Cultaholic Wrestling Podcast #91: What Should Replace WWE’s Hell In A Cell PPV?

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welcome to the cult AHA Lake wrestling podcast if you like a lot of wrestling on YouTube join our cult it’s weird isn’t it we had not Matthew – it is hey everyone welcome Matthew doesn’t everyone welcome to the cold aaalac wrestling a podcast Matthew is in deutschland this week for wxw he managed to make it out there because people have him I’m gonna say this being confirmed everyone’s canceled but being injured or something on the way I think he’s made out there he’s forgotten his toothbrush I saw I hope he has a wonderful time because well I vote is not there anymore yeah yeah he’s very upset we didn’t how good a time he’s gonna have but you’re here to replace him Adam how are you yeah fun – I’m about three hours sleep again I’m just after all the streams another one coming up after this podcast podcast goes out and about for hours or something like that so tune in to SmackDown bloody hell and Ross how are you delightful excellent stuff still buzzing from what happened two nights ago – nice oh okay last night where’s yes yes we’ll get there God the spirit of five stars bug and wrestling I kind of believe it I’d like to thank Christine Stamper she sent me some presents including these tiny little dr. peppers oh my sweet that’s men that yeah that’s really good you do for your birthday jack I went to ghetto golf oh yeah so get her yeah that’s great dildos yeah the dildo dildo no I got affair with a pinball machine hole okay yeah there’s dildos on the floor is golf obstacles thank you for a brazen portent well they stuck to the floor yes stuck to the floor like obstacles you gotta hit the ball through the break up on the floor yeah alcohol served there yeah dangerous there were some groups of bloody bloody lads around but it was a weekday Sun too bad it was alright yeah it’s you know fun be like ladi Dadi lies to sit on one of them yeah let’s get straight into the news does Matthew just go straight and users their jingle for the news now we just go straight to user okay well a lot of a lot of the most newsworthy stuff this week will actually cover when we talk about the wrestling shows themselves a bit later on new jingle for that by the way Oh can’t wait for that yeah absolutely I I thought I thought gem was legitimately upset with my impression last week I don’t hear the impression I was obviously spot honks it’s me doing impression again one more time hello there I’m Jenna Fox I am door apologizing but she wasn’t yeah well she’s sweet else in do I actually sound like this I thought legitimately upset the woman you saw but no she was fine not for that so the first big newsworthy thing I suppose is that the thing is right because I’ve been off most of this week you’re gonna have to walk me through this a little bit cuz I just turned off all the rest then that I could so CM Punk reportedly offered WWE backstage role yeah but this is not backstage as in a producer role this is the new show WWE backstage alongside Renee young oh he’s called WWE backstage didn’t he say he’s got it yeah no he said that he went for it and it’s been reported on right now that he’s being offered it cuz he loves Renee that’s why I supposed to work with Renee I feel sorry for Booker T and all of this because it’s booked again I thought I missed a three three-way thing yeah III don’t know III think it’s interesting and the punk also said in an interview this week that he wanted the rock to call him live on Smackdown it’s just sort of it there’s a very different tone to Punk’s interviews in the last week you could analyze it for days I mean ever since Vince McMahon paid off that court thing from just being a hockey back theory where’s the puppet oh Hawk the bunny I do this week took it did he took it Germany course course he did horrible things that will be going on till I assume so yeah it looks like he’s gonna be offered that role it’ll be Punk’s first time on WWE TV in an awful long time I saw an interview where he was saying because they want him because they want to present a more like sports like program and they want to analyze it like it’s a real sport and punk was saying the thing is if something bad I’m not gonna be able to sit there and go that was great I’m gonna say that’s bad I like that yeah and I think that will make it feel like more of a sport more of a litt legit competition somewhere much Jackson just feels so betrayed that well Cody made a mistake just by off from a job over text yeah not very professional I guess not but if it’s someone you know I don’t know we could talk about punk all day and sup but people get an order of atomic Punx let’s move swiftly on but remaining with WWE news to the whole Southside thing Brit ress is dead now another promotion is it’s not closing its doors it’s being absorbed by Rev Pro that’s south side which is a promotion that I’ve heard about all like for the past four years but I’ve never actually been too familiar with to be honest of you know I I know like the the figures that were pulled by WWE are very important to them in Leggero and Joseph Connors I’m Katie ray yes yes and dragon off yeah dragon office meant to be there and he was gonna be wrestling one of their like young up-and-coming xand it was like a dream match for this guy so I feel sorry essentially WWE have pulled loads and loads of talent I think they they lost them five maybe from their last show yeah but cody has stepped in and he’s given them let me get this right mjf Shawn Spears Cody and brandy also gonna be there I think n Jeff and Shawn Spears gonna be an action and brandy and Cody you’re gonna promote you could say that they took it all away and he’s given it all the way I like it Billy’s Kingdom how does Matthew do this he just wipes out little jokes doesn’t he and witty man he is a very witty man to be fair maybe they’re not all true cuz they’re all references out understand yeah this is string enough gamer gamer eighties nineties games and then he mispronounced the word Tama cause it says so yeah that’s that’s good news for hey yeah as the every week V says the wrong thing now in descending order and then you corrected him and then he just does next week I love you stop saying colic video pod yeah yeah I remember him saying like before we went in to shoot wonders to slow sometimes it’s the wrestling podcast on John does the video poker it’s never been anything but the rest have been the same thing I copy and paste to every single week James number we have a great time Matthew yeah and also there’s new hot property on the wrestling scene I suppose you could say big crossover star from MMA Cain Velasquez who surprised everyone with his debut in triple-a because he was good really good yeah really good for his level of it just really good just doing lucha started a hurricanrana didn’t he yeah mainly impressive so he’s a former UFC heavyweight champion it expect him to be more of like a bruiser like a Lesnar he beat Lesnar won he made Lesnar his bitch thought I did Lesnar did a fall which got turned into a gift sort of dance meme it was great but instead he’s decided to wrestle like a proper luchador and he’s good at it and he wrestles in a mask and it’s just it’s a big-money match if he if he does get signed or hope he doesn’t do that against Brock I don’t want to see Brock Lesnar really too much oh no maybe I do see a slugfest a lion’s den match yeah well apparently is a target for both WWE and aw our New Japan Pro Wrestling as well according to Dave Meltzer Wrestling Observer radio he says that they’ve held serious talks at WWE and came velázquez but they’d have to fend off serious competition to seal the deal yeah I think you’ll go WWE he’s trained in the Performance Center yes I was emerged of that I think just given the money matches well Dave Dave said I’m not is it MMA fighting calm or whatever it is oh yeah the website he website yeah he said the key to the deal being done there’s a big money fight with Brock and the only cub that can often rat is w so yeah apparently the reason for this oh wow I love this yeah I’m not I’m not sold on this at all but reportedly the reason for the Rey Mysterio Dominick beatdown at the top end of this week’s Raw was so very Mysterio could bring in a big man to defend his honor and that would be Cain Velasquez who would then go on to be up but it seems very early picture Dre just like knocking at the top of the round good bracha I would beat you but it’s not my day today he is Cain Velasquez no the biggest little man yeah that’s this whole thing that he’s the ultimate underdog babyface and then bring in the MMA that’s real fighters I don’t know anything about I’ve seen a few of his of his UFC fights but I don’t actually know how good Kayla Velasquez is in terms of charisma and mic skills does anyone know no I don’t know I do sure people out there all know I’m gonna say he’s brilliant yeah he’s I know it’s called cardio cane in some circles swing you can go a long time nice so we’re gonna get that’s one of you know Iron Man and I can’t wait to see cane versus cane yes yeah well that’s not all the news this week but we will cover the big debate and the big talking points from from this weekend wrestling in the new segment we can rest but first of you to Jen but first it’s time for everyone’s favorite segment it’s the bloody Hall of Fame oh yes it’s now time for everyone’s favorite segment they called a holic Hall of Fame going in ascending order smashed it first of all with 6% of the vote Chardon grabs the event that Matthew went to which didn’t broadcast anywhere so Matthews very cleverly there chosen an event it was recorded though cuz I saw footage online on Twitter soon after maybe why did you try to put in the Hall of Fame because it was really good cuz you really enjoyed it which is fair enough but you’ve got a question as tactics why did he nominate something that only a very finite number of people saw but he seems to do that every week character from SSX tricky or something like that SSX 3 that’s difficult Ricky was to a thing I think was SSX then tricky I had this really for the ps3 game scenario games but no math you don’t go for weird stuff in second place my pick with 30% of the vote Richard Tubman this week well last week what came on I couldn’t think of anything but I realized that you know he’s probably the unsung hero this podcast oh yeah yeah every time no no I rival the lists and all of that everything so the atom Pacini video wrestling podcast so Richard came second with Dave who said fair play Richard he did come on he explained that his finish it was called the van driver because he was Gary’s white vans great I really like this appearance on the pot I watched it buff do you what your body very very dry yeah Richard but number one the Jenny hates the rest and it was only ever gonna be one winner this week and it was with 65% of the vote Ross’s pick Matthew falling on his ass when he went wish that wall wasn’t there cuz he would have been ass over teakettle you did your laugh your bully laughs which I you know when we were doing the whatever reaction video