell there by Leo rush on the Lariat Wednesday was a night of lariats man after Adam hangman page nearly took Guevara’s head off here we got Gulick turning rush inside out both guys are down after that it created some separation between the two gulick is up first and the to reverse until gulick is too charging rush with the GU lock rush reversed that it’s repenting combination then into a dragon sleeper cyclone crash by Gulick rush gets his legs on the ropes you think eyes smart as GU lack is and the mat technical fucking wizard that he is that he would hit the GU lock and then he would get the cyclone crash and then go for a cover and he would not hook the outside leg when we all know that Russia’s leg is just right there on the ropes and it could be a rope right now I don’t know how you go about calling that bhulok is too smart for that you’re not gonna sit here and tell me that old gulag didn’t know he was in the moment give me a fucking break Kulik is a fucking he’s like a Greg Maddux runner Greg Maddux pitching for the Braves which I don’t want to talk about cuz they fucking suck dick I hope everybody on the team gets fired he’s like a Greg Maddux why would you not hook the outside leg in that you can’t tell me that gulag didn’t know that just situational environment that he was in come on so he hooks the leg Leo rush gets his leg on the rope cool act then gets pissed he and hooks the outside leg so it doesn’t happen again and rush kicked out anyway crowd is chanting this is awesome cool act sets rush up up top and rush punches his way out to regain control ghoul AK falls back rush goes up top hits a frog splash happy belated birthday to Eddie Guerrero then he goes back up for a final hour which is his old finisher but what’s his finisher but with a new name it was the Dragons call he’s calling at the final hour which I enjoy a lot better and he goes up top he hits the final hour the split legged frog splash hence the title changed hands after that 1 2 3 we had ruch winning the cruiserweight championship at 11 minutes this was very good and hopefully this is not the last time between these two I’m glad that Leo rush is finally getting a taste of some success in NXT hopefully he can maintain his attitude and just go about being a little bit more mature the sky is the limit for Leo rush I am a big fan of what he does in the ring he is so quick he so smooth and it looks fucking great and we’ll talk about later on a little bit because there’s somebody on this roster I would love to see him go up against and he was actually on this show tonight rush wins the title and after the match is over William Regal enters the ring and starts to put the belt on Russia’s waist black came in the ring again people were booing people didn’t know what was gonna happen people thought that he was going to attack Leo rush but Gulick takes the title away from William Regal and he presented the belt to rush himself in a sign of respect he shook his hand and then left Kulak was like let me do what motherfucker this is my title let me hand it to him so I loved that it was awesome and Leo rush celebrated with the cruiserweight championship awesome match to start NXT ray Ripley and Aaliyah this wasn’t even a match one minute wisely on this show I don’t know why is alia on this show I don’t know Ali is garbage alia is garbage she don’t look bad and the only reason why she’s there is because she doesn’t look bad but the girl can’t wrestle and the girl should not be in the ring with Raya Ripley this one was pretty much leading the sheep to slaughter and Raya Ripley did indeed that’s and she just reveled in all the blood that she shed on this night prior up Lee wins in one minutes she got a Scorpion Deathlock reversed a reverse Scorpion Deathlock and then she did a Scorpion Deathlock swing she swung this woman around around and around and around and it made me smile from ear to ear and then she planted alia face-first and that was it in the same possession Scorpion Deathlock reversed airplane spin like move down on the one two three and that was pretty much it for it miss Ripley she grabs the microphone and says Shannon is without a doubt the most dominant female in NXT history all right I think you got a call Oscar up and say bro I’m sorry listen I misspoke on NXT last night I didn’t mean to disrespect you by saying Shayna was the most dominant female and NXT history are you fucking kidding me now I love Cher but I mean to compare her reign to Oscars give me a break give me a break Oscar never lost the championship Shana hearse so you really can’t base that you know you really can’t say that Shana is the most dominant female in NXT history when Shana had already lost the championship this is a great run for her but not better than Oscar come on now show summer this is a Vince McMahon thing forgetting you got to show some respect to those who did it before she says yes Shana is dominant she’s tapped or snapped everybody but not her she’s ready for Shana Baisley get ready bitch I’m coming that was pretty much it I could see that happening I take over I don’t see Ryan Ripley winning the championship or maybe you know actually I could see it but at the same time I can’t because every time I say Shane is gonna lose the championship she’s never gonna lose that championship if Raya wins they obviously have a story there they could go either way I thought Candace was gonna beat CEO clearly that’s not the case I could see ray of winning the title and then WWE building up Tegan Knox I don’t really like Riya as a babyface she’s over because she’s cool she’s over because