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I was in first grade and our first-grade teacher
asked everybody you know what do you want to be when you get older and everybody put
doctors and teachers and firemen, astronaut and I put I want to be an Olympic athlete
and and that’s a true story. So I played sports ever since I was a
young girl. In college I played field hockey, basketball
and track. I didn’t know what sport I was gonna pick
to go all the way. I decided that you know maybe triathlons and
you know I wasn’t sure so I tried that out and a lot of people
you know noticed me running all the time they’re like “oh you a fighter?” I was like “no I am not a fighter.” I keep training for triathlons “are you
a fighter?” and I’m like “why is everybody asking me if I’m a fighter” you know. I was like you know
what I’m gonna give this sport a try as well. It was such a humbling experience because
I wasn’t just great at it. You know I knew that this was a sport that
was going to take hard work and it’s gonna take a lot of practice and I was up
for the challenge. I’m number one in the nation right now. I got the gold medal at the USA national championship
so now I’m on Team USA. A
decision to stay drug-free really molded my whole life. I definitely had a lot of opportunities and
times in my life where I could easily have chose you know the easy route you know to
try to be cool or by doing drugs you know. But I didn’t choose that. To me that wasn’t cool and to me that coolness
would not last and wouldn’t get you anywhere and wouldn’t amount to anything and I had
a friend in college that was smarter than me could you know was a genius English
major. He was smart he was getting all A’s his papers
were amazing. He’s getting better grades than I was and
then he started hanging around with the wrong crowd and smoking pot. He started skipping classes because he was
too lazy to go to class. It just got so bad that he flunked classes. He had to retake classes all over again. I don’t even know if he even graduated You
know it really ruins your name and who you are and what you’re going after in life. And you know that’s it’s really important
to just stay focus and be around you know positive people and you want to be remembered
as somebody that was a hard worker. They accomplished a lot of things they tried
new things and that’s what’s important. I really like setting goals and achieving
them and looking back at them and saying wow I did that, wow I completed that, rather it
be a goal and let’s just say when I started boxing I said to myself right when I started
the sport “I’m going to be a professional boxer. I’m going to be in the Olympic Games” and
five years later I’m I stuck with it and all that hard work is paying off and I’m on Team
USA now and I’m on my route to the 2016 Rio games
I’m Daniel Wolff and my natural high is boxing. What’s yours?

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