Daniel Cormier reacts to Cain Velasquez confronting Brock Lesnar at WWE Smackdown UFC 243 W-ins

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don’t forget UFC 243 goes down tonight the main card begins at 10:00 p.m. in the East Coast and 7 p.m. in the West Coast and if you ordered UFC 243 pay-per-view you can get one full year of ESPN plus subscription for just $20 which means for the next full year you can enjoy 300 plus live fights and tons of original MMA shows for less than $2 a month don’t wait click the link in the description and order UFC 243 pay-per-view today the prelims will be on espn2 and obviously the main event Israel out of sign your versus Whitaker very important fight the middleweight division and a fight that everybody has been waiting for for a long time but a couple of fights you might not know about let’s start right here right now versus malarkey Rydell is a world-class kickboxer and he’s out of the same gym as Israel out of Sanya he has over 60 wins in that sport now he’s an MMA and he’s come out of the gate of 6 & 1 with 5 Kos malarkey is the number one rated prospect out of Australia he’s a boxing specialist and he has twice the MMA experience at 12 and 2 with 11 knockouts to badass strikers this should be a fun fight another fight you might not know it not know about kapha versus the Castro alright both are making their debuts with jörgen coming off the most recent contender series between the two of these guys they have only ever gone to a decision once Taff has won all of his bouts by knockout and jörgen has won all but won by KO or TKO these are two hard-hitting aggressive heavyweights this should be an unbelievable heavyweight showdown if you don’t know now you know 1:36 the official wait for through da Silva 137 the official wait for a lead Taha one pound miss he will forfeit 20% of his wipers 128 the official weight for Chi Yong Kim 126 the official weight for Nadia Castle 146 pounds the official weight for Zara bear 146 for vegan Anderson 156 for mr. malarkey 156 for Brad Weddell 170 on the nose for coconut bombs 171 for Callen Potter [Music] 171 for Rasta Nachman 171 the official weight – 65 – 65 for mr. Thapa [Music] 171 the official weight 171 the official weight [Music] tomorrow [Music] 2:33 for Sergei Spivak two six four four time to Eva [Applause] 155 for the Kimmy Danica 155 for h&L [Music] broken native the last style bender Israel on a Sonya [Applause] 184 the official way for the interim champ [Applause] 184 for the chicken [Music] thousand of 15 when this was a jihadi I remember being way up there I watch them fight as well so I remember watching and thinking this is going to be me one day I was in the nosebleeds and now I’m going to make his nose bleed I cannot wait I cannot wait to get in there can’t wait see guys it it’s kind of a crack-up [Applause] you guys here on this marble tile will be happy but she do two for three this right for the belt and the middle-aged reason will be very important for me to know who will be my next is you thank you Okinawa is here with me and let’s see I’ll do with C 2 for 3 man my level enthusiasm aside is a great fight great matchup – pretty I think equally skilled guys I think Whittaker gets the job done I think his pacing and you know he his angles I think he’s going to learn from the gas pump right I think Gaston had that fight won until he wants to take down when he hadn’t heard and you know I think he’s I think his movement and his pacing will give him a slight edge but you know the other guy is a sharpshooter and he could catch you but I’m going with a Whitaker on this one Nate Diaz Maslin all coming up Madison Madison Square Garden New York City that fight is sold out sold out that is insane Congrats Nate and Mazda doll [Music] Barbara you’re the president of the cringe Bob you work down under triple C’s in the building we gotta give them a gift can’t be empty-handed you ready ate some of this doesn’t matter triple c triple c got something for you you got me go yeah waited sharply just eat the chocolate nothing Ravel we’re out penis fucking ass again oh my goodness this is crazy this is so crazy there didn’t take long go back rock we’ll get something to get you some of that rocks focus on rock come on [Music] [Music] our wrestlers [Music] [Applause] [Music]

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