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[Music] welcome wrestling fans to episode 2 of grapple gear thank you for joining me I appreciate you guys signing on please like please share please subscribe this video enjoy the page thank you for being part of this wrestling movement so just to touch base with you this is episode 2 we are going to talk a lot about wrestling a lot about memorabilia a lot about action figures so bear with us and we’re going to get right to the action so we did take a trip over to DC and see the inaugural episode of all elite wrestling hope you’ll be watching mine right in the metro ride the rails all down to the District of Columbia and I hope to see you over there my poster its [Music] [Applause] thank you so much for coming here and being a part of this revolution this was a near-perfect night as no effect there’s only one thing that stopped it for being perfect and that one [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] great night and I gotta say hump day just got a whole Hill [Applause] from the bottom of our hearts thank you for being a part of this from day one to right now because tonight each and every one of us made history [Applause] children your friends and neighbors on the first channel I was there something graduations follow you [Music] and if you say it with me it’ll make my day boredom switch this up a little bit however the count of three we have loud and proud – aw was a lot of fun I definitely very excited to go and see full gear in Baltimore but we took our trip to DC and I want to show you some of the goodies that we picked up when we were there I was going to talk a little bit about our dark matches that happened but if you have not already heard aew dark will be airing tuesdays on youtube and they will have all the dark matches that they filmed in DC and all the dark matches coming forward for their future tapings are going to be aired on aew dark tuesdays so starting off with this year guy I picked up a knapsack backpack guy has two pockets on the sides and has a zipper in the front drawstring on the top IEW emblazoned across the front and two nice stripes are along the sides very nice bag seems to be pretty sturdy strings are a little bit more heavy-duty than some of the other drawstring bags that I’ve had in the pants so hopefully this one holds up nice peace stuff I also picked up the aew flag all elite wrestling boom and if you take a look up here in the corner you’ll see the all elite Fleet banner the all elite fleet is a EWS official fan fan service that they’re going to send out emails and keep the fans up to date on all the aew happenings so that’s a really cool feature that they have there they gave out tons of free stickers which I picked up a ton of those so I might be sending some of those out to some of you guys with your future purchases all elite wrestling stickers I also picked up 180 W sticker which is just their logo that one was actually five dollars and I got some of the young bucks money which falls from the ceiling I was on the side of the arena the security was nice enough to pick up some money and pass it out to us so I was I was happy about that and this is the aew bag that they give out this is their shopping bag the whole elite wrestling shopping bag so it’s a nice little collector’s item in its own right I also picked up two t-shirts while I was there first off being the official t-shirt of the night this is the worst town DC edition which if you’ve ever been to DC is the worst town also I got that emblazoned with the all elite fleet I also picked up a sweatshirt which I don’t have with me currently what is available on the AAW website I’m sure some of you guys have seen that already I picked that up also emblazoned that with the only fleet logo and the Cody Rhodes t-shirt which if you guys have not seen this yet is pretty freaking cool the skull logo the new King and I got the black aew logo blazoned on there and so essentially you had three options for the elite fleet and you could get those printed anywhere you want it on your t-shirts you just had to specify where you wanted them and they would then print those on there free of charge you just have to sign up for their email service so a really cool feature there last thing I purchased while I was at AE W was this aew pin by Pro Wrestling T’s as well and that is available on their website so lots of cool stuff from aew all elite wrestling looking forward to their next show on Wednesday and like I said aw Darkstar Tuesday’s going forward WWE had a very momentous weekend as well Cain Velasquez showing up from UFC attacking the newly crowned champion Brock Lesnar who had just won his his title in under 10 seconds I believe it was a lot of people not too happy about that we had Matt riddle squaring off against the champion and of NXT Adam Cole and that went up alongside of the Sami guevara and Cody Rhodes match a lot of people saying NXT had the better matches of the evening