FULL MATCH – Bobby Lashley vs. Booker T – King of the Ring Final: Judgment Day 2006

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>>And Lashley is not gonna take any of it. And that is a way to
kick off the match-up.>>Lashley just dropped Booker T. Booker T’s not a little man. Referee is already trying
to make peace and control. We’re just getting started.>>Booker T, one of the most decorated
champions in the history of sports entertainment, can now add
King of the Ring to his list. Lashley, the Amateur Star,
National Champion, Member of the Army, claims Booker T overlooking him
wants to make a point here tonight. And there’s the straight to Lashley.>>Well, Lashley’s made a point,
no doubt about that recently. But he could make a gigantic point
here tonight, Lashley that is, if he gets the win.>>Keep it back.>>Booker T is [INAUDIBLE].>>Lashley, man, he looks ready to go.>>Booker T, Lashley,
feeling each other out. Final matchup in the King
of the Ring tournament. [INAUDIBLE] Tie up last week, there’s
Booker, backing Lashley into the corner.>>[SOUND]
>>You still sticking with Booker T as your pick to win this tournament?>>Lashley with a right. And listen,
there’s no doubt about it that Booker->>Wow, explosive.>>There’s no doubt about that,
Booker’s got the experience on his side. [SOUND] Suplex quickly into the cover.>>Hooks the leg.>>One, two.
>>Shoulders down, kick out at two.>>But Lashley’s got that youth on his
side, that explosiveness on his side. And on [SOUND]
>>My God.>>On fire, man. Lashley’s on fire.>>Again, a cover hooks the leg.>>One, two.>>We’re gonna kick out by Booker. Lashley’s going for puppies, quick. Letting Booker know I wanna win this
thing right now, not wasting time.>>Lashley said it’s his
dream to be King of the Ring.>>Torque in the arm, the shoulder,
work on the shoulder of. Take a look at the clothes,
watch this impact.>>Man, [INAUDIBLE] wow. Got that [INAUDIBLE] Lashley
does with that amateur back.>>Want to trade holds with Lesnar.>>These SmackDown superstars have come
to play at judgement day haven’t they?>>Yeah but they’re not playing. I get your point, they’re not playing. Booker T with a shot. You know it’s ironic.>>Woah woah watch.>>Booker going for a suplex,
Lashley trying to block.>>Well we haven’t seen Booker without,
standing switch.>>Ow.>>Go behind right there that
standing switch watch out.>>Cover, hook of the leg. With a authority kick out at two.>>You know it’s ironic this tournament
will end with these two in the ring. Remember how it started. And there’s a thumb in the eye by Booker. When General Manager Dieter Long
said Booker T came out to the ring. Remember, it was just flaunting and saying
he was gonna be the King of the Ring. They were gonna have a celebration for
him. And then Lashley came
from out of nowhere and speared Booker in the middle of the ring. That’s how this tournament started,
and this is how it’s ending. That was then, this is now.>>[NOISE]
>>Booker T now using his veteran instincts. Controlling the younger Lashley, man. It didn’t even affect Lashley,
exploded out of that corner.>>Lashley’s stalking his man.>>Double leg, man,
what’s gonna do with him?>>Pop him in the corner.>>[NOISE]
>>Lashley, he’s so impressive. Watch out.>>But there’s the feather. The feathered Booker T moving out of
the way, Lashley a bit overzealous. He went shoulder first into the post. I would say inexperience but
that’s not the case. I think Booker,
you gotta give him credit there. He got out of the way quick. Lashley’s a very fast competitor. But Booker just outsmarted him.>>This is where Booker T is so dangerous. He now has the upper hand in the match. Booker T will pull out all the stops.>>[INAUDIBLE]
we’ve already seen one count out tonight. Referee [INAUDIBLE] at five.>>He’s looking for a count out here
>>Six.>>He’d win the tournament?>>I don’t know but
I don’t think Booker T cares how he wins. Right hands, I should say right feet.>>Yeah sure. Hands, feet elbows. Well, Booker them all hands and
feet in order to pick up a win. Sharmell likes what she sees. Her husband.>>She likes what she sees.>>You’ve got five seconds to break that thing I mean the hold.>>Lashley feeling the effects
of that steel post.>>Well when Booker T knows he’s got. Book, Book’s methodical he knows got Is the great flexibility of
the former five time WCW champion.>>Once Booker get’s control
he’s going to keep it.>>Hooking into the cover. Holding on to the leg. Kick out at the two by Lashley. The winner of this match
