Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson’s Wedding Surprise!

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what’s going on guys any longtime viewer of our show knows that our correspondent Nick Mundy has a very special relationship with action superstar Dwayne the rock Johnson screen junkies my name is Nick Mundy don’t this up I doubt that counted I’m glad we did this I’m glad we’re friends we’re getting best friends don’t look at me okay look acknowledge it I’ll make it a weird okay right here we go what started out as one super fans obsession has blossomed into a full-blown bromance they even tweet at each other we sent Nick to interview his best friend at the junket for his new movie San Andreas but what Nick doesn’t know is that he’s in for a life-changing surprise so let’s throw it over to our very special correspondent the rock alright hey guys dwayne johnson here and I am here to surprise my good buddy my main man my G Nick Mundy I have teamed up with all my buddies at screen junkies teamed up with his amazing and beautiful fiance Dallara and we are going to prank it forward in ways that we’re gonna raise the bar in terms of pranking it forward this is gonna be amazing today I am going to marry Nick Mundy let me clarify to his fiance right now Nick thinks that we had this whole other bit planned up yes elaborate bit that we didn’t do we got here and he found out that the bit was not happening so right now he and Andi are upstairs scrambling to find a new bit to do you’re gonna put those on yeah you don’t need to put on the American flag pants desperate measures I’m telling you uh life’s falling apart trying to come up with other ideas I’m working now were you shocked when the rock said yeah I’ll do it he didn’t just say yeah I’ll do it like originally we said like hey do you want to be in it yeah and he was like I want to do the ceremony so the rock uh filete his paperwork in was ordained this is a marriage document the marriage license everything is completely legal there’s a notary public present can you smell what The Rock is officiating a wedding Nick’s up on the roof getting ready to pitch our new ideas to the rocks team but Nick doesn’t realize that no matter what bit we pitch the rocks teams they’re not going to think it’s funny the big thing that we’re gonna do we’re just gonna shoot on that camera is hey okay so you say people will give us friends will you save me if I drown in a pool and then I just jumped into it as it is he’s running behind and he’s got a good room in the 48 so I think was gonna be betters I think it sucks but I think we just roll this over no harm right yeah yeah it happens and we’ll talk soon about them yeah the Dover just great ever right thank you I’m sorry dude okay we’re nothing better you think you ruin the relationship I hope not don’t say that I just feel like drop a ball and like you know this was the fourth one each one has to get better and I would I don’t blame him I don’t blame if we’re not doing why are we still recording like look at this episode gonna be a thumbnail to me crying we just got the text from Andy he’s on his way downstairs with Nick they’re gonna stop right outside the door to where we are right now and then the rocks gonna walk out and surprise him this is a total surprise I wonder how long it’s gonna take him to realize exactly what’s happening all right just come over by this door and give me one last stand up I hate cilantro just come give me I want you to start we’re gonna trying to salvage this right give me other give me a walkout I don’t want to do that just give me something okay we decided that we’re going to wait to do it right as otherwise just nothing else was good so see in a few weeks what what I do man battles how are you good great thank you very much every shit is good yeah sorry about the victim we’re totally okay for listen what’s good so a little surprise for you huh just when you thought the day was gonna be terrible yeah actually he’s gonna be the greatest day I got megapanza pleasure for me to do this it’s an honor for me to do this completely legal I am officially ordained by the state of California yeah I go all out Wow yeah because you’re my bestie oh man thanks dude so you’re gonna have to sign these see you sign right there what so I think it’s time for you to get married all right cool Deb are home ready to this I’m gonna I’m gonna walk you down the aisle you dearly beloved we are gathered here today in the presence of our family and friends to witness and celebrate the coming together of Nikolas Monday and Dilara Carabas nothing is more powerful than your union it carries more force than a bolt of lightning or even the world’s largest earthquake much like the ones you’ll see in San Andreas oh and everybody’s Gators makes me knife thank you very much hold your applause you see it 3d okay too much it’s too much right now I believe the bride and the groom have prepared vows Nick I promise to always love you and be there for you no matter what I’m excited to spend the rest of our lives together I love you dummy you’re my best friend my day I met you was the first in my life I can’t wait to spend the rest of all with you love you so much I can’t wait to do weird stuff with you for the rest of our Dallara you take Nick to be your husband to love honor and cherish holding only to him from this day on I do Nick you take Dallara to be your wife to love honor and cherish holding only to her and not to the rock from this day on I knew this is cool thank you because it’s real by the power vested in me playing the rock Johnson ordained by the state of California and he almighty universe itself and now pronounce you husband and wife Nick you may kiss ladies and gentlemen I am proud to introduce mr. and mrs. Nick Monday Olivia thank you guys so much for everything I love you all or the most let’s get drunk he didn’t bully crap big thanks to Dwayne the rock Johnson our friends at Warner Brothers and everyone who helped put this magical event together be sure to check out San Andreas in theaters on May 29th and congratulations mr. and mrs. Nick Mundy bye-bye

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