it wasn’t I got a spray roadblock 2016 spray in the face with the earth a little bit of the bubbly it’s just you gotta laugh sometimes oh yeah yeah fantastic moments other people’s misfortune yeah I mean I’ve knock I’ve been drawn a short straw in life so here take every and she can get in my position the funniest been watching her but it’s a really minor fault but we just yeah it’s fun time it was the way he was so cocky so here we go not difficult these new chairs I would say they’re more sort of stable with me it does take you more to get into position of our fighting sometimes the cushion creases up below yeah I can get new cushions I guess no that’s fine okay sorry once you get that takes like two seconds obviously he’s not no but yeah Ross well done on winning car we gonna how are we gonna how’s that gonna be represented oh I just take a screen grab of the fool my guess oh cool Ross as tradition dictates you’ve won there’s only one guy picked this week Oh jk jk I hope everyone watches ayyy WTF a brand new series on this channel well we’ve included this week a little highlights compilation it once again Richard Tubman brought this planet of JK cos one of his just one of his promos all the lights you see in this video from one promo I can’t not many people have seen five-star wrestling that watch this podcast I gather mmm I can’t understand how good JK guy was in five-star wrestling it’s nothing like bland Karisma lists awful vacu of nothingness that Jack Swagger was it was the opposite in anyway he was he had he had some crack of me I mean he didn’t deliver it he was a Mentalist absolutely mental he was yeah he did the the French cries everything he developed a new character for himself I would say was the savior job the fuck the father of British professional wrestling’s what refers to himself at one point yeah remember and he takes the piss out was that Gibson cos acts like oh I flicked on this show and saw Jack Jake Hagar be bored he goes well Jack yeah mom follows me on Twitter so she’s not bored just awful crap like that so I can known for his insult a kid in the crowd for being blonde I don’t know I kind of just I it’s the best of badrai because it was never boring like there’s nothing worse than a boring pay-per-view or a boring wrestling show five star was absolutely entertaining from start to finish the wrestling largely he was quite good I think it’s fair to say old so it wasn’t well there’s good wrestlers yeah yeah um but they were just mmm it was moment after moment after moment they’ll be a reunion of course that will be there have we’ll put it on front row can we take a wave can we put it on what a five-star Union I don’t think we could afford the intellectual property I imagine that the money runs that would want a cool 1 million for I hope that in a EE we get to see five star Hager rather than do we swagger I’m just an idiot to let loose with a microphone yeah apparently what they want to do with them is be this big like pro-trump guy only that’s the plan want to piss off the sort of aw I don’t say progressive audience you know I’m the people yeah generally the people who are watching might be anti-trump they want to capitalize on that with this big okay yeah apparently let’s say gimmick he’s done before yeah yeah bring back there yeah pretty much what I do now I don’t know probably resting doing those vice documentaries once again right without so that’s ridic do you want to go next or should I go next speaking to the microphone I better make notes online and so this week can we have a round of applause because we hit a half a million subscribers yeah ourselves round of applause for ourselves and so I turned on email notification so I knew who the who the 500,000 subscriber was and it was a guy with a clock machine earlier it’s a guy with the name el horny 26 el barto yeah no no no I’m sorry ljust but just the little horny lil whore I coulda Stanford I don’t know Lonnie Lennie horny something and so I was gonna message him and be like you you’re the you’re the I had it in my mind that I knew as doing the podcast this week’s Matthews gonna be officers gonna whoever it was I was gonna nominate the five hundred thousandth subscribe because I thought that’s a nice thing to do I wasn’t expecting this but I’m gonna go through with it anyway and I didn’t find a way to to message him and I didn’t want to like his DMS aren’t open on Twitter but it’s his bio is 22 year old guy who jerks himself to sleep his location it’s under my bed sheets in Minnesota and he’s just he’s a big fan of all sorts he likes my little pony eroticism he likes pregnancy and he likes Harry with really hairy women also so I wanted to send him a t-shirt or something so if you are watching a horny 26 getting contacts I wasn’t going to publicly interact with him on Twitter why not so because he’s not he’s not obscene on there or anything he responds to obscene things so Sally smiles at smiles of Sally posted a piece of why have you just promoted there well just she’s got only fans and just support independent content creators what I’m saying I guess so she’s posted a picture of her and her denim jean cutoff shorts then quite revealing I’d say and the the front their belly buttons oh yeah belly button you can’t see anything there’s no like you know and then the back you can see a bit of like ass cheek at the bottom you might see like somebody wear that around this isn’t horny 26 himself this is a person in bondage yeah he’s nice here and he just she said front or back do you prefer the front or the back of my jeans yeah he’s responded front I get to see your pretty face better and he’s got a Coulter holic t-shirt waiting for him if he gets in contact congratulations on being the half a million subscribers just a nice message sucks yeah exactly know you thought you saw this I was about to see the irony of our half a million subscriber being a diddler but no yeah I know this looks bad on paper but he’s just searching for cute girls and jerk himself to sleep and that’s it’s probably that’s him he’s raped look at all of his well me it might be it’s a cartoon yeah he’s got a Superman t-shirt and he’s pulling up and he’s showing off what looks like an eight-pack there so he’s obviously in shape Sam’s Burger King an alien by the yes he’s into it’s not just My Little Pony pregnancy in Harry there’s a lot on that the alien is Ryan legal yeah the aliens hot the aliens riding him yeah yes you’re in the the old back Becky Lynch his mom and Biggie bike routine now is that just the missionary position but with a woman on is it still the missionary position how cowgirl she slimy the alien so yeah once again congratulations to L horny ache a super horny 26 uses both names I’m not sure who that is I wouldn’t have done this had his real name be non no of course I think that’s that’s fine and thanks for subscribing and being being a part of the cult Alec family how do I follow no no obviously last night I joked with you that I was gonna nominate the field of the cloth of gold yeah God you on the string up – I was playing up to it being he did go on for a long time about the field of the cloth of a gold or the field of the cloth of gold we’ll give it give a 30-second run I’ll go but you know I’ll nominate the feel of the cost of gold I’ll give the run down basically the field of the cloth of gold was a like the way in the Tudor times in Henry the Eighth had a big show-off he diplomatic meeting with the kingdom of France mm-hmm and I think was Francis the first was it I was I hope there’s someone corrects me in the comment I think was Francis the King of France anyway had Henry had arrested much to try and warn up the other and demonstrate here or Iceland much no like an amateur Agra cool bit of a bit of collar-and-elbow yeah but mmm catch-as-catch-can and the King of France cheered and tripped Henry and won and he really ain’t Henry and it all that the diplomatic breakdown between the two kingdoms I do so punchline or any I thought that that was reminiscent of the ongoing NXT versus a denomination is the field of the cloth of gold yours is the father of professional yeah I think we know who’s gonna win this [Music] interesting jingle there from Ross what not me he’s from Jen from Jen a damn Jen this morning sir Jim would you mind just to the tune of her being it bayonetted ladies it was the beginning of one week yeah I didn’t even know I’m a massive bearing ladies like that this is the week in wrestling it’s the bloody week in the wrestling it still doesn’t sound like it’s been one week to be honest with this general channelling Jen requested it was slowed down at 0.75 speed because Jen Jen couldn’t keep up with the yeah could you do the proper rap bit old Chinese chicken I think I said running club’s gonna get this right off the backswing yeah great great so I do like I’ve shown great band hard to ditch the the lead singer from that you know Stephen play because they released a kid’s album which is brilliantly called snack time and then he got no was at the Christmas album it was one of them anyway and then he got caught with a load of bloody cocaine Oh Steve ahh hage released a solo album not good Oh big week for wrestler maybe we can wrestling on a big week for the Barenaked Ladies as well the animation on the caller Holly podcast we could we’re gonna start so we’re gonna start with raw there will be no smoke down this week but it’s only a war off because smackdowns already happened and we’re waiting for it tonight at the time of release so yes okay so we’re gonna talk about raw and the highlights were first of all guess who bloody attack not only Rey Mysterio jr. but Rey Mysterio jr. jr. as well Jack Swagger Brock Lesnar similar similar levels of expertise wanders and beaten MMA and what isn’t so what did you think of this because I mean I saw it was effective the first 10 minutes was sensational yeah learned that the next 10 minutes were completely unnecessary how do you mean because it just it just went on didn’t it it was an intentional thing did you see referees we’re going one more time amazing how they do it he looks all pissed off one more time one more time like you saying get out of it so clever Tinh you by Shawn Michaels blatant at Hell itself yes all the midair that’s just showing off you didn’t need to do that that’s cool I’m glad I did the rock and roll so it looks like it’s good it looks like Lesnar’s he’s back on the scene isn’t he’s been appearing kind of regularly over the past couple of weeks doesn’t it how’s he I don’t know don’t talking about no to appear on Smackdown and probably beat Kofi do you think a bit Hell in a Cell do you think we’ll see either a rematch or will prop be involved in Brock Lesnar’s not wrestling twice in three days no I don’t think so either although the money if it’s there you could just squash I’m gonna help myself yeah I don’t know it’s just we’re at the point now it’s what 6:00 p.m. on a Thursday afternoon we’ve got three matches an ounce for Hellmuth sell it’s it’s a nightmare for us this is just this is just them saying please watch Smackdown it’s important hopefully this is one off yeah yeah but it’s like it’s yeah it’s three