up will join a select few who can call themselves King of the Ring. See Booker, he’s the veteran. Right back to [INAUDIBLE] to the dance. Right back to that, on that limb. That’s the body [INAUDIBLE] been
working on and dissected, and he sticks to that game plan.>>Some of the men who’ve won
this tournament over the years, Triple H, Red Heart,
Stone Cold Steve Austin, Kurt Angle, Edge>>This tournament can make it, this king of the ring tournament can
make those names we just named household names in this great industry. Booker T continues to
pressure on the left arm. Lashley back to his feet.>>Listen if you could take out
the arm you can take the dominator out of Lashley’s arseno
>>[CROSSTALK]>>Right to the crotch.>>Booker T, Here we go.>>Here we go.>>Holy Cow!>>Lashley exploding knocking Booker T
threw the air like a spinning top>>Damn near closed line Booker almost out of his boots.>>Man.>>Desperation by Bobby Lashley as
refree Chris K begins the count. And a count of 5. First man on his feet
could have the upper hand.>>At the same time.>>Lashley with a forearm, Booker,
>>Forarm by Lashley. Booker. Lashley starting to fire up. Devastating blows put Booker T down. Running back for another one.>>Guy’s so quick and powerful man.>>Inverted atomic drop. Follows it up with a.>>[APPLAUSE]
>>[INAUDIBLE]>>Look at this.>>Wait a minute.>>Sharmell on the and I was
wondering when this was gonna happen.>>Referee [INAUDIBLE]
with a kick to the jaw.>>Jaw to head area there.>>Sharmell distracting the referee. Booker T going for The Book End.>>Got caught here!>>A Belly-to-Belly Throw! Textbook belly to belly suplex. How good is Lashley and how good-
>>He’s setting up. He’s setting up for the switch.>>Sharmell’s got his leg, come on. Get her the hell out of there.>>Watch out, Booker T Capitalized.>>That’s all it took. That one second.>>You gotta be kidding me.>>Finally behind him and watch out.>>And that’s it. Booker T is going to be King of the Ring.>>There’s 2.>>Ho man.>>Booker T.>>Well Lashley wants it. He’s determined [INAUDIBLE]
>>That’s it, he caught him. Uh-oh, power slam, for the finish here’s the cover, and a leg and
a kick out at two by Booker T.>>[LAUGH] Another great match.>>[NOISE]
>>This has been some hell of a night at Judgment Day.>>I’m telling you.>>And we still got Colleen. Undertaker, serial GBA for
the world title.>>[NOISE]
>>And Bobby chance Booker T with
a heel kick to the jaw. The veteran Booker T takes>>Taking advantage, sizzle!>>[APPLAUSE]
>>And that’s it, Booker T gonna be King.>>That’s it.>>No, what competitor Lashley is, just won’t stay down.>>Booker T cannot believe he hasn’t
been able to put Lashley away.>>Man, I don’t know how the guy’s
getting out of this stuff.>>No clue. Booker T-
>>Bobby in there, he’s [INAUDIBLE] him. Here we go.>>Lashley’s feeling it. Give me, wait a minute.>>What the hell?
>>It’s Finlay. You gotta be kidding me.>>Come on.>>Damn [INAUDIBLE],
you’re distracting the referree. You gotta Gotta be kidding me!>>Finlay, what the hell?!>>Not this way, not this way!>>My God.>>Booker T nto the cover!>>Two, three!
[SOUND]>>Dammit, dammit!>>Wow.>>Here is your winner and the King of the Ring, Booker T.>>This is not Not good,
we’re are not gonna hear the end of this.>>What do you mean? It’s King Booker time,
baby, it’s King Booker.>>I’ll tell you one thing, Booker’s court
jester, Finlay, came out of nowhere. And clubbed Lashley with a ukulele. That’s why Booker won the damn thing.>>Well, I wasn’t right. Look at the smile on King Booker,
the 2006 King of the Ring!>>There he is, King Booker. Booker.
>>All his subjects, bow down to the king, my man, King Booker.>>This is gonna be an absolute nightmare. This is gonna be a nightmare.>>I don’t wanna point out [INAUDIBLE]
>>Congratulations. Check this out
>>Why don’t you join his court.>>No no check this out.>>What what?>>[LAUGH] men. What a [INAUDIBLE] what do you mean,
this is history right now. You win the [INAUDIBLE] history. [MUSIC] The king look at him,
he is all proud, he is all proud.>>He is the king of course he
>>He should be proud.>>Yeah he’s the king.>>He’s the king.>>Put on a crown. Wave to your subjects, Booker. She’s got the crown. Watch this. Look Sharmell’s got the crown. King is gonna be crowned,
king’s gonna be crowned. King is gonna be crowned, there it is. All hail King Booker. It’s official Paul, the king of the-
>>My God.>>Lashley just threw
Booker through the throne.>>My God. [APPLAUSE]
>>The king.>>A short reign for the king.>>Can’t do that to the king!>>Baby, baby, baby, baby! Baby! No, baby! Aah! Baby! Baby! Baby! No, baby!

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