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hey there everyone captain beers here bring you another dere’s v video let’s get it [Music] alright guys so before we get into today’s topic I just want to go over something super quick cuz it’s kind of popped up on my radar just now which I know they posted those two hours ago and I’m a little bit late to the party but they are giving us the wonderful and amazing curb stomp that’s how it looks I know some people are upset they want the old-school curb stomp back and I see reasons why I mean it was pretty cool you’ve kind of kicked them over and then you stomped her head in and stuff for which I think it’s cool but this one is still cool now the one thing I took from this right is not the curb stomp being super cool because I do think it’s super cool it’s what the title says the curve stop is back and coming to your collection free with next week’s gears 5 title update so I was correct guys we are getting the title update next week so there’s gonna be a bigger update which just should have a lot of stuff hopefully a new character fingers crossed guys hopefully we get a new character on top of that yeah we’re getting this for free so if if I’m correct maybe it’s gonna be scrapped because remember you get scrapping this game just by playing and stuff like that and you’ll eventually get it up but I think it would be cool if they just gave the entire community this this curb-stomped for free just completely to everyone I think that would be amazing by the coalition and I honestly think that would be the proper and the right move to do because the curb stomp was absolutely free in the previous gears and I don’t know I don’t see why they should even charge a cent or even a even on a one scrap shouldn’t even be charged to get this I think it should be completely free so hopefully it is but that’s all I want to go over for that so looks cool I can’t wait to try it and see it in-game and use it and of course I’m always gonna be bringing you guys that contact and of course when the title update does come out make sure you are subscribed to this channel because you know your boys gonna be covering that fast now let’s get into today’s topic today’s video which is gonna be my settings all right so yesterday I released some gameplay and some of you guys were asking me questions and stuff like that first thing I’m going to go over is my sensitivity which is from my mouse the mouse I’m using is the glorious model oh yeah so not this little tiny one the normal model oh and I use this sensitivity my dpi is a thousand two hundred so I’m using a 1200 dpi this is my looks sensitivity six aim sensitivity five zooms to 75 so obviously if you are playing with a lower dpi you’re gonna have bigger numbers if you’re playing with a higher dpi you’re gonna have even smaller numbers this is the sweet spot for me and I absolutely love it the way it is I do not mess with this at all and this is just like the setting that I’ve just gone into now I am probably gonna do a video in the future going over some sensitivity training and just getting it to the point where you could do what I was doing yesterday which is being able to lock-on spin onto targets super fast and just boom shoot them obviously sometimes shots don’t count but it happens the game is still in fresh and new so you got to forgive them for some of that stuff that’s my game settings here I’m not really gonna go over that because there’s really nothing in here to really go over I do have kill cams on because sometimes I would like to see especially when I’m sniping and stuff like that I like to see where others are sniping me from because sometimes people find some sick head glitches or I’m sick little spots that I didn’t know I should try to snipe from so that’s why I keep kill cams on so it’s not really to watch other people kill me with shotguns it’s more like to watch how snipers are getting their head shots on me and then of course let’s go over my video settings cuz this is where something you guys want to see so obviously I’m using a two monitor setup I got a window resolution at a hundred percent I do not recommend going higher than that because that does have a very big effect on your PC and don’t go lower than that because on your game’s gonna look hideous vertical sync I have off my minimum frame rate is none but my maximum frame rate is 120 now I can easily put this up to as high as I want I could put it unlimited and I’ll get about 160 to 200 FPS now the only reason why I don’t do that is because OBS is very stupid and Sony Vegas is stupid when it comes to things above that 120fps threshold I know OBS such tripping out when you go above that 120 so that’s why I don’t do that a cinematic bla bla bla my field of view is 100 and I have show stats on my fps so that way I can always see my fps on the right there and it stays stable at 120 ultra textures I did not download because I don’t see a point in downloading it especially because I do not want to stress out my own computer that much and as you can see at the bottom there you see huh let me cover over it right here you’ll see at the bottom I have a GeForce GTX 970 8 gigabytes of vram and then I’m using 16 gigabytes of RAM and I saw him an SSD so that’s pretty much why I’m not using ultra textures to no character texture detail this is all preference what I’m gonna go over here so it’s not something I would say oh yeah these are the absolute best settings ever and you’re gonna get max FPS no these are just my settings what I use what I’m comfortable with and I’m not gonna touch at all obviously if you have a much stronger graphics card like if I had a much stronger graphics card I probably put some of this stuff to Ultra but at the current moment this is what I’m dealing with so character texture detail on hi world texture detail medium effects texture detail on high I think the world character texture and effects the texture is very important to me I like my character to look as pristine as possible and the effects I really like to look at its pristine too because I like to see all that gore and all that cool stuff you know cone step mapping hi and it tells you guys at the bottom too if you go over to settings and you don’t know what it is it tells you right here at the bottom what they do right texture