matches how dare they not think about us when putting the stuff – exactly the reason you exist VIN Sasha banks defeated one half of the women star team champions Alexa bliss two women who have always been rumoured to actual to have actual heats with each other backstage but the way they’ve been going on Twitter did sea monkey I always kind of look at these rumors and go like are whatever you don’t know but they do seem like each other sweet you know when Sasha tweeted that thing that just was mocking well it looked like it was mocking Seth Rollins I when I saw that first time and I’d seen a Seth Rollins – yeah I thought oh she’s mocking Alexa bliss for not being that great yeah I took it well Alexa then tweeted some kind of eye roll in emoji oh right or not link to it just on its own all that one of my favorite matches of lions dead on Sunday lock them in there yeah call off the roll Women’s Championship match just lock them two in there well you’ve met Alexa and you said she was really nice I mean how much can you learn from five she was very pleasant to me well there’s a problem with the camera between appetit and Sasha banks there no no i-i’ve never met Sasha I don’t think ya know how do I know I operate a camera while she’s being in so okay um they both seemed fine Sasha’s got a bloody private bus now coach yeah Jerry’s not the legit bus city bunks he’s actually happened yeah apparently so right that was real I thought I was just like her being a character I major tells jokes defense and Vince gets her a bus and return I don’t think it was sure I didn’t take like I didn’t see the interval just read the transcript so I met maybe I don’t know but I thought this was effective I’ve got to stare down in the crowd and Becky’s little promo was good as well and the first hour of Raw I thought pretty strong and then I’ll be alright with Sasha cuz the past few weeks she’s just being easily battering the raw women’s team sure I know that you know they’re not as important as the main players in the women’s division but electro Nikki are champions and often chummy’s get be quiet lights a common criticism of WWE what do you think the titles were dead anyway okay still dead yeah and I really thought because Vince loves Alexa that they were gonna be featured more prominently and be and it’s just been another time that tag titles have been a prop in a world title picture very fresh it’s just another example of a team that could be so much more that made up the juxtaposition between Nicki nale accent there nihilist buddies here just pulse that style show a face body Nicki cross is mental yeah weird from one set of X and champions to know the Royal tag team champions Robert Roode and Dolph Ziggler beat heavy machinery are fun match I like this for finally happening no I enjoyed it I think it was just it was something a bit different on the show and I think heavy machinery sort of proved that they could they can do the comedy stuff but at the end it got a bit more intense yeah yeah it works my opinion of them changed when there was that there was that pay-per-view in Washington state where doctors getting cheered all the time and they had a really nice I think is like a three team match that was Extreme Rules yeah was it and heavy machinery was stomping ground so I don’t know whenever Brian was getting cheer do lose a heel it was great that much and I thought oh these are I just always saw them as like kind of like comedy lads blah blah but they’ve actually really wrestle really I thought like tuck I was like whoa I feel so sorry because he’s just he literally literally has everything that man he’s charismatic a fantastic athlete he’s just having that carries managed he took all night took a night he can come back even a girl night him alleged night family as well yeah all right but I just these his partner’s Otis or note this is like chris farley farley without the cocaine yeah yes yeah that’s pretty up to really took the day Adam Sam Billy Madison oh yeah he’s good it’s cool to pee your pants you seen it you love being up there you’d really have a child with a child’s brain no no sorry carry on we got the announcement for oh I’m looking forward to this I’m looking forward to this the next March the next big Saudi Arabia show sorry will feature team Hogan vs team nature Halloween night yeah it’s gonna be hot cami spoon and all the other none was gonna make a rising from the dead Joe but now he’s gonna dress I’m like a ghost yes Landsman he yeah no I think there’s some I’ll just remember something there sorry we’ll talk at the end when we speak about what happened at the end of Raw someone tweeted something do it sure say it now like so lonna neck done with Bobby Lashley as we saw um someone – I forget who it was apologize for not remembering your name on Twitter someone was like rusev joined Team Hogan so the first thing Lana did was neck away our defiance from Lana anyway joining a racist tag team how dare you come here Bob here was that it seems as though team Hogan’s gonna be the baby-faced team team flare is gonna be the heel team you know everyone loves red yeah that’s the thing obviously Flair I think was a better heel Ernie’s is known for being a heel but he’s not here anymore it’s just an old bloke and me he’s just a legend who is nuts and we like ya and I’ll undo you I mean I want team flair to win because I prefer Flair yeah yeah he’s gonna win though oh yeah in Hogan country gonna get your hands on Rick he promised on Twitter this week apparently yeah maybe he just think you just said he’s gonna get his hands on Flair which icon I can’t wait for actually I’m glad that we thought they were teasing actual much between Flair those was gonna sound glad that they confirmed that the captains would be Orton and Seth because I thought last-minute additions it was going to be Hogan you know thank you bro I wouldn’t want to see it but if they’re gonna have a match a five-on-five match where they all they have to do as a figure four in a leg drop so what make sense the problem is this is going really close to Survivor Series we had a five on five yeah is it gonna be elimination I think it must be bronze Brant warfare mmm Survivor Series yeah surely well as mok-dong connects to you oh yes NXT invasions gotta happen like the night after super shirt why the show after super shoulder is FINA sorry I know we’re getting there bloody fin on there on NXT team and XT that would be him Champa call garner riddle riddle tree maybe Oh dreamin tain just dancing round the Viking raiders defeated the OC Erik my boy and I’ve armed a lesser boy which again eirick is Erik is roll yeah eric draven road the baldwin okay you guys answer the yeah that long yep that’s right anyway they be the OC this you know how the bearer of the you see in this feud do you think that’s the end of it did anything happen after this much actually I remember no yeah I think I hope that’s I mean you know why there’s two sizes I’m glad to see that they’re away from squash matches because they just were getting tedious yeah um but I just feel a bit sorry for the OC because it looked like they would find live-ins was finally going to invest in them a little bit he still cares about age I think he’s still wails about it doesn’t give a toss about Stiles sorry gallows and Anderson because AJ wasn’t at ringside wasn’t he they just got beat but when Stiles is there too bit different in it I think more things huh as you said on the stream it’s not his creation so I don’t wants to I think as well like you need you need to get the Viking raiders to beat rude and Ziggler for the belts and then then the authors of payroll come in and that’s your you there Shirley yeah be great big lads yeah yeah anyway um ricochet versus Azhar a great little sprint ever much yeah just a bit too sure but you know why it’s not a problem because it was just so very quickly in a backstage thing baby this brawl could have done done with a good really good match yeah didn’t have was a really great match I don’t think highlight no there wasn’t much though on a week with such great rest of us whereas our mmm-hmm well this is the thing like when we after the streamed was cut we were just thought oh gosh we’ve even done I was saying more after last night I’m sorry first it widens denied week we don’t need Raw and Smackdown no huh we just don’t need them just have an ex teenage OB that’s all you need it’s Wednesday versus the rest of the week now that’s the real yeah yeah ricochet one which I’m torn about because yes it’s it’s probably the right result but I just wishes or I have more get him next e we’ve all been saying it yeah the United States Championship match AJ Styles defeated cetera guards under the burial of cetera continues I’d have a problem with the champion winning in a domina my mother liked it I didn’t mind that pre-show much well I reached out was a shot pretty much bother me with the lifting of the shoulders yeah no yeah that’s a fair point I hope this is it though now I hope AJ moves on but I think we’ll see but then a backwards haven’t either the feud again they always do it backwards in certain ways this the squash match should have been what happened on Raw this week but this row much should have been on the pre-show yeah they always do things backwards doing why not always sometimes hmm so then we moved on to Lacey Evans versus Natalya Lacey one is that the feud over now I was like yeah she’s got custody of the Sharpshooter yeah Natalya she didn’t use it Italian Italian invention this week but I think Lacey’s been steadily improved she had a good match against Emma moon recently maybe that’s why she’s in the few with Natalya cuz Natalia is good at the wrestling I feel for lacy because I think she was just pushed way to go yeah yeah and it’s it’s harder she should have she should be on an XT now oh well is NXT even where does it miss he start now in terms of developmental and where does it position itself development or would it be Theresa brown for years no she was Paul tribulation effects and finally we got them the main segment of the night which was kind of like two segments jammed into one it was almost like they hadn’t really thought this through it was Rollins versus Rousseff that was the March but that wasn’t really important because everything else happened around it’s a foot it was this during that the March is in program yeah a grease of his superkick yeah we saw the limo beforehand it’s John Morrison it’s all these people than outcomes poppy lastly so yeah he came out he stood on the round got a pop yeah did you recognize the theme before I did I was just oh God gesture enrages and then finally Lana comes out blaze they hug and then they kiss and then they kiss and then they kiss and then lana showed racism the red card by an economic popular actually that’s no Lana is now cheated well cooked Rousseff for a third time individually yes of the run the first time was an unofficial one because it was when she was with Ziggler but they weren’t an ayah fishel couple outside of Dover okay right so they announced their engagement while that love thing with summer rain Ziggler and the fish was going on and then she had