Goldberg Interview – WWE Smackdown 20th Anniversary Blue Carpet

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the electricity is running high here at the Staples Center as WWE kicks off their blue carpet in honor of the 20th anniversary of smackdown and their debut on Fox trust me the pleasure is mine Goldberg I got to know what is it like being back here at WWE how long do you have because I mean it’s it’s really it’s really a cool experience on so many levels I was with the competing product for so long that’s all I knew I never thought I’d be at the WWE I get here I’m here for a year it was not the most wonderful experience of my life I retire I get married I have a son that changes completely 180 degrees and now I stand here the day when the two powerhouses come together and I’m honored and privileged I really am I’ve accomplished so many things that I never thought that I would have accomplished and just to be a part of it is just awesome it’s a monumental occasion and with your background in sports did you ever think that you would see the world of wrestling and sports sports and entertainment mixed together with Fox well there’s no question I did and I thought it would happen a long time ago but not many people really know the relationship that professional sports professional athletes have with the wrestling world know that you don’t really know it they are absolutely fanatical about what we do and I was there and I get it because they can live vicariously through us and we can do anything we want we can assume different characters we can go in this direction be a good guy a bad guy do you think that anybody a Joe Montana okay Joe Mande ting myself Joe Montana was one of the most squeaky-clean players in the world the quarterback of the San Francisco 49er would love for five minutes to step out of that and just punch somebody in the head and get away with it and not be throwing it everyone loves to live vicariously through us because there were an extension of their personality we can be not many people professionally can do that we are the luckiest people in the world because we can speaking of lucky and speaking of fanatical you had you’ve had one of the best entrances ever you know when you talk about electricity and really feeling the fans you’re the man that has felt it you know what is the secret of what to sort of engaging and connecting like that with an audience Hulk Hogan taught me 100 years ago it’s not about how much you do it’s about the quality of what you do it’s not about punching a guy 50 times it’s about punched him correctly one time make everything count less is more Hulk didn’t have a repertoire of moves that he that he called upon to beat people day after day nor did I I did but you use what you need why not simplify it so the shortest distance between two points is a straight line you know my last question to you is who right now in WWE that you haven’t faced would you like to face God who wouldn’t I like to face as I haven’t faced I mean you know Roman and and brawn or two guys and I would like to test their mettle a little bit Georgia of gents Georgia Tech you know it’s kind of a built-in rivalry but I’m good I’m good whoever they throw in front of me I’ll decimate you know it’s all good well thank you so much cooler for talking to me today I’m gonna let you go enjoy the rest of your night thank you should everybody don’t forget to give this video a like subscribe to the channel for more and until next time I’m Denise L Sato you

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