she’s fuckin dominant then she’s a badass but I want to see ray Ripley as a heel I think she’s much better portrayed as a heel then they can build up Tegan Knox and you could get a rematch of the may young classic from last year and I think that would be a great story to tell Tegan Knox overcoming this devastating career-ending injury to miss the finals of the may young class to come back and get Raya again but this time it’s not the finals of the may young it’s for the NXT Women’s Championship so they got a few different avenues that they could go in you know you got Shana you could have Shanna lose to EO you could have Shanna lose to Bianca Oh Bianca was on this show Bianca Bella and she actually call out Raya Ripley as well so the NXT Women’s division by far in a way they’re not even in the same fucking universe compared to AE they’ll be showing you why they are the best women’s division in all of wrestling right now I love it right Ripley being added to this division is just a great thing man I love watching her I think she’s awesome Bri Xango vs ever rise they could be spokesman for blue Chu ever rise do you wants to feel it when you’re with your wife take a blue chew you’ll be like ever rise I got to think of something I know that was pretty lame but you know ever rise the unofficial spokesman for blue Chu now their music played they were going up against breeze Ango and jackson Riker dragged both of these guys to the ramp and they were just destroyed one over his shoulder and one by his arm dragging him on the floor so we were gonna get a match whatever eyes imprison go clearly The Forgotten sons were like bro you forgot us on all these weeks you know we’re on USA and you forgot about us now we’re gonna make it happen we’re gonna show you that we need to be on this show and forget ever rice breeze on go they came out dressed as construction men they legitimately looked like they were going to Chippendales legitimately I could see this 100% I was visualizing them no homo on stage shrimping with these types of outfits you know you got fucking got Fandango there dancing with fucking the construction outfit on and I don’t know what you guys think of breeze on go I think they’re greats when they’re serious they’re on they’re great but man it reminded me of something that I would see on Monday Night Raw I really I really did think that like I love them I love the attitude I love the the just out there attitude but is this gonna fit in NXT this was much more ridiculous than anything that they have done in NXT so far I could deal with them coming out as like the fashion police and all that and the cop outfits but going to the construction outfits it just reeks of Monday Night Raw to me like you got to be serious but this here is the big leagues this is a serious show I’m not saying you can’t be funny I’m not saying you can’t be you know entertaining and and just flamboyant but you got to be serious which they were in this match it’s just he’s just reeks of main roster to me I don’t think that’s gonna work in the long run on NXT so we got Brees angle versus Cutler and Wesley Blake of the Forgotten sons this one went to the Forgotten sons in four minutes four minutes here forgotten sons beat Brees angle which I did not understand so we had Brees our go get a hot tag from Tyler breeze and what Fandango gets a hot night from Tyler breeze and he takes control he hits a dive over the top rope Fandango is really good he is really really good Falcon arrow tend to breeze they go for the fashion faux pas but the Forgotten sons in the corner they take control again for a second time and Fandango hits a sunset bomb it’s just craziness everywhere Ryker is all over Brees on the outside Fandango hits him with a top rope or a topic on hero followed up by a top rope sua cita by Blake back in the sons hit the memory remains which is I believe the stomp off the top rope and that was pretty much it Cutler and Blake went at four minutes what was the points of building up reason go with win after win after win for them to only lose them and forgotten sons The Forgotten sons are still not I would say a legit team that people want to say they’re just there they just exist you know why would you squander everything that you’ve built momentum wise with breeze and go to give it away in a match here that means nothing through the Forgotten sons I don’t get that bad booking decision I really don’t this was a mistake Brie’s uncle should have won this thing and Cutler and Blake win in four minutes where Keithley Keithley has a segment on this show he’s got a hunger for battle he’s got more willpower than Dominik Dodger Kovac and he ensures daiji Kovac that he will bask in his glory Lee and dye Djokovic are going in the main event again next week in a rubber match they’re billing it as for NXT so that should be interesting right there next week what are they gonna do differently I don’t know what are they gonna do and showcase that we have not seen already we’ve seen a top rope Spanish Fly we seen the top rope Canadian destroyer what are they gonna do what are they gonna do that’s the most interesting thing out of all this how are they going to top what they’ve done already in a WWE ring hopefully they don’t overdo it hopefully it is exciting so we’ll see what happens in the main event next week on our next date boa boa not the snake not a boa constrictor boa first Chinese I believe what is he the first Chinese born NXT athlete ever or WWE athlete ever but well vs. Cameron Grimes would his top hat this was nine seconds nine seconds so Grimes comes he distracts