streaming medium and texture filtering four times character level of detail hi world level detail high and foliage level of detail high animation quality Auto dynamic shadow quality medium capsule shadow quality medium ambient occlusion quality medium and then ambient intensity I have it on a – excuse me so environmental settings tessellation quality medium fog quality medium screen space reflections off or refractions on particle spawn rate at its bloom style standard bloom quality high lens flare quality high light chef quality high def of field medium now so one thing about the bloom I am gonna say four bloom you can have this off you can you can definitely have this off it might make your game look a little bit different it might have a better performance it might have a lower performance um me I found my sweet spot to have it actually on high I’ve tried it on a lower setting and for some reason it messes actually with my fps and stuff like that it messes with how my game always done I don’t like that so I keep it on high most other games I play I always turn the blooms off and I always usually turn lens flare off but for this game for some reason this is the sweet spot for me depth of field medium I don’t think that’s too important subsurface scattering I have on I know a lot of people turn this off and the reason why people turn this off I guess cuz um it just helps with the FPS a little bit I think you should have it on because it makes your character select better and like it makes some things look a little bit better too so motion blur I have that set to OFF now do not have motion blur on if you have any kind of motion sickness if you have motion blur on and you have any kind of motion sickness there’s a third person game it kind of has a little bit of a different effect on you and between all the movement there rolling out the wall balancing and stuff like that this is not gonna help you now even if you don’t have motion sickness like I don’t have motion sickness I still have this off because it is very destructive very disruptive trust me on this when I had this on as soon as I stood up gears v the very first day the very first five minutes the very first thing I did was go into settings I went into video and I turn motion blur off because just doing a simple rollout with this on just it makes me sick just looking at it yeah I just like I don’t want anything to be blurred I want to be able to if I’m turning my screen super fast so you guys say oh how do you lock onto people and stuff like that this is part of it too you have to have this off because if you spin super fast across the screen you whip your mouse just like this or whip your controller just like this across the screen and you have motion blur on that’s gonna affect your aim you’re not gonna be able to lock onto that pony so definitely def we definitely have this off motion blur intensity obviously that sets at 1 because motion blur is off sharpening I have 105 and then of course Advanced Settings GPU is set to auto tile resource set to on async compute is set to often diagnostic mode is set to OFF these are all things you can affect and whatever is in here guys just take a look at it so if you’re questioning okay what does world level detail do look at the bottom here adjust the complexity of the world based on distance from the player lower in settings will cause more pop up pop in to occur so you can obviously read things and a tune it to yourself these are my settings and obviously for audio I got a 5 5 5 4 10 10 10 to 10 now for master volume that’s the one I mainly control music I usually shut off because I usually play my own music while I’m playing but yeah I always mess with the master volume I don’t mess with anything else this game is super loud so that’s why I messed with a master volume and then push-to-talk and all that other stuff for my key bindings if you guys want to know that this is pretty much my key bindings right here this is the most important area my roadie run in my evade is set to shift so that’s my roll out in my run shuts a shift my take cover and mantle shut to spacebar so that way it’s just like other video games where in other video games take for example apex legends if your shift if you’re going to sprint you hold shift and you’ll sprint so just like deer in Gears now if I want to sprint I hold shift and I’ll go into my roadie run if I want to evade rollout and stuff like that same shift take cover mantle that’s just simply for wall bouncing and stuff like that this is very hard to get used to but once you do you’re going to love yourself trust me Crouch is set to left control which is actually one of my mouse bones but I actually press the left ctrl button so I never really actually use my mouse button for that and then walk is V you got your shooting buttons and stuff like that and these are my key binds for my combat area so of course mounts by one reload blah I’ll pick up weapon and my shotgun and weapons and all that other stuff so I got weapon one slot Z to slot X and what and pistols see and then grenade for I just got used to over just muscle memory and knots this is like second nature for me every video game I play I always have my weapons on v.i.c and for every single video game I play it’s super weird I know but it’s just how I am TAC comm is obviously you see it’s f2 it’s actually one of my mouse buttons so and then ultimate ability and all that other stuff here grab is V because it’s just simple right and I don’t have a point of interest set but this is pretty much it push-to-talk as f1 which is one of my mouse buttons and that’s pretty much it guys so I hope that helps you and I think the most important thing out this is probably the game settings and then my mouse settings remember a thousand two hundred dpi and these are my mouse settings hopefully that helps you also look since 36 insensitivity 5 zoom sensitivity 5 I’m looking forward to what’s to come for title update next week and as soon as I get any news on it guys I will be bringing that to the channel ASAP so do not forget to subscribe to the channel ring that bell to get those notifications guys and thank you guys for all the wonderful support on my channel better than that guys has always hurry up gets shit done peace out

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