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in fact plus experience impact wrestling like never before people don’t respect a champion they just want to see something new you know I thought Johnny and I were good friends and it’s hard to find good friends in this business I fought a war to win this fought a war to keep it against cage at homecoming husband and wife are world champions at the same time I realized leaving it all out there for the fans every night didn’t really matter to anybody except me you guys should have known all along this is your true colors this is who you’ve always been this isn’t the first time and damn sure ain’t gonna be last time he’s gonna betray somebody like this that’s what it’s all about when’s brilliant cage gonna get his opportunity at the world title to the fans my failure makes them feel good that’s what they want two of us team up we take out cross and moose you sign that contract you get your shot whatever you tell me John talk about betrayal and infiltration Johnny Bravo the senior official Impact Wrestling then you get to him as well hey you know finally I’m gonna have you up to drop you on your head he takes my knees out [Music] what did Johnny Bravo just do d-trip cover quick can watch that Alan says pages got Bravo now a tight tie with a little blow he threw it all away to be a part of this disgusting ah war what in the world is going on he had a review every match the Johnny Bravo he swept everything so now fans are calling Jenny impact a coward because I’ve got Johnny Bravo doing things for me well good thing I found good replacement for that and last time so make sure you don’t have that advantage anymore about storable I’m not doing this for the fans I spent 15 years doing everything for the fans the fans are just as stupid as Brian Cage you betrayed me you disrespected me I’ve been busted open I’ve been concussed peace out I’ve been left in that ring a little bit a full time to time again what are we witnessing this was all some kind of ruse but deep down you still know you’re not the better man rebellion no I’ll walk it out there knew a little champion now I’m gonna walk out the bitter man you’re not the answer to the question who better than bright gage that’s nobody I’m doing this for me this is my legacy you [Music] know what I see when I see Tessa I see an angry entitled spoiled brat that rebellion all I was gonna do is beat Gail and expose her for the fraud that she is what a vision a vision of beauty a vision of violence Tessa Blanchard pressing charges is not gonna teach her a lesson I am no one to blame but herself she made the critical error of getting physical with the former multiple time knockout champion Dale hip the eldest couldn’t wait to make it personal that’s fine if Gail wants to do that she wants to play those games yeah I can make it personal to is see the Knicks knockouts champion Bryce driver shoulders down and she got her she got her short grace is the number one contender look out she is losing it [Applause] a week suspension Sagawa you’re about to touch yourself you’re gonna apologize for getting me suspended you’re gonna apologize for having me and you’re gonna apologize for costing me my Knockouts championship I’m not sorry that I will never have to see your face around here again I’m coming out of retirement to kick your [Applause] [Music] see when Rich Wong was 17 years old mother dead father he in no body if it wasn’t for me Richie you’d probably just be dead on the side of the road but I saved you everything Sammy said was right when I was 18 years old I had nothing if our relationship meant anything you will join Oh he wants to walk away he wants to turn his back on the family disgusting I didn’t do that cuz I hate you I don’t do that because I haven’t been dead I did that because I love you Richie two nights is the night that rich Swann finally joins Oh V E is everything oh my god [Applause] it’s livid they’ve known each other almost their entire lives what is it gonna take to defeat rich Swan here tonight Sami Callihan shoulders down a rich got him what the hell he’s not happy about being a baron me to introduce you where’s Sammy it’s rich lon the X Division champion fighters he’s not here that’s what I said I’ll find out for myself man Callahan with a baseball bat his little brother Sami Callihan cactus special which might act like product like damn dog get a break the arbitrator Oh God see Sunday [Music] you you I am here with knockouts champion taya Valkyrie and taya last week you lost to jordan grace via count-out will you be giving her another opportunity giving Jordan another opportunity I don’t think so I already beat you I don’t think you get to come in here and just cut in line how about both of you wrestle each other and whoever wins can wrestle me rebellion I don’t stand in lines race driver French overall answer shoulders down and short price is number one contender aw hiya ty about three is all over Georgia grace Oh you talking about – well conditions powerful women they’re in the ring right now cannot wait to see these to go one-on-one to the Knockouts championship [Music] to be a gym [Music] and barest here tonight’s entire belfry is losing your mom what’s gonna happen in nine nights entry value has to face Jordan brace remember last week he was making fire that guy they try to talk to her I think he’s mad [Applause] why these cars I’m the walking weapon Josh Alexander view your ollie go Ethan Paige we were the best wrestlers in this Northern Territory did you forget you invaded our private space last time yeah your fists hear our faces what was I supposed to do you guys made fun of me me mooses have feelings too trades glances like these keep them tray there [Applause] [Music] human being that way instead of up there impossible tell those idiots to cut it cuz me losing on national TV is not gonna happen especially to the press we have been the best wrestlers in Canada for far too long and now we’re gonna show the world it Impact Wrestling we’re gonna show you hey hey we could win last week lucky sometimes you who’s the best tag team in the world Josh I’ve been in this business going on 30 years I have never seen a tag team match at this level not only was that match great it was a story now we’re gonna go celebrate laughs Amelia did a whole baby watch what would have happen if they would have said that to you after the match how are you told you you know what maybe I’m tripping that’s a fizzle oh hey don’t stand in the dementia it looks like we’re gonna have a rematch for the world tag team titles in their home country in Phoenix and Pentagon junior become World Tag Team Champions their doctor package god what a tobei win lose or draw that’s it last match the handshakes have been extended have been offered they want to shove their hands in our face and they want to disrespect us bro they’re family I’m gonna handle this tell these guys please dog dodge again but they want a rematch I’m asking you I’m telling you next time I see you they see l-akhirin she liked us Akita to respuesta Mira [Music] stop oh my son’s disrespecting me they’re gonna pay for that see no more this isn’t a championship match folks this is a straight-up freak now is about respect is about water it’s about crime which are all three things that they grow Eliot the best team at the planet [Music] every time we see you we are [Music] that’s why [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Music]

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