the one-night fling Aaron Russo FOID the fish and she had the one-night fling with the rock where the rock said she was very flexible and now she’s nectar done with Lashley and why’s rusev still with it hates rusev and Lana together the rumors when he put that Ziggler thing on was he didn’t believe her man like rusev could could get with a lady like he’s a very handsome he’s so hot I know back then he was bigger like longer hair more shaggy still but now he’s got the fade that the mustache for looks like out of patchy I might yeah conveniently soft so people when they see me in the street they’ll just saying all these nice expose just a genuine gonna say so people recognize me I want to see where it looks like okay thank you I would if I could I just can’t just keep the laziness going what an image that would be for the channel and then this the same wasn’t over yet because not only a truce have been horribly betrayed by Laura for a third time but also the the theme then came out and a touch the thrones again and I don’t know he didn’t lay hands on him last week but it feels like war’s end in the same way as a bit has ended in pretty much very similar fashion the past three weeks or so with the Brawn thing with the three weeks two weeks this is the third yeah maybe yeah and in the same way yeah yeah and not even and I could save it for me yeah it was just it I’m still excited for fiend versus Seth just because I really don’t know how it’s gonna finish I think it’ll be that all while the teased it on Twitter but yeah they did a Twitter poll how do you think this Hell in a Cell match will end pinfall submission disqualification why would you do that absolutely miss D cues are always happen how does that happen maybe they just working I don’t think it’s riled up do it it’s tits double it’s like no contest in it double double double ko not double DQ but Bray shouldn’t even be doing a double ko he should knocked out at this point either unless JTA returns that’s a good doesn’t it does MMA on last qualifier because Lesnar hit them both with an f5 it was it was a DQ Mick Foley had to keep fighting any got chucked off the tops of his son Jesus Christ yeah it’s gonna be a DQ let me rip the door off of something something happened he destroyed a bit of the cellar column beau exactly are you literally allowed to do anything you want yeah funny ya got tossed off the top this is partial of each way think about it yeah raw was I think no it was so underwhelming yeah underwhelming can it under it and ah I was so disappointed because you think this competition now it’s the season premiere new set pyro everything pyro was good pyro is very good as well yeah we’ll be an off center yeah I’m not fine that’s just that’s just my eyes fair enough this year we’d seen raw actually I think a clip smack done quite a lot yeah smart owns often the better show of the two even though it’s the less heralded one but now I think this could signify if this is if this is a guess sign of things to come this could be the pendulum swinging back in small towns favor a lot because because it seems like wer now like Oh Fox deal let’s all our eggs on the Smackdown basket raw do your raw thing I think we’ll know as soon as the draft happens how much investment they’re putting in either brand right with who ends up without first pick Smackdown picks Brock Lesnar roar with our first pick we pick primo that would be classic and now onto the first installment of the Wednesday night Wars NXT which was a really good show I thought pretty exclusive I haven’t seen a second of it okay I’ve only seen the highlights of it I’ve seen the highlights but it looked really good yeah from the fan reception especially on the night I feel like it looked like a better show I think it had the better card well this is the thing I mean I thought that as well just from the response it seemed like NXT was but several pundits in the wrestling world if Singh said that they thought aw was the better of the two this week okay including Bryan’s II really I think it’s it’s interesting we NXT has all of these established characters that were familiar with and there are ongoing storylines already plus they had two massive returns where is aw that still just starting now and we’re still not that familiar with things I thought aw we’re going to in a bit but I think it looked like the better show production I mean my thought was like reading the results which I have done they can’t do that every week NXT you know it was a mini table yeah they can’t do that every week where’s aw can’t cuz there was big stars not there there was a lot of big stars lab that was also another set of big stars not there but NXT had them all there I think didn’t they everyone was there yeah yeah pretty much yeah just a I wish ride maybe she wasn’t though she was that she was that so yeah I think that would be my only concern for NXT is the fact that the bars there no no anyways dude yeah I think it’s a really fair point so we open the show with the NXT championship match Adam Cole defending against Matt riddle bold statement from Triple H there started with the NXT title match in war is again I’ve only seen the hottest boy it was said generally across the board who have been a really good match I don’t call one with the assist of like him with his cast a bit so it’s a bit of a dirty finish but it really good much and I think that’s still I think that riddle will still be an XT champion at some point I don’t know I think they might call him up before they even happens oh yeah just because I think they’ll want him on the same brand as Brock respect depending on the claim velasco stuff yeah into it as well but I don’t think he’s gonna be in NXT for that long if he holds the title I think he’ll hold it from one take over to the next and then he’ll go fair enough just because I think he’s such a big investment for them and they’ll want him on the main brand I think he’s one of the few that’s being paid really big money down there as well which must play into it that’s very true although Finn’s down there now and he’s got to be on like nearly a million he must have asked to quit in what line of work I know annex T’s the third but it’s a demotion going from raw Smackdown whatever he was on to NXT in the wrestling world it’s a demotion yes maybe he’s still really passionate about wrestling and the stuff that he was doing on I mean he was lost what he he’s never really since he got injured after the the SummerSlam right drop the universe attack world forfeit yeah never but he must have it stayin in Florida all the time a new Wi-Fi retina mr. Bostic this is just hack theory on the kulluk wrestling podcast once again are any mister faster couldn’t have gone are don’t well I believe that like cuz it makes it makes no business sense does it because you’ve got this guy who must be on problem it like proper main roster money like proper blame roster money yeah and he’s down in NXT I know they’re on USA now but it’s still not the main roster I agree may-maybe he did say like I am NXT now moving forward what was the exact wording I think was like for good yeah right so he’s gonna be down there for a while you know what it’s big name star value and maybe this is just leading to the Survivor Series match if that does happen maybe it’s to get on they call him up straightway afterwards oh yeah stupid thing for him to say next he for good but I know I’m really excited about him being down there I think we’re gonna see him wrestled really great matches again that’s one thing that he’s not been doing he’s been having really good matches but not amazing match it’s not annex yeah New Japan stole finn bálor matches so well we we thought from this that it was gonna be like oh it seems like it’s gonna be cool versus bala but by the end of the show it’s not quite looking that way actually next the velvetine dream called out Roderick Strong and basically charged him to a rematch says you know Roderick you should step out of the shadow of your stable basically be your own man and all that sort of thing good stuff is enough yeah I wonder how long all of the under speedier are gonna hold all the belts for maybe they lose them all at war games yeah we were saying this in the stream weren’t we yeah what war games should just be the war game as much for two and a half hours be more the belt will bounce on the line and we’d never do that again but be good to see it once just the undisputed e reverses what who were the guys that we were saying four guys it was riddle it was who is the tact street prop was a street with all the belts on the line I think I’d be found here did you have a fun night oh yeah just because you were saying that rule was underwhelming but it sounds like the banter in between you sure I you sure I defeated medium in a good little March which I think’s just the right call because Miriam has redeemed us up slightly after that quite flat title match against Shayna Baszler I know people like that I didn’t I had that quite flat was kind how old she had a big chance and fluffed it right well she redeemed herself she’s redeemed herself slightly in defeat – you sure I who surely is well she’s surely the next Women’s Champion but I’ll be heel versus heel much does that matter I think Sheamus chin is getting cold up and she soon I think she’s gonna do an Oscar just like retire that her reign that’s one that I wouldn’t mind at all I didn’t really like it when what was it war raiders went back down and they looked like they were gonna forfeit the titles and then there was a multi man sorry a multi team tag match and then nobody beat them anyway so they did forfeit I remember being annoyed about it cuz I was like it should only be done for free livre yes in exceptional circumstances and I think Shayna Baszler with the length of her reign and similar to ask her that should be the one I think she could lose it in a multi-person March and look at pink and is pinning someone else or something yep well Candice might win yes – shake I’m surprised there wasn’t a title changer Shana gets like she’s like brawling up the ramp with someone or gets taken out in a big spot yeah she just doesn’t get pinned yeah yeah I’ll be fine yeah Johnny Garner defeated Shane thorn in what you think theorized was like from what happened later is just to get Johnny away from the main event scene and he says for a little bit I think the focal point is now put on the man II returned at the ammonia and coal and so they don’t want Johnny in there to muddy the waters just in case maybe the fins being added to maybe it’ll be a triple threat I just see what Ghana versus Finn yes herbs AB spy love the herbs yeah happy nice isn’t much and absolutely fun yes I don’t know I’m trying to think of I tried to there think of what Matthew would say speaking of ABS Tekken XE Women’s Champion Shana Bay is the retained her title against– kindness larae and a much there I actually wouldn’t have been too surprised if this had been the moment when when she finally lost it because you know first first week of the mention tray on Smackdown on Friday Street yeah yeah yeah that would have made sense and I think Candice is an