boa and the referee this leads to a double knee or a double stomp for the win that was it I wish I had more to tell you but I was half sleeping in this because I don’t know I don’t know what it is with WWE booking Cameron Grimes in this room in this manner this Cameron Grimes look like a guy that’s going to win a match in nine seconds every single time he’s out there like I know you want to fast-track somebody and get him to be a legit guy in the eyes of the audience but are you doing it right at 9 seconds every time he’s in the ring feels remember when Baron Corbin was in a next day when he was the lone wolf and he was first getting his feet wet in the next 8 that was his gimmick winning in the shortest amount of time possible the thing is with Grimes he can wrestle Baron Corbin at that time was green as grass so why are you going about the Baron Corbin NXT method with Cameron Grimes I don’t look at Cameron Grimes and think this guy’s gonna win this match in 9 seconds just kind of silly you’re not utilizing him to the best of his abilities that’s what I think about Cameron Grimes in this situation Killian Dane runs to the ring and Grimes gets out of Dodge he wants nothing to do with now I don’t know if this is gonna be a program between the two it might possibly be Grimes got out of Dodge you took his top-hat ran away Bowa was the unlucky one here and Dane takes Bowa and he just destroys him he pounds him in the corner and then he goes to the announce table and slams him on the announce table where Mauro Beth and Nigel are sitting and he destroys bar we’re here on NXT I want to see more of Grimes I don’t want to see him win in nine seconds I want to see more of him and I want to see him develop a natural feel with the audience they’re not doing that by putting him in this situation Damien priest he speaks on attacking Pete Dunn and he says that’s he did it for the cameras and the headlines Dunn was just there for the taking as priest is planning to move his way up the ladder in NXT I love the way Damien priest speaks he’s got one of those tones and one of those voices that when he speaks he commands your attention I want to see more of that and I love the whole gimmick he’s he literally looks like Stephen Dorff and blade he reminds me of a fucking vampire in Blade he’s got the limousines he’s got the dark carriage he’s got the sunglasses on he’s at the grease back hair he gets into the limousine he’s got all these beautiful women with him you know he’s damning a priest he’s the Archer of infamy I think it’s great at least we got something of an explanation as to why you did it but it’s not enough for me to finally sink my teeth into so is this gonna be a long-term thing or is this just gonna be WWE using Pete done to get gave me a priest where he needs to be so that he can start being a top contender on this brand as well so we’ll see what happens with that our to Isaiah swerve Scott versus Roderick Strong this was awesome this was the best match of the night in my honest opinion remember when I mentioned a little bit ago that Leo rush went into cruiserweight championship him getting his feet wet again and finding success at NXT this is the guy that I would love to see go up against Leo rush Isiah Scott has been feed two or five line before I have seen him on 205 live I forgot who he was up against but I think a cruiserweight Championship match if they want to start building to that for a possible takeover match Leo rush versus Isiah Scott could be a match that steals the entire show in front of a large audience at a takeover show I think that would be phenomenal this was a great match with Roderick Strong these two worked very well together I don’t know how we’ve seen Cameron Grimes we’ve seen Jordan miles we’ve seen Angel Garza and they’re all great in their own way I don’t know how we have not seen Isiah Scott more than everybody else in that tournament the breakout tournament that happened about a month and a half ago I don’t understand it I expected him to win the tournament and then he lost in the first round this is a blue chip prospect this is the guy and he is a 15 what 10 15 year veteran I forgot what that said tell anyone people anywhere between 10 to 15 years he’s been doing this former mlw champion he was in lucha on the ground it’s ridiculous he played kill shot and once you’re on the ground just go back and watch as lucha underground work you would see how great he is this was a showcase match for Isaiah storm Scott hopefully we start seeing more of him and more of that character develop on NXT television I want everybody to care about him him and Roddy put on a great match back and forth swerve is kicking his way out of trouble late in the match strong is so good at what he does he could bring anybody to a great match strong Kalev is a forearm lariat spy swerve uppercut in the corner dives with an elbow from the second rope on top of roddy undisputed era comes out on the ramp superkick and a DDT by swerve for a big two counts call and O’Reilly fish they are standing on the ramp cheering strong strong set swerve to the outside but swerve slides back in the ring and hits a German and a flat liner so German suplex any Flatliner high kick for a long two-count swerve goes to the top and strong rolls to the apron on the in which the undisputed era is naming them there on the ramp swarovski leg and kick strong in the fakes face slingshot double stomp over the ropes on the outside now this was a great spot Roddy was hanging off the bottom rope to the outside to the floor swerve jumped off the apron and double stomped