[Free Match] Josh Briggs, Anthony Greene, Hunnies v Club Cam | Beyond Wrestling (Intergender EVOLVE)

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they really enjoy AG here oh hey what the hell is that Richard it is Richard holiday what is this guy doing here I thought I thought he was long gone hey hey hey hey well Briggs is out of here and he is getting involved saving the Platinum honey’s and he’s doing the right thing Josh Briggs leaving the booth already which is not the first time he did that [Applause] these three with me yeah yeah my fuckin ass [Applause] my three best friends arrested motherfucker smooth [Applause] [Music] the Platinum punkie’s sure why not while Sydney baka Bella has joined me here at the flute that was a quick evening for Josh Bridge Harry you are back on our season finale but what started out as a six-person tag-team match now an eight-person tag to match you know you had to six plus two is eight stuff [Music] there you go rich Palladino has to let us know no introductions by rich of course but yeah you start out with six and then you add two more on each side that makes it an eight-man tag team match but then you subtract two women because two of them are women so it’s not an eight-man this is an atomic owes math there you go we have eight people here in the ring we’re gonna have four on four I knew that Richard holiday buy my time spent with here pin in the broadcast booth here was a little shady but I didn’t know use this shame Richard holidays the kind of guy that goes to club channels yeah I could see that there we go I’m fired up season finale this is it this is it episode number eighteen here we go Casanova sent into the rain by AG and it is on blood cam against the platinum punches and the platinum honeys you know Club Kim they got it’s a real coup to have someone like Christian Casanova but the big story here is the psycho on the outside of the Ring Kenton Dome he’s crouching down right now right next to Camp Rock height that’s the guy you have to worry about runs into a boot reversed Anthony green please cutter hits the inn’s aguirre instead and then runs into the clothesline Casanova rattled early on goes right into his own corner you can’t blame them we’ve seen but Christian Casanova get rattled early many times in comes Josh Briggs and Richard Holloman the last time we saw these two Holliday kicked Briggs in the knee and that’s when Briggs had the revelation that his injuries were gone and he was back to a hundred percent but now a little different terms here in this eight person tag as Holliday meets Briggs with the pool and the punch and now the quick tag to kendo and this is a huge mistake for the longevity of Josh Briggs his career he’s in there in sneakers you can snap an ankle so quickly if you look and these are low-cut sneakers look at kendo look at everybody in there they have ankle support except Josh breaks he can snap an angle Oh what is while 10 Doan also wearing Chuck Taylors yeah but they have ankle support their hike their high tops I are we go angel Sinclair oh go to the kick blocks whoa cries oh right hand and misses she’s not backing down look at that slap don’t sent backwards into the corner eating a couple of chops and all it’s going to take is one shot by Ken dome to stop her well he’s calling for a time out I don’t think he knows the tried-and-true rules of professional wrestling no timeouts here as Ava ever gets the tag here come the Platinum honey’s fork look at this double-team maneuver haha hair gets grabbed by Holliday he it’s a slap and dole eats I need she’s still got that lead the impact of the boot to the midsection by Sinclair kept condoned down double leg drop having to use both legs to get some sort of strength behind it off the ropes dragged to the mat by her hair and now this is where this psycho lives this is when he goes into full effect yeah Ken Doan this is a guy he doesn’t care man woman dog I’d love to see him against the dog officer Magnum later on this evening but that’s maybe for season two Ken Doan is a psycho and he is going to go to work on young Ava no instead opts for the tag to cam Sagami and I feel like he’s gonna do his best Danny Davis impression as he always does comes in and takes his spot much more evenly matched is cam and April hey that I will give you Sagami trying the piledriver his have vaginas well I wasn’t going to go that far but there you are as cam realizes the danger and gets out of there were back to Briggs and Richard Holliday Irish whip reverse bird poop Wow he nearly took him out of his trunks with that big boot and Briggs widsom by the head big backbreaker connects to count only ACOTA – but look at the pain on the face of Richard Holliday that tells the story of one bass breaker 10 down right there with the kick Brixton and feel it drops dole with the right hand code breaker Briggs bounces high and lands in that corner and now Richard Holliday it’s never going to be fancy but it will be effective and this is the advantage of club camp they are a cohesive unit all full of them on the same page as you see Ava down there sighting someone’s bees well referee Kevin Quinn distracted there by Holliday as the rest of cop club cam stomps into Josh Briggs and now he isn’t a deep hole yep and now what you want to do you want to isolate the big man quick tag between Donen Holliday are going to keep Josh Briggs away here and ink comes Christian Casanova you cannot let just Brits get to a vertical base quick tags aplenty 10 dome holding on to Briggs keeping and grounded with the leg lock to that head and now Casanova in the ring and he is going to fly as he is what to do nicely done by Christian Casanova so talented I love his attitude the cockiness I mean he knows he’s good and he will let you know Casanova’s is pushed off there by Briggs in with a piece of the head bricks still fighting back Casanova back first the pain etched into his face bricks now has the opening yep and if I were Richard Holliday I would have grabbed just bricks by the hair just to make sure he can’t do this makes the tag too retro AG beat charges in double clothesline there’s one for dough cab gets the hell out of there of course he does up and over is Anthony Breen you know with all the smoke and mirrors that Anthony Green has you know the hair the mustache this kid is one of the best wrestlers on the scene right now springboard cutter he tried it earlier God at that time he is fired off goes to the apron what’s he doing here wasting hold its own in neutralizing that psycho as he goes to the top rope and now he’s going to fly right on to Casanova with the crossbody but holiday there to break it up Richard holiday with the where without with just Brits right in there as well this has become a four on two handicap match and Briggs and Agee are fighting for their lives whip reverse double clothesline both men down all the competitors tried to get back to their feet inside of the ring but I will correct you with Cabot’s Lawrence three on three that is true it’s three and a half on to how’s that fair enough Casanova with the poop line tag there Fido Agee does not see it takes out Casanova don’t blocks that kick and a right hand this Anthony green to the mat a straight right will from a man that size will do the job and here comes a bug again comes in O’Connor will know Wow and if somebody went to the floor was an old boy with a head full of tights are you serious where the hell is Quinn let’s hang Joan needed a handful of tights to get the win [Music] [Applause] [Music] stealing a win and what a schock club cam cams egami didn’t even get touched of course not Hamza Tommy still aren’t scathed in beyond wrestling very very smart and it cooked Ken Joan the Sato [Applause] [Music] while the topless men at Club cam [Applause] the lounge of winners block cam getting the victory here very wearable Josh Briggs Anthony green the Platinum honey’s they’re gonna live to fight another day

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