incredible baby Pio such a great wrestler he’s good to see her actually wrestling again as well yes he went through a long period of not doing much so yeah III haven’t seen I’ve seen the highlights again it looked like a hell of a match yeah I think I don’t think I think this is one of those ones where I would have been fine with either the tile changing hands or not yeah I just I’m excited to see where where this really goes next I wonder if can Nestle get another shot it’s hard to kind of tell what the women’s divisions do at the minute but it all seems to be building – oh sure I at some point but yeah and then of course we had Pete Dunn versus Danny birch which was Pete Dunn winning in a nice hard-fought match – Bret’s brass isn’t dead and Peter and 1 and then I just I probably this directly from but they don’t give a toss no they give a toss no the descriptions they put on those matches I don’t know hours of thought put it I’m not doing about that I was trying to get pictures together no they did last night as well can click the gallery and it just takes you to the bloody honey there was another much as well it was the total March at the oldest video of Bobby fish Carly again for the main event yesterday profits in what we call at the end of this match because we switch them hmm not the 50-minute overrun like that whose war is on Foley ruined it didn’t he on Twitter did he I think someone told me today sure d’Isere like he’s TV Guide and it had like Alex team for 2 hours 15 minutes oh right no I thought we had been announced anyway oh how do you think was on everybody’s screen are fair enough user interface thought you’d ruin the magic make so anyway tell you did ruin the magic just before we get there bloody James J man he was twit live streaming on Twitch and we’ll get to in a second but the new Women’s Champion was doing a photo shoot before her match live-streaming it before I know cuz the producer came up with an excellent excuse but everybody nailed it it’s like yeah we take pictures with both women so it doesn’t matter who wins very clever very good lawyer I’m the oldest video retained and then Adam Cole was well it looked it looked like something was gonna have him because instead of getting in the ring with his pals cause at the top there I’m good well done boys great job and then he was confronted by the returning to master Chomper really exciting to see him bark it’s probably only do a big match between the two yeah great to see him back yeah he’s recovered incredibly quickly it’s just a goose bumps when he came out it was really special I hope it’s a number one contender’s win chapter and fin okay I like that that’s where I go would you want anything I don’t know oh so the next not my problem next take okay we get the championship match still yeah so that’s a bit a big sale as well the number one contender match fin versus yeah you could even have it be a draw and then there’d be a triple threat for the player are there’s so many directions there’s so many options this seemed like a pretty strong show but as I mentioned that the opinion was split on which was better this or aw I think from what I’ve seen NXT was bad boy maybe you’ll disagree let us know what you think in the comments down below what did Matthew thing did we get is oh yes he’s not watched it because he was going to Germany at the time and moving on now to the first ever aw dynamite on TNT and the first March well first of all we had the comedy team of junior Tony Shivani and Excalibur and smashed it alone Tony Shivani is amazing he hasn’t lost a step yeah agreed it’s just a fantastic man both ears are pierced we’re sassy yeah it’s one thing I pick up on and on these road to shows it always got easy as Pierce than them anyway it rings or studs studs I think the are studs I don’t know someone can constable at me but I he was amazing Jim Ross was very the thing what that finally worked out how to handle Jim Ross I thought his partners tell him what’s happening like the roles were very much everyone’s worked out what they’re doing now which is it was always gonna take a few shows but now it’s there and it’s very good mmm like it’s Kobe’s the glue yeah he knows things don’t he yeah he does know things and he’s Indy rific and every single Jim Cornette review starts with him having a go at Excalibur for wearing a mask it’s really weird mastering commentary he finds out he finds it he says he looks like a bootleg outlawed trash bag restaurant I thought he’s mask looks very expensive so we got the first match which was Cody with brandy vs. Samiha vara and we thought the music had broken because gonna come out of silence at first there rose up hey I thought that means I know there was no Matic noises Lily what yeah yeah but hangout that’s a TNT thing now cuz WCW suffered from the same issue quite music yeah yeah but I wasn’t sold on like obviously Cody has a great theme and we all know that like a lot of the things the guys coming out from what I could hear they sounded pretty like YouTube music library stuff they and there’s one thing I love about WWE is just like no malware you are on the card well for the most part not the kabuki warriors but you have a I think most people have good themes which is generally in fitting with their characters and I just don’t think I UAW’s there yeah this was a good match really good master star things I think good clash of stylee’s Brandi taking a big bump at the head oh hey oh yes you got pulled in the way ever die from Cody by Sammy Sammy was doing all of his nimble stuff Cody was doing more of his veteran moves there was a really nice big Spanish fly from the top they hit Oscars on yeah both until I was like is that you saying a bribe easier how I will become she’s making the trek from Japan every week you can as well I might have seen a few Robinson specials as well the big silly and then Cody got the win with he got the knees up on a shooting star press and then rolled him up which I think was clever because it wasn’t like he just easily be in him it was more of like I’m more of a veteran I’m smarter yeah I smiled you hear they weren’t a shake hug well no then Tony got in the ring already and got about two seconds of an interview out and then summing pushed him away went for the handshake they did shake hands and then Cody got blindsided by Jericho who beat him down for ages cuz we were watching on fight yes and the unfair break oh yeah did you get the do you watch on fire yeah yeah yeah so like we were seeing so we didn’t get in till about half an hour and 45 minutes saying that we were seeing all the dark stuff as well I really like that Sammy thing the fact that he shook his hand and then he walked away when yeah that’s why I’m looking forward to with this I’m not gonna spell things out as much as did we do obviously because it’s a more mature audience isn’t it yeah and you know what me and Jack were sort of questioning it at the beginning of the series I was he just walked away it actually was addressed at the end of the night that’s that they don’t do that in WWE very often show don’t tell yes yes then we had oh yes then we had em Jeff vs. Brandon Cutler which was a very sure March I think the ending was plant when he tweaked his leg yeah I thought I was and then I’m Jeff just quickly got him in an armbar but he also got a funny promo beforehand and I’m Jeff saying that he was on the wrong side of the guardrail and everything la people march out were questioning whether em Jeff will be a future champion and we thought oh no I thought well gee always world champion beefing up as well mid cause yeah a lengthy mid-calf you honky Tonk Man style yeah but no I think you know I think within two years he’s gonna be a world champ right I do think he’s so good viki’s getting if you look at him in like two years ago and now the difference is poor but in the work he’s anybody know what you all really say about that one that was just that was just it’s as long as it’s you that was the thing I was worried about when they’re like oh we’re not gonna do these 2-minute marches or do redo some matches end quickly some fights end quickly mmm-hmm so it’s good that they do that yeah then we are ringside with Jay and Silent Bob he will plug in there coming film the Jericho’s in excuse me then they’re going to have to buy on helico and Jack Evans and then Jason Mewes when you’ve never won a March or which is true they’re marching aw so yeah and then he showered Rio’s gonna win later tonight and then the private part right I still don’t know what happened here the private part came down and gave them some drinks and then I was expecting to throw them or something but you know at least they’re being featured in the key that they’re keeping the tag-team tournament in in our minds I didn’t realize they came down with the security guard that ushered them away at the end so I was thinking so here I didn’t see him lead the way and I just thought the security guard doesn’t know private parties it’s quite funny when you don’t see the star I don’t know why they did this because they’ve already beaten on helico and Jack Evans clean why are they continuing the few but I quite like it me cause it’s gonna lead to a nothing elite or summer weather like those two probably snap and it goes somewhere for them and also like the fact that the celebrities weren’t involved in like a proper main event they didn’t ruin the proper serious stuff if that makes I know that’s not huh it’s not like Johnny’s not less knowledge in here and also like elevates Jaken and had it going away by being involved with movie stars that’s true as well that’s very true then we’ve got a little video of SCU as like the president they’ve got the actual Barrack Obama do the voiceover which I find amazing and that Richard showed me this by the way I’m gonna share it on Twitter 2008 I think it is w we did a fake Hillary Clinton mom I know either Barack comes out to the Brock’s team he has massive fake years ridiculous it’s real Bill Clinton didn’t then they came out on the stage and Tony was interviewing them and then Scorpio sky revealed that he was gonna be the guy stepping out and the other two were gonna be in the tournament and then Phoenix and Penn they got there and they showed me of a brawl you have a nice little segment yeah I just sort of leads to they’re not facing shouldn’t lucha soros against sorry the jungle expected experience so 3 than I like called the jungle Express on alright it’s those two well two of them against rain so they telegraph the finals here then I don’t know oh yeah oh no maybe maybe so that was that was this the show kind of slowed down a little bit because there was two non-resident segments but then we had Park versus hangman page which was good it wasn’t maybe as good as it would have been if it happened a double or nothing did you know that puck is a bastard yeah did you know you could say bastard on television this was good for good for like good for what it was it felt like maybe there was a bit more they could’ve done but they did some good stuff as well let’s match on the card I’d say there was a huge moonsault I remember from Adam page hmm bear to the outside and