Drew Gulak vs. Lio Rush – NXT Cruiserweight Championship Match: WWE NXT, Oct. 9, 2019

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>>That’s how Gulak loves to start matches.>>And that’s how Lio Rush counters,
going for the quick cover following that electrifying Spanish fly and
Lio Rush in a rush to become champion.>>What a toepay!>>Low pay not a slow play from Rush.>>Man of the hour looking to attract the
cruiserweight championship like a moth to the flame. A side moonsault. How do you spell Lio? L-I-T.>>How do you dodge offense if
you can’t even see it coming?>>Lio, Lio, Lio. [NOISE]
>>But there’s a strength on display of Gulak,
good counter though.>>Hold on here.>>And Gulak slamming Lio Rush
face first to the canvas, a crushing corner clothesline,
goes for the cover.>>One, two.>>Rush able to kick out. [NOISE]
>>Looking for the Cyclone Crash.>>Has him in the fireman’s carry now has
him in that torture racked up prelude to the Cyclone Crash.>>What an impact.>>The cover by Gulak hooks the leg and
the route. The spatial awareness,
the wherewithal of Lio Rush.>>Now hooks the outside.>>But now hooks the leg and
again Rush kicks out at two.>>Again, Rush sends him crashing,
the Final Hour!>>The Final Hour, a Frog Splash on what would’ve been
Eddie Guerrero’s 52nd birthday, [FOREIGN].>>There it is.>>There’s the Come Up,
the Come Up by Lio Rush!>>[APPLAUSE]
>>And Rush is going on up.>>Rush hoping to seal victory!>>Nothing can stop him! He’s all the way up!>>[APPLAUSE]
>>Final Hour!>>Cover! He’s done it!>>Lio Rush is the new
NXT Cruiserweight Champion.>>Here is your winner and
new NXT Cruiserweight Champion Lio Rush.>>In the words of Meek Mills dreams and
nightmares, Lio Rush used to pray for times like this, to rhyme like this so
he had to grind like that. [MUSIC] To shine like this. Wrapping the NXT cruiser weight
championship around the waist of Lio Rush. What is Drew Gulak doing? Let Rush have his moment!>>Boo.>>Leave him alone. [CROSSTALK]>>[APPLAUSE]>>Begrudging show of respect.

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