him to the concrete that was really nice on this muted era distracts were long enough for strong to hit some offense on swerve and then he gets the end of heartache and then the srong hole and that was it’s Roderick Rome wins in about 11 minutes this was a great showcase match for Isaiah Scott we need to see more of isaiah scott on WWE television i’m a big fan of his i was a big fan of his coming on into NXT but this was nothing more than getting rowdy in a match so that he could look strong before he goes on another NXT I believe it’s in two weeks another NXT show in two weeks and defends that North American Championship because the velvetine dream great showcase for swerve great showcase for Roddy being he’s the North American champion after the match we got Adam call on the microphone swerve is good but he’s no Roderick Strong he says though Teen Dream then shows up on the NXT screen on the stage and then everything goes black and we see him on a podium right above Moro right by the commentary table he says that some of undisputed era is great but allow him to show strong what his reality is he points to the big screen and there’s a shot of Roddy on a couch with his championship looking very Playgirl s Shawn Michaels with the North American Championship he’s all naked he’s all naked dream says he will shrimp Roddy of the title and he’ll show everyone why Roddy just doesn’t measure up he shows that same picture again and the belt disappears with these shots of a tiny little Roddy down below and undisputed era is clearly heated at this moment crowd was going crazy over the visual of Roddy with his non-existent private parts undisputed el era is yelling at velvetine on the ramp and outcomes at the same time they’re also heated about what Velveteen dream just did Tommaso Champa comes out and he starts dragging a crutch that is very camouflage esque it was wrapped in camouflage the same as his pants he drags the crutch to the rain and on this Peter era roll out of there they don’t want nothing to do with Champa he gets in the ring with a steel chair and sits there so Champa shows up a ringside audience is losing their minds everybody loves Champa Champa has the chair and a crutch he sits in the middle of the Ring he grabs a microphone sits in the chair he says Goldie he doesn’t even mention Adam Cole this is Goldie daddy’s home everybody went crazy everybody went crazy daddy’s home chants start and Full Sail University this was awesome this was very very good Dakota Kai versus Bianca bel-air this is another one of those things that I enjoyed watching I just didn’t get the ending III didn’t get why this match was even booked the coda car has been built up in her return as somebody that’s overcoming injury and it looked like WWE was about to skyrocket her into the NXT Women’s Division and here they are putting her against Bianca bel-air another woman who can’t really lose and Bianca biller wins in ten minutes so this was awesome I love the back and forth between these two bel-air wins with the kod and that was pretty much it Bella slapped Kai powerbomb reversed into a rollup crucifix by Kai for two big kick by Kai at the end punch by Blair back and forth the punches and kicks Bella eventually was with the kod and that was pretty much it ten minutes Bianca bel-air wins Bella gets on the microphone she says Roy Ripley thinks she’s the one to beat Shayna Baszler no Baylor says that if someone wants a piece of Shanna they have to go through the EST first I don’t I didn’t get why this match was even made Bianca yes needs to be built up strong and they squandered her momentum months ago they started putting her in a situation where she’s nothing to win and get wins and wins but Dakota Kai losing already after being back just two weeks it doesn’t make any sense to me so Bel Air and Raya Ripley are the two women right now outside of EO outside of EO that are going to be in line for Shanna baesler’s women’s championship so we’ll see what happens with that same thing with Dominic dr. kovac yatta segment just like Keithley did he said that he’s ready for Keithley next week again that is the main event of NXT next week we’re to Finn Balor’s segments they started showing his history on the main roster being drafted to Monday Night Raw in 2016 then his universal championship match at SummerSlam over Seth Rollins and they showed his return to full sail with him saying that he’s home he’s finally back home in NXT it was a great moment we’ll see what happens with Finn Balor Kushi de Kishida and Walter in the main event this one was very Walter and Tyler bate esque I love the big man vs. small man I love kishida and his style Walter is one of my favorites in all of Russell man the psychology that Walter emits in that ring is just so beautiful it really is just a great thing to say this was awesome Walter was throwing his weight around Walter was throwing his size around this was all about kishida coming back from behind Kushina goes high hits a big tomahawk chop and a leapfrog baseman drop kick Walter bails to the apron he gets out of Dodge Walter attempts to tie up Kushida cushy doe reverses and goes for a sunset bomb to the floor but Walter hangs on and stomp screw schita down now they’re on the apron going back and forth exchanging chops Walter charges into the ringpost Kushida moved out of the way Kushina DDT’s Walter from the apron to the floor big chance of NXT at this part Walter goes for the hoverboard lock but Walter can’t but he can’t get Walters to the mat Walter reverses it into a sleeper and his sleeper looked absolutely devastating