puck because he’s just hard didn’t even flinch you know Katya I was good park one with the brutalizer which is the submission that be Kelly Omega and it knocked out I think it knocked out hung man it was very quick mmm was really quick maybe just a second too quick yeah he couldn’t tap goody coz the arm was locked yeah I assumed that he’d gone I submit to the ref cuz it was do zero doing that yeah I think he might give an out I know they didn’t make it clear at all no they didn’t say either way you know me here likes yeah yeah something like no no it was a it was a good match and then we moved on to the aw women’s March took on the first-ever champion niala rose versus Rijo in a match that I found really hard to grade because the the good bits were really good in the bad bits were really bad it was hard to I can forgive the the odd botch as long as it’s like they’re smart and I quickly recover it was the stupidity of nose areas points in the man knowing she had that she shared them submission lastly she was about to pass out if she’d held it for another five seconds the steel chair yeah it title much why the referee didn’t have to stow it but he did yeah what was the other thing I can’t remember but yeah it’s where do I look foolish yeah where do we stand on the belt Bruce I think it’s too small I think it works for this is there’s a retro Burnap stick nuff scale in there yeah it’s too much enough then we’ve got a modern design but it’s it’s too small I think it almost looks like it might be a bit patronizing as well especially when the mind is like whoa nobody saw that coming up as we just seen pictures of it we didn’t know we have a banana next to it for scales so yeah I was a bit disappointed by it and I think it actually sort of telegraphed the finish or the winner of the match as well just cousin Tyler would look so stupid with that she’d have to hold it of the previous companies have done that stuff before yes yeah I thought bits of the match they were really good like when Nile arose just call Rijo I was amazing yeah that was crazy and also there was the I liked the big the big jump in knee shadows off the corner when she drapes them and then Rio hit various Nakamura esque moves and picked up the win yeah lots of knees and that was a shining wizard I was I was shocked me with the winner because for obvious reasons and like the statement it makes and PR and all that malarkey but it would have been interesting if neither did winning they were like we listened to our fans because I very much the sediment has turned on my low recently offering why you know I I just I think I don’t think she she should be the the forefront of the women’s division because she’s not the one of the best wrestling yeah I think they made the right choice yes and I think she’s she’s good and she’s improving but she’s not I’ll tell you what a powerbomb or not as ever was impressive how sure it’s come hell she recovered that though was amazed incredibly strong I want to know if they’re ever gonna tie this story line between Rijo and Yuka sakazaki right what happened there it’s a the wait until they get the rights for you cuz the father who’s Kenny went mad on Twitter didn’t he because that returned pops Rio Post UK down oh you can look really sad yeah oh and then we dressed yeah it has to be addressed it’s the big story like she’ll get a brother love pop when that yeah aai our star and then all that was left was the main of ooh I love dat me I thought it was there was like a chaos this was like to thought you could imagine this being like Judgment Day 2010 – oh man it without looked at me proper through a back end yeah I I I’m not enamored with Jack Swagger buying oh but I’m very excited you know excited the wrong word I hope I’m proven wrong because I’m not a massive jack swagger fan I think he was he was given a lot in the WWE and I don’t know if they just sort of booked him weirdly or take away all the the five-star nonsense you look at just him he’s got everything Donnie not the promo I except right and everything else he’s got he’s big but he’s not like he’s not monster big he’s just a big oh he’s monster big compared to everybody else need up that’s fair he look huge compared to everybody else not right yeah she’s got the legitimate fighting record now yeah he’s a beating up a couple of middle-aged big guys that’s still 11 they recorded it yes more than CM Punk card but put me in a in an octagon with a kid and I’ll have an MMA record like their Professional Bowlers not professional fighters no even your watching by the way I really want to be proven wrong really want to be I want him to be brilliant and I actually think the pro-trump thing could work if this rumor thing that yeah now let’s go through a hopless move so it was Jericho Santana and Ortiz against the elite the young bucks and Kerry Omega but a make it didn’t last long in the match because he was stand up for his big Terminator dive and then we got eerily reminiscent of that double or nothing popular because Moxley was there great visual yeah really good should be think you shouldn’t yes the right yes they mention this in the commentary before and they mentioned that it was DT user at the referees discretion so yeah during the chat when the referee chooses to ignore the rules when he’s a heel referee find a second referee to come out from the backstage area to prove that sure way went wrong yeah needed to be distracted by a big spear but anyway Moxley drugged Omega they brought through the Omega pain with a broom a bit because he’s the cleaner and then why was that in the VIP area why was the VIP area no have no sight of the ring imagine paid all that money for a VIP experience you can’t even see the ring mock sleeper make it through a glass grave we should look fantastic straight away I was like remember that promo is like you fan smell just the night and day of it all yeah ah what it messed up we made with that the market was continuing in the ring with the books since I royalty is doing all that flippy stuff but the heels had the edge because they had Jericho as well as it was three on two now I could watch Ortiz sell all day long oh yeah this was like my first proper LAX matchup see ya he is they’d Yvonne Dudley reincarnated every time he takes a NARS fantastic they are a fantastic tag-team always feel like this might be wrong I feel like Santana’s own is regarded as like the work rate he wanted the two but they’re both really good and Nick Jackson yeah even though this one it was March accent which out I made a double check no I’m not doing all the work Jericho cut off Nick Jackson during the melts driving with a really well time codebreaker sliding in the ring hand in with the codebreaker and then they’d be they be of my Jackson 3 I’m one and got the wind with the Judas effect back elbow and then then so Cody came out because the heels were still being done the baby faces and he was running wild and then Guevara came out and turned heel kicking him in the bollocks and day then Dustin came out in full year despite not having about it so now you might have rest over there probably for dark matches maybe K&K face yeah it was like w8 video games of all where wrestler wears gear everywhere and it goes down with the shops and everything and then Dustin looked like he was turning the tide and then yeah Jake Hager kid he quite the crowd all the Anton’s he just descended from heavy he did and their powerbomb Dustin on to a little table was at the time he was table maybe I was cool and then Kapow bomb Cody got beating up some more and the heat there’s a new he’ll stable ruling the roost so it’s Jericho Sammy swagger Sammy Ortiz and Santana what’s the link there I don’t know yet three of them of Latinos kind of wait until that we hear the name and everything because it’s not gonna work we might work um gov I said I’m just too excited for the confusion on Hagar’s face at the end was a million he’s never done that before cotton socks amazing that I want to be optimistic about it I am yeah it’s just I wanna see I’d want to know what the tie is in between them or like how did it I know it might just be Jericho paying them or something I hope it’s not something as simple as that I hope there’s like a deep rooted I don’t know well it’s to the promotion is too young for the mall to have been underappreciated isn’t it swagger found the belt stolen lax what have they done great Rachel Stevens song yeah joke was a big fan of that and he got confused Sammy showed that WCW pay-per-view did to jericho swear he stole bubbly from yeah there’s the link and that’ll all be explained next week so that was the first week of the Wednesday night Wars and he was really eventful and it just makes me want to tune in at both next week that’s the point isn’t it that’s what it’s really good yeah bollocks to raw yeah if he of Oso sitting there after watching a daily this morn I was like if this wasn’t my livelihood I wouldn’t watch her on Smackdown ever again I wouldn’t watch raw ever again that’s for sure I’d give this muck this week Smackdown a try but if that failed that beat yeah Ross has become an indie rific I know all the Indies me he’s your favorite Chikara true cool accent let’s do the big question no let’s do the mail but that wasn’t nearly as smooth as it could have been let’s have a run mailbags it’s May about time thanks for everyone who sent your questions in let’s just dive straight on in number one hi guys it’s about 2 a.m. here and I started watching Randy Orton vs. Jeff Hardy Hell in a Cell 2018 it was better than I remember what is your favorite Randall Keith March keep up the podcasting you guys are great cheers from Milwaukee Kieran thanks Karen what’s your favorite Randall Keith match and first of all thought much was better than you remembered I was actually is one of my favorite roundel Keith matches is your favorite run luckiest man possibly no it can’t be but the Jeff Hardy spot the NFL yeah the screwdriver was horrific and great thumbnail material God you go first I’ll have a think about this WrestleMania 21 Undertaker vs. Rogers ratio that was like Randy Orton’s coming-out party there’s a proper bonafide main event Wow look at him go because Newt this is I know there wasn’t and look at him go fly WEEE hmm I know those rumors I don’t if they came out recently enough that Vince wanted to end the streak the air later with Mark Henry really that they are things that loud was yeah but this was like the first time really that you thought my god the streak the streak might end here because numerous times around you look like was gonna end that much but he didn’t put much thought amazing much and a good Feud as well I enjoyed the feud with the fake Undertaker in the casket and Bob Orton I’m almost given Undertaker hepatitis C that wasn’t it almost feels like it wasn’t around E or a match it was too quick for Randy what no no this was my choice up so that you’re right there well it’s the triple threat with Bryan and I was great in it he broke his butt yeah on the announce table oh but it was a bit of a cop-out to say that was all about Bryan really wasn’t it it wasn’t all about you know I mean I’ve got one when