Episode #471: Everything Wrong With WWE Raw: Brock Lesnar Assaults The Mysterios

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[Music] [Applause] [Music] in his previous appearances Dominic Mysterio had mainly been shown backstage that is what honestly gave us the hint that he was somehow gonna be involved with something while sitting at ringside that and of course is training videos later tonight I’m gonna face Seth Rollins for the universal championship then why are you out here right now I’m trying to be rude or anything but couldn’t ramus dirty have waited until he came out for his matches Seth Rollins before cutting his bromo why now also I could have sworn it was announced that the universal championship match was taking place right now instead of later on in the evening I’m gonna bring that Universal Championship the power of jinx and folks the power of jinx in oh I don’t know momentum leading into his WWE Championship match of Kofi Kingston this upcoming Friday on the Smackdown premiere because he likes the fight because he’s an asshole likely all three of those reasons welcome back to the pyrotechnics now Brock Lesnar doesn’t look like an awkward kid screaming every time he does his little dance on the stage what a dick out of time somebody swiped a microphone away from Paul Heyman after all these annoying years only took them forever as intense as this moment is it really makes last week seem like a waste of time Rey Mysterio won a fatal five way elimination match to earn a universal title match against Seth Rollins at that well-deserved victory led to this you know if the cameras didn’t keep constantly panning over to Dominic it would have been more of a surprise that Brock was gonna attack him next how I would have done it is keep the cameras on Brock who doesn’t take a single glance at Dominic until he suddenly runs over them and strikes that would have been way better about two minutes of Brock Lester staring at Dominic and approach and ready to strike also with these two minutes of Brock’s stalking him how the hell does Dominick not back away or realize that he’s about to get his ass kicked how you failed one thing I will give Brock lesser credit for is despite the f5 attempt Bakshi improvised and still managed to make the attack on Dominic look destructive instead of awkward jerry lawler somehow doesn’t realize by now that paul heyman never had any control over Brock Lesnar’s actions and can’t control them at all I will say that Dominic really sold the landings of those German suplexes very well during this is salt if he’s set to debut in the ring someday I am excited to see what he can do kind of funny that Brock saves the suplexes for Dominic and the f5 so rey mysterio even though he does suplex rey and boston f5 attempt on Dominic Dominic is not a teenager you stupid dumbass he’s in his 20s now he’s just a year younger than I am nice try Ref I saw you tell Brock to hit one more assault on the Mysterio’s that’s what you get for giving me a medium-rare steak when I specifically requested a medium well steak earlier today you [Applause] [Music] you

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