seriously he smothered cushy de in the sleep so he he gets the sleeper Walter reverses it into a sleeper Kushina is fading fast he reaches the ropes we had the O’Connor roll by cushy T he gets a two-count sleeper by Walter reversed into a cross armbreaker Walter locked the wrists so cushy didn’t get the hold apply Walter leans forward into a pinning combination for two small package by Kushina also gets it to hook kick by Kishida Walter hits a big boot and a German to separate both he and Kishida followed up by a half nelson pump handle slam for a two-count Walter goes up top and I love the fact that Nigel brought us back to take over when he beat Pete Dunn for the for the UK championship he beats Pete Dunn with a top rope splash and that’s exactly what Walter said McGuinness was going for he goes up top looking for that big frog splash crucita rushes to his feet kicks him down Kushina goes up there with Walter there battling it out on the top rope he gets a hover board lock at the top flips Walter off the top rope in the hoverboard lock and they land on the mat everybody’s going crazy Walter rolled around finally reached the rope and about 15 minutes in we got a damn near convincing end to this match but Walter was still alive Kishida dropkick Walter chops by Walter kicks by Kishida Kishida went for the hoverboard lock again but Walter hit a fucking shotgun dropkick he hit a shotgun missile dropkick a powerbomb and he kicked out Khushi des kicked out of all that so Walter was like you know what I’m gonna end this motherfucker he picked Kishida up and he hit a ripcord lariat for the win and that was it 17 minutes Walter defeats the undefeated Kishida and if there was one man that Kishida was going to lose to they got that loss out of that they got it erased there’s no better man to lose to than Walter because it was done in convincing fashion instead of them going in against somebody that isn’t as good as Kishida and having it be a fluke Kushina looks wrong and Walter can’t really beat him he’s the UK champion right look at the size of this man look at the ring general why would anybody be down in the dumps after losing to Walter this was a great match this was a great situation to get that that loss on cushy dis record there’s no better way to do it I would rather them do it legit like this and have him fucking come back and come back and come back and give them a fighting chance then lose in a fluke like fashion to somebody that doesn’t deserve it Walter deserves it it was legit it looked good and that’s all I could say about that Walter wins at 17 minutes he defeats the undefeated Ishida next week we got the rubber match they’re calling it they’re billing it as the rubber match taja Kovac versus Keith Lee as well as Damien priest versus Pete Dunn and they announced angel Garza versus Tommaso Champa there was a little situation here after the Goldi comment golde daddy’s home they showed Tommaso Champa at the end of that segment with Kathy Kelly angel Garza was about to be interviewed by Kathy Kelly and then she seemed Tommaso Champa walking down the hallway she asks them about what had just happened in the ring and then angel Garza was speaking in Spanish and he mentioned something about Tommaso champion Spanish and Cher poor fucking forearmed him in the face he dropped like a sack of potatoes Kathy Kelly their ex Tommaso Champa Tommaso what did exactly what what exactly did angel Garza say to you in Spanish I have no idea and he walks away I thought it was awesome so that led to a match so now we got angel Garza versus Tommaso Champa in a match next week that should be a great match can’t wait to see what those two guys do and that’s the first time it’s a monster Champa is in the ring since before WrestleMania so it’s gonna be very interesting to see how he shakes off that ring rust so we’ll see what happens there Velveteen Dream and Roderick Strong was announced in the North America Championship but that’s not happening next week that’s happening the week after so we got that to look forward to as well and the show went off the air with Imperium and Walter holding up the UK championship really good show it wasn’t better than 80 W and NXT I do I really do feel like they kind of didn’t even bother with the ratings like they kind of I don’t want to say forfeited but they kind of succumbed to the pressure and they just went about doing business as usual which I hope that they do but if you’re gonna go about doing business get back to what NXT did best telling stories that’s what they need to do worry less about what they’re doing over there and worry about stories don’t put matches together say of filling two hours and just putting on great matches to compete give me stories I’m not saying everyone has to be a story but give me some substance we’re one week away from war games and we don’t have any iota of an idea what’s happening a month from now at Tegel so that’s all I am really concerned with other than that a really great show for NXT but I enjoyed this week dynamite more guys I’m getting out of here thank you guys so very much for all of your supports and I will see you right back here for more contents tomorrow tomorrow we got some gaming content coming up in the morning and then Smackdown live the drag is starting tomorrow let’s see how WWE fucks this one up gonna be very interesting thank you guys so much if that comes up hit that subscribe button down below and I will see you right back here tomorrow with more content and wrath starting on Smackdown watch see them

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