I say either both gonna go balls Mick Foley oh yeah but all four yeah that’s my favorite round little Keith much I only thought of it because you said it was his coming out party and I was like so is that one in a different way that was one for the smart yeah yeah that was hit that smocks said Randy what didn’t go maybe the best thumb tucked bomb ever or the best reaction to a thumbs up I’m ever he’s all like oh like Jericho’s in the arm oh that was horrible that’s a good boy I love a thumbtack bump mm-hmm would you do one yeah we’re talking about this the other day I might been on the podcast when we were talking about this in fact I don’t know I’d love to do one would you genuinely yeah not not as I enjoy pain or anything I just think it’s such a great visual yeah 15 grand on me I’ll do a thumbtack balm she’s cue knob she’s hearing next up Jonathan Hugh kill just watched the captivating career of Vince McMahon Shard Justin and Owen was it all new additive that one yeah no Andrew I’m dreams yeah Andrew wanted together the jingle for this week and rest yes and chatter Jack doing the voice-over no shout me out for suggesting to you that you go to Andrew to do the jingle behind the scenes here this is my main event of aw just watch the content career of Vince McMahon shouts you Justin frying it was it on the channel that got me thinking hard Vince senior supported Vince juniors desire to be an in-ring talent where do you think he could have gone could you see the genetic jackhammer being regarded as one of the greats the other physique and as we know he has charisma to spare it’s interesting to think about how the wrestling landscape may be different had been spent much of his career as an in-ring competitor only once again that was Jonathan Hugh kill very interesting question I like it whole Cogan would not have existed Vince McMahon because remember in the eighties Vince McMahon was everyone’s favorite favorite uncle uncle Vince with his blue jacket yeah hello boys and girls toy it would have been the one saying eat your vitamins and say your prayers no I disagree here I think I can’t imagine him that role was perfect for him it can never be topped mr. McMahon the evil mr. McMahon was absolutely perfect it came along at the right time in his life any earlier you would have never bought Vince even if it been a big muscley man just cuz the way he’s a dweeb isn’t he yeah coming from me but now I he does have charisma for days and he’s he’s got timing yeah and he has chemistry with some people he said good matches yeah yeah but it’s so character based I don’t know the answers of it I don’t know if Vince has well you never know as a younger man what he was like but I know he had he’s in the army the athleticism suppose he I don’t know if the other side of his question is also like what would have happened if Vince had never promoted if he’d just been a wrestler it’s hard to tell where what would have happened then you never know yeah maybe the WF would never have been a big thing without Vince no definitely not well you could be arrests he could be on the roster though dragging them to five-star much it would be promoting the ordinary own and I never got the global national TV would his dad was an see it oh yeah Jack Tony in charge with you the business wouldn’t have died because the territory system would still be in play today wrestling would be the exception to the rule the purest of it and we would have 25 different promotions to review 25 different on democracy videos so yeah thank you for the question Jonathan next one’s quite a long one but there is an interesting question at the end of it all our gents here’s a short tale to put my question into context I went out for a few pints around two months ago and it ended up as a pretty big one the standard getting home at 8:00 a.m. the next day kind of deal Lud I woke up the following afternoon to find out that at some point you in the night I’d spent 300 pounds on front-row tickets to Bound for Glory in Chicago this October I live in Wigan England so just specifies I live in Wigan is it you so it’s a feral trip away and not exactly cheap but drunk me was obviously pretty determined anyway after a few weeks of banging my head against a wall for spending so much I’m not pretty stoked to be stoked England to be going and with the stucked card a front row seat I’m the VIP meeting Reid it’s not seeming like a bad deal anymore good that’s good anyway the question part have you ever bought something wrestling relay and then come to regret it merch tickets etc well have you ever just spunks a load of money up the wall when drunk on something overly extra cost and as a follower have you gone under think it was actually a good thing a little further down the line would love to hear some tales to make my life choices seem more acceptable by comparison best wishes right now he’s trying to catch Matthew out here but he’s not here Phil peacock filthy filthy cock filthy cock a K crispy COO oh no don’t read that yep okay fuck Efron okay watching you p EK foo foo all know a case okay Alex PS aubergine peach banana wet tongue please read please make Matthew read out these emojis thank you but cheers for that fuck therefore you go on a Ross it’s not wrestling related but it’s something I deeply regret I got pissed at Union did this exact same thing as him and I was on Amazon and saw 14 liters of Ambon go advertised now say woe afford elite ik carnival Bongo forget that I ordered it and I didn’t I got it delivered who arrived and ordered it to me moms I didn’t order to the Uni house or it’s straight home so I got a phone call just one random Thursday me my looks like this big boxes arrived here and it says I’m bunk on the side and the bottom is all like wet I can you come home and like have a look I’ve got home and it was just 14 morally accountable Bongo never been more disappointed in my life both in terms of actually buying the thing and it not been affording me a kind of Carnival manga just one leaked right general moisture on the bottom of things so yeah we’re at 14 years on Bongo just in the fridge it was that was good I love history I love on Bongo really tasty drink it in the Congo I’ve got I probably got a wrestling on and I I’m really bad for this this is exactly what I do all the time I picked this question because I thought Adam I have some good stories okay so wrestling related WWF pinball machine off eBay see massive six grand I don’t have six round I never had six around I’ve never had six grand in my bank account and I had to send an apologetic email to say I’m really really sorry but I can’t afford this WWF superstars pinball machine I didn’t have room for it I was living at my mum and dad’s house what did you buy was one good well same thing with the Mick Foley mask I’ve got a plaque like an old WWF plaque thing at home which is signed by Michaels that was a drunken purchase I like that thing it wasn’t that expensive I’ve got one it yeah got the NXT London poster I know it’s signed by everybody I guess that’s a good one yeah that’s good yeah I was pissed it came into frame um okay I’ve got so many non-wrestling related ones ah you go first Jack and I’m trying to the first one I haven’t got rest of Renee woman I’ve got a no it’s not even a purchase it’s more of like an experience I guess we I went to a really rubbish circus once that was good and you brought your book tickets drunk no no I wasn’t drunk I just I just it was such a waste of my I was trying to think that what’s the thing that I really regret buy and it was the circus tickets I was rapping at uni you know he showed that the new year around and stuff like ah and then they got us back in the following summer because those of us who lived locally because it was Durham and I lived nearby and they were like oh can you just come back in and rap for the international students because they got in earlier so then once we’d finished on rappin for the week we all decided ah let’s have a big night out and then the next day we were like on the circus is in town let’s go to the circus the next day and we all went on the night out and then me and only wanted the girl while I still keen for the circus the next day and I was like are do we really have to go this and she was like I’ll be good again and we went and it was really bad like there was a scary you know Mickey Mouse like adorable Mickey Mouse figures and stuff like people in the costume stuff there was two of them waiting to greet you on arrival and Mickey and Minnie but their legs were so long that it looked really off for some reason there was trapeze who they tried to do a trick two times and the guy was like oh last time and we were like they were on the last one didn’t do it and they just were my that was like a big hand for there we were like what with her animals no they weren’t animals there was also such a it was really corny actually wrestling there was a game where like they got people in from the crowd and you had to do basically you had a rolling stone in a certain hula hoop and then if you stood in the right one then you’d not be eliminated and eventually the last people would win a prize but the last people who won were blatantly members of the circus in normal clothes now you could just tell you could just tell they were not from I work in everyone they knew would surely have to stand him because they’ve done it before they knew the system they were part of the team yeah it was a rubbish circus creepy figures at the front door and I it was such a waste of such a waste of money um okay I think I’m gonna go with this one because it was it was I just ended up throwing it all away in the end I bought like 18 or so big spindles or whatever they’re called rolls of bubble wrap sort of though they come up to there for a video that I had in mind when I was drunk and I was convinced that this was gonna be like this massive viral thing this is pre UB yeah I think this is like it was just after I’ve done the girl of my dreams thinking I was like I want to do something like that again and I had this amazing idea for a video I remember being in the pub explaining it to my mate Ben being like this is gonna be fantastic how is he so I bought that it all arrived in my parents house and I spent probably about 400 quid on a credit card I think thinking big if I was gonna make my money back yeah the problem is I don’t remember ordering it and then when it arrived I didn’t even remember what the idea for the video was and I still don’t remember what I think the more I think about it it was about that he was gonna be like some sort of prank thing where I covered my hat in my parents house in bubble wrap but I don’t even know if that was it that sounds like a New Age YouTube video that come on time aren’t I I don’t know what it was but they got fed up with it sitting in the shed and asked me to get rid of it and ended up giving it to a charity shop hell knows what they did with it all this bubble wrap there you go excellent I’ll make the video one day [Music] this week’s Reese’s Pieces comes courtesy of mal hello fellas including any potential Matthew wxw replacement he knows a few Reese’s Pieces to do