Finn Balor’s road back to NXT: WWE NXT, Oct. 9, 2019

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[Applause] when this music hit this atmosphere in this building changes it means Finn Balor’s here I’m bringing in something you’ve never seen before [Music] because in here topspin power because I am the in every man’s mind there’s a little doorway down a dark hallway where they never go but you can figure out how to tap into that creatively and use it that’s what Finn Balor’s trying to do right now should we choose to embrace it inside fake just looks like he’s taking it to another gear tonight [Applause] and to be awarded sweaty NXT universe NXT overall competitor of the Year 2015 I’m absolutely humbled thank you very much next each champion for 292 days I became a part of NXT NXT became who I [Applause] with an eye towards the future our next draft choice comes from NXT I’m gonna beat you and I’m gonna become the first-ever WWE Universal Champion [Music] ordinary man that does extraordinary things Finn Balor’s been wowing crowds all over the planet but our club is in an enigmatic aw inspiring superstar who will enthrall and mesmerize you the question is what for pain and bother be kidding me as of now finn bálor is end [Applause]

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