Dakota Kai vs. Bianca Belair: WWE NXT, Oct. 9, 2019

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looking to follow it up all that continues with another vicious kick this is what Chi is gonna do she has got a hit and move frustrate with her distance by the first New Zealand Female Athlete to crack the world of WWE the cover her best with each competition Wow the road back to the top of the NXT Women’s division is long protect by time and that road back has resulted in victory and looking for her second consecutive win against here Bianca Bel Air in trouble with another kick Bella is stunned now right in the center of the Ring Oh blocks that shot guy comes back with the right hand takes out the foundation of Bianca bel-air villarin despair axe kick from time quick striking offenses to wit the way to stay out of Bianca Bel Air’s clutches pie is definitely amped up the aggression face wash in the corner kai goes for the cover side press hooks a leg tie within one count of picking up another big win Oh double-check and ring face first I know firsthand how aggressive it is standing shooting star press Tyler what’s a leg oh my Polaris has has lost it and she goes for another cover the frustration aggressive back-and-forth action leads to the heat up in the women’s division momentarily Plus that book man I may have just dodged a big bullet here alright what we originally said earlier talking about see things she gonna be the one to the be single basement go go ah cuz I don’t care if we everybody was the first NXT UK Women’s Champion if somebody who wants a piece of Shana they don’t have to go to me the 80s sake I’m on the est of Alex team letting it be known that she wants another opportunity [Music]

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