with aew getting the higher ratings on Wednesday night so we’ll see what the ratings war goes looks like going forward as we know we are at war IEW versus NXT every Wednesday and so far if the first night is any indication it’s gonna be Heat along with going to aew I stopped up at the MCW arena of course Maryland Championship Wrestling in Joppa Maryland and I met a few legends this weekend one being Tito Santana JSA was also on hand certifying your meet and greets which was a great feature something that doesn’t happen often in the meet-and-greet world I also met the great d’von Dudley o testify and so I got that ECW figure autographed as well very happy about both of those items on Sunday I had a toy convention at which I was able to pick up a couple great legends from the Jax line giant Gonzales and big this and I also found the original San Francisco Torre makers Tajiri from the ECW line so happy to add those into the old pile Macho Man Randy Savage championship collection this is by hero collectors and Eagle Moss comes with a magazine and the statue figure as seen here I had a package arrive today as well from high spots calm so we’re gonna pop on in there and take a look at what we have here it’s a bit of a mystery box we have a certificate of authenticity that goes along with this here autographed book of leash champion Chris Jericho the AAW heavyweight champion so let’s take a look at this autograph here there we have it Chris Jericho autograph copy of his book no is a four-letter word and it also comes with this certificate of authenticity from high spots com certifying that this was signed at their convention in vana / Falls New York on August 8 2017 so glad to add let champion to my autograph book collection and let’s see what else we got in here there’s a couple of items here laying around they sent us a couple advertisements and a card of the Patriot and Jen Buff Bagwell because because they hate me I guess all right so we got a TNA 10-year anniversary bag and inside the bag first off we got a bobby fish ring of honor figure Bobby fish of course part of the undisputed era now but back in his ROH days was part of red dragon which you see that on his t-shirt along with Kyle O’Reilly who he’s still a teammate with we also got I’m sweet and autograph from Lomita from the battle of Los Angeles so that’s pretty cool flemm eita autograph 8 by 10 I chose the rising stars autograph you can choose to either between the legends the Rising Stars or divas I went with the rising stars let’s see what else we got here um got a cap here there’s nothing on it just a plain clean clean hey that’s kind of a ripoff I think I’m not happy about that it’s pretty let’s see got a t-shirt Impact Wrestling I have no idea is t-shirt this is see get a pin tournament of death 17 to falls to a finish 60 years of British professional wrestling that’s a pretty cool DVD there in 1988 I TV supports chairman Greg Dyke axed British professional wrestling the loss of the national television exposure after 33 years would change the business forever so this is pretty crazy looking forward to watching that guy to Falls to a finish a figure four films documentary nice we got ROH reloaded from 2016 reloaded tour from Lockport New York main event Jay Lethal vs. Adam Cole Adam Cole as the ROH World Heavyweight Champion and finally opened the ultimate gate 2013 which is main event main evented by Johnny wrestling Johnny Gargano versus Shingo so very cool cool additions there so you might think that’s all we have for you this week but it’s not I have something that is hopefully going to blow the minds and hearts of just about Asian every one of my viewers today this came to me from Canada via eBay and we’re just gonna waste no more time and pop on in there this was one of the most expensive figures I have and hopefully we’ll ever purchase oh wow oh wow it’s it’s I think it’s worth it ladies and gentlemen we have Abdullah the butcher’s character Pro black pants variant in package very very rare very expensive figure definitely the best likeness of Abdullah the Butcher that there possibly is it is on card the card is not coming off I don’t think I’m gonna open it today but I’ve been debating whether or not I was gonna open it since I ordered it and the debate has not ceased so we may or may not let this guy breathe let us know in the comments what you think should we let him breathe should we open up Abdullah the Butcher he was not cheap but I think he belongs in the case so you guys let me know where do we go with Abdullah open or closed let him breathe or let him rest so there we have it guys I think that’s gonna do it for week number two I appreciate you guys stopping by thank you for watching grapple gear and I look forward to the future gonna have a lot of cool things coming forward hopefully gonna have some special guests coming in the next couple weeks so keep an eye out and thank you for watching [Music]

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