FULL WWE Smackdown & Raw Draft (2019) Pick Results! SHOCK PICKS!

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what is going on guys it is wrestle a mia here back with another video and the WWE Draft is here as the company prepares to shake up its roster once again joining us now is wrestling Mia looks at part 1 of the WWE draft letting you know who’s going where and what it could mean for their career if you’re looking for the rules to the draft check out a recent news video from earlier on [Music] less waste no further time and get straight into the wrestlers that were drafted to raw the first drafts were all Women’s Champion Becky Lynch Becky Lynch is staying on Raw which comes as a surprise to many including ourselves as Lynch was heavily featured in advertisements for smackdowns moved to Fox is this a reflection that Lynch is in the major star the WWE has been pushing her as or is she such a big star that his felt raw could use her presence to offset some of the red brand’s departures to SmackDown either way expect to see the man in whatever major programs the women’s division has to offer with fans hoping one will be a rematch against Ronda Rousey rumor has it the WWE is also mulling over a rematch between Oscar and Lynch which could be a sensational series if the WWE rebuilds Oscars reputation as a dominant star however she’s currently one-half of the women’s tag team champions so it’s probably unlikely that this program will happen just yet hopefully it’ll happen when they dropped the belts the second draft her role was the OC the OC are another example of three stars who have been built up on Raw enough that moving them to SmackDown would kill some of their momentum and in all fairness probably finding these three talented stars overshadowed by Smackdown star power and limited time Carl Anderson and Luke Gallows have a lot to offer besides being AJ Styles henchmen and if the WWE is smart they’ll keep them in the OC but expand their role as for AJ Styles his dominant rayna’s United States Champion is the perfect role for him and a good way of rebuilding this secondary title the next draft pick was McIntire as the Scottish psychopaths absence due to surgery should be over soon and McIntyre could benefit from the departure of top heels such as the fiend who was next on the draft well none other than the apex predator Randy Orton now we did call this one as Orton has accomplished everything he could on the blue brand and his presence on Raw creates new matchups although the Viper has several years left in his career the WWE should start using him to put over younger stars one match we definitely love to see between the two is one that involves the next draft pick which is ricochet ricochet staying on Raw is somewhat surprising sadly he seems to have gone as far as he could after his brief remember if Paul Heyman chooses to give him another push his recent losses won’t be remembered for long however if ricochet fails to get a sustained push the WWE could have another instance of a talented wrestler killed by poor booking if ricochet isn’t used well on Raw the WWE should consider moving him to NXT just like they did with Finn Balor but I should be only done in the most extreme of circumstances he still has a lot to prove another big pick was Bobby Lashley as Bobby Lashley could have easily gone to SmackDown I want many people on the raw roster Lashley seems to have more opportunities to get over add in his recent storyline with Lana and he could be a big part of the red brand so WWE would be insane to move rusev to Smackdown what looks to be a promising feud as several commentators have pointed out Ashlee’s mic skills have improved and the program with Lana has rejuvenated his act just look at how far Bubba Lashley has come bring me my title now next up former women’s tag team champions Alexa bliss and Nicki Cross or the next draft pick now oddly they didn’t put them together in the draft pig ass Alexa bliss was in round 2 and Nicki Cross was in round 3 but the former women’s tag team champions are too good a duo to split up especially with the prospect of them battling the Kabuki warriors to regain the titles as well as the inevitable split and subsequent view between the two the WWE made the right choice keeping Little Miss bliss and her coffee-drinking Chun together next up a huge move as Kevin Owens has been drafted to raw Kevin Owens’s face 10 and summertime feud with Shane McMahon really got Owens over as a main eventer now that he’s on Raw his future is brighter than it could have been on the blue brand Smackdown may be the new a show a raw is the new land of opportunity with three hours to work and Paul Heyman guiding the creative process also drafted was Natalya as Natalya is the seasoned performer who adds something to wherever she works while Natalya will never be a permanent fixture in the main event she is a utility performer who can make anyone look good and serve as a viable contender for any match also drafted to raw was the Viking raiders on one hand it could have been argued that the WWE has spent so much time promoting the Viking raiders that it would be foolish to move them to SmackDown the reality is that despite being on Raw for several months Eric and Ivar have been doing a whole lot of nothing up until recently now that they’re locked into raw we can only hope they’ll get something more substantial to do either continuing their program with the OSI or winning the raw tag team titles and the last pick of Raw of night one was the street profits it looks like the WWE’s resident backstage hype men are finally moving up to the main roster to compete in the ring at least that’s the impression you’d get from their draft announcement while it’s possible for the WWE to continue using Dawkins and Ford as roars Greek chorus it would be a shame denying the fans a chance to see this talented team work in the ring those were all the draft picks for all four night one what about the draft picks for Smackdown the first picks all Roman reigns now Roman reigns his continued presence on Smackdown shows that Fox is confident with him as a popular star and that the WWE feels reigns has adjusted into his current role and of a top babyface who typically does not chase after titles and is better suited for working feuds against assorted heels if the WWE Universe is new appreciation for reigns after years of disdain continues the blue brand will have a reliable go to Big Dawg and top dog next up a huge pig as Bray Wyatt moves to smackdown rumor has it Fox was very interested in having wire on the blue brand and they got him another sign that the WWE may be catering to Fox to the detriment of the USA Network that’s not to say that Raw has become a glorified version of NXT but it will be fascinating to compare Raw and SmackDown once the draft is finalized as for White’s role on Smackdown he’s gonna be a cornerstone of the blue brand with the biggest question being who his next feud will be against again another huge move Hisashi Banks was the next draft pick it looks like the boss is definitely finished with her feud against the man Becky Lynch but there should be no shortage of good opponents for banks to face on Smackdown and she will provide a stronger Hill presence than the company had with Baily however in the light of Bayley regaining the SmackDown Women’s Championship and banks his current back injury it may be some time before the boss can work in the ring the next draft picked braun strowman with any luck strohman moved her smackdown will position him into a bigger role than the brawler the weak who destroys opponents and never seems to go anywhere with his career regrettably that doesn’t seem to be the plan at least for the near future strohman upcoming match against boxing champion Tyson Fury is an example of how the monster among men is more a sideshow attraction than a featured player with Brock Lesnar battling Cain Velasquez it’s unlikely we’ll see strowman in the WWE title picture soon the next draft pick though is Lacey Evans reportedly the WWE had wrestling’s sassy southern belle feud with Natalya in order to hone her in-ring skills an area she certainly needs help in Evans is charismatic and has a great character but in ring abilities also needed for a female superstar to reach the pinnacle of success in Evans’s case she’s on the fast track to success and it shouldn’t be long before she’s a main player in the blue brands women’s division another pick for Smackdown was the revival now this pick was a no brainer as the revival are a strong tag team and have quickly become entrenched on Smackdown not to mention them being the Smackdown tag team champions once the various teams settle into place on Raw and SmackDown we’ll have a better picture which teams the revival should be facing the next draft pick though will de lucha house party of kalisto grand metallic and lincei dorado this election was something of a surprise as the lucha house party haven’t been doing anything on Raw other than putting talent over and typically not in a memorable way whether the WWE sees a change of scenery is helpful for this talented but misused trio or Fox has a plan for them there on Smackdown unlike any individual or team that’s moved they have a fresh start what’s almost as interesting as the draft is a list of undrafted superstars who now become free agents eligible to sign wherever they want here are the free agents from SmackDown Cesaro umberto Korea Akira Tazawa Sin Cara Eric Young ec3 Chad Gable Heath Slater drew gulick the B team and Tamina but there you have it guys the results for smackdowns portion of the WWE draft what did you think of these moves be sure to leave your comments down below subscribe if you haven’t already follow us on Instagram and Twitter I’ll see you next time with some more wrestling content

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