with your respective taste in food and drink so it’s all it’s a food and drink special nothing yeah we’ll go right I guess we’ll go Ross I didn’t me okay first one Big Mac or Burger King whopper whopper whopper chicken nuggets or popcorn chicken nuggets chicken popcorn chicken not seasoning yes welcome Amazon Nanda’s never been at huaca members sir Nando’s wagamama ZZZ I feel like it’s really overpriced not that Nando’s isn’t at least is cheap but I remember going for a meal at Wagga man is fairly recently sorry I know this is quick and it ended up costing like 50 60 quid for like it’s just it’s just a bowl of wet crap isn’t it really it’s just a bowl of soggy noodles why the mothers they’ll get a chicken katsu curry good all right Nando’s I guess because I still think Nando’s is over price well you get me I agree yes chicken isn’t it’s not even that great it’s just like goin and oh isn’t it get played no not you miles not even my plane you know what I don’t care I’ll go for wagon mamas but I’ve never tried anything apart my chicken katsu creation that you’re really good chicken katsu curry coke Cola or Pepsi coke I don’t drink full fat either I think Coke Zero is really tasty so I’ll go Coco yes Pepsi Max is bear Pepsi Max actually that cherry I’ll go for Coke because there’s nothing better than like nice summer’s day yeah just what do you what do you get yourself if you’re not drinking but you go the pub leverage gets a big full fuck oh I know the cure me draught subway or Greg’s oh my days sir Greg’s yeah Subway’s Bala Greg’s air quotes subway maybe a my sandwich tastes the same smell it makes me feel sick I walk past one on my way home every des and that horrible it doesn’t smell like sandwiches it’s the smell of Subway isn’t it yes but it’s absolutely repugnant you can have or you can have an Italian BMT it tastes exactly the same hey the sauce makes a difference yeah I like the chipotle sauce I’m all about the Southwest number that would pick funnel but great it’s gonna be great they’re great oh yeah variety yeah but don’t order Greg’s you order they always day I’ve done it quite regularly to the office before though and it’s it’s free delivery but it’s very hitting this breezily three times have dinner here and all three times have miss something oh no beds oh I want compensation which I’ve got anyway because they put the money back Michael but still I want something in return I’m going to take away this week turned up two hours late I was annoying well I just I don’t normally complain about anything I can’t even take stuff back to shop hey brick yeah very very bridge the other day I bought a piss and coat right got I didn’t look at the price I was in such a rush and it was in TK Maxx and I was just like oh that’s gonna be there’s not gonna be too expensive it doesn’t look expensive got to the tail was like 130 so you bought or without checking the price I was in such a rush it was stupid it was really stupid of me and I got to the tail 130 pounds that’s it’s a barber walk Oh ba ba ba ba ba and I paid for it and I don’t have that money to be spending it whatever yeah but you gonna look fly Walker on the northeastern a barber jacket you like a really posh farmer thank you oh no I got my money back for the takeaway turn up two hours late don’t roll your eyes I just chansik is it’s anonymous really is it’s not anonymous but there’s no face-to-face contacts just like turn up two hours late actually unless an absolute disgrace burritos kick-ass burritos by any chance no I good Eldon square they gave me to pound fifty and they were funded that Burgess nice hell yeah uber ease Cheers and pasta or pizza pizza pasta pizza Pringles or Doritos Doritos Doritos Pringles Joker no the barbecue bring then a real crisps are they on a potato either already oh yeah the tortilla chips aren’t they carry on okay and I like the little mascot man on the Pringles as well sweet or salted popcorn sweet sweet salted minstrels or Maltesers or difficult installs Maltesers minstrels just but they’re both really good tongue fast exhaust our mix this is horrible tongue fast –ax see on like super mix tank fastings star mix because i like a tongue fast ik but you’ve got a sight yourself up for that level of fizz cherries are amazed how there’s a lot of crap in a tank fastings bag I don’t like the kobolds in legitimately wound up fire in your eyes there and finally sausage time with your bacon sandwich bacon sausage sausage bacon and sausage with an egg delicious subway subway baguette with all three and wait wait I didn’t mean that grace grace grace no God have you seen the fate of a subway breakfast they sit there in those little battery trays for like eight hours sweating and they put these dirty little cut in half sausages which is still attached in the middle in there all right absolutely the weird little like pillows of egg you know what I’m someone soon at ob carvery breakfast they do a break they do it buffet I don’t it’s unlimited you can definitely go more than once they’re like he can only to recovery that’s not for me though just for the rest of it you get your two sausages your two bacon and then you go out no I many mushrooms just you get a big plate don’t you fill the plate you go and sit down and you go and finish it fried bread black pudding you find a black pudding I think so Toby carvery not too long ago they now serve macaroni cheese as part of that carvery that’s not right I hide it on there I wouldn’t I wouldn’t say no to again it worked we’ll get the sponsorship one day time somebody’s gonna be no Toby or try with dark fruits I try with tourists not working – master little sign-off hope none of you picked salted popcorn over sweet but I did so sorry about that and have a topper we gain all the best – my popcorn toffee popcorn the best pop I just like butter kiss this is called out to Brandon oh oh yeah big time request tango ice blast Oh mailbag a Kohala compilation yeah it’s always free its comics [Music] I’m finding the big question which is what would you replace the WWE Hell in a Cell pay-per-view with because let’s be honest right it’s nobody’s favorite pair with you everyone’s got the same criticism about Hell in a Cell pay-per-view and that is that it makes one of the biggest most intense bloodthirsty stipulations in WWE and all of wrestling completely arbitrary we’re just fighting in a Hell in a Cell because it’s all after this weekend there will have been 42 I wanna sell matches Wow Ludacris ahem I don’t know if it do we reckon brand sorry pay-per-view exclusive sets will come back in this new era because surely we all after tomorrow surely I think rod snapped and I go look very different surely with them being on different networks and money being different in the deals and whatnot surely they look different they’ve had a lot of money for a long time and we have the same sex they have been hard up I know but mine is very much based on that because it’s it’s Halloween Havoc needs to come back yeah in with the bouncing pumpkin and the big ghoul over the top of it who now sits in the front most delicious do you think it would look cheap today maybe because obviously I’ll be inherently G cuz the reason I don’t know who said this it might be in proceed P on the mi see I don’t know but the reason they don’t have those are two year exclusive sets now it’s because they would look nuff in HD yeah that’s a really fair point yeah because it’s all just scaffolding isn’t it yeah but this is this is this is material what’s the material of balloons made out of like a bouncy castle alright legislate to see Halloween have it come back doing in Saudi Arabia boys a crown jewel too isn’t it maybe havoc yeah live from Jeddah yeah no I’d love to yeah it’s a nice throwback isn’t it maybe it works better is not a proper pay-per-view and like a one of the weird Network exclusive things like to starcade no I want to see and all that other hmm Cyber Sunday that’s great shows just because we’re in the age of social media and you see the odd pole kick about but not even like a raw things Hatter in recent times they’ve got their app that they want to plug with the network bill into it it’s just it’s so obvious and I like Cyber Sunday just because it was unpredictable you never you know in new if you’re gonna get buddy Jim Duggan or who actually want it sergeant slaughter was it Oh snooker no I can’t Michael was yeah Piper it was still worked wasn’t it Cyber Sunday no apparently Vince refused to make it work baby yeah good when it d still unroll that was worked alright listen to someone say wheels have been spinning wheel make the deal they’re all obviously but how would I’d like to see a buck hello sir Jack well YouTube saying really you you’ve both got a really good one so I’m not gonna I don’t think I’ve done a few T’s crap I don’t think I can think of on the iographer crush our big Grand Prix for two hours two hours of crush our game planes no real a real Grand Prix all get in there big monster trucks and go okay yeah or it worked very well last time WCW didn’t it big three-hour show just dedicated as a 24/7 toil yeah oh that be chaos that will be amazing just like you’re the chariot the start you’ve got to be the champion in three hours time like battle royal see what I bought at night force by yard with the 24/7 time 24 hour livestream it’s the 24/7 tire threw it up as a joke there there security cameras everywhere you tuned in line you choose which camera you’re watching they’re given a map they can’t go outside of these get a weapon wash this different weapon some of them get ghost guns what amazing field yeah this is a great film oh my god you’ve come up with something incredible I already you know I just kept with the seed of it and you’ve got uh what would it be called Oh 24 wrestling for for twenty four seven nine twenty four seven yeah find it for finders keepers all right losers we do this David Prince sorry the brand-new quiz sure yeah let’s call it 24 boyars yeah yep yep oh boy odds bucket is he still alive Leslie Grantham night I did need a den did he I think he did was he the guy who yep sort of done oh well I knew I knew you’re gonna reference that I knew it I’ll tell you off watching this week’s colleague rest in podcast Matthew I think hopefully he has a really good time in Germany and hope you hopefully you all have really good weeks as well Adam have you got anything you want to plug or say no just just if means we man is watching please release the the card as soon as possible for this weekend because we we’re up poo creek without a paddle at the moment I mean that’s useless by the time this podcast goes out fair points want to record it tomorrow morning though Vince don’t worry I’ve got a straight to hell with a double use lucha Sora’s coming out this weekend fantastic I’ll give a shower to clothesline I’d get clotheslined on Twitter and that cuz they’re a good clothing line who’s robbed you just read that yeah that’s also a shout out to super horny 26 as well thank you everyone also grapple as well and also the clothing line but the other clothing lines their lab hall I bought this one though no anyway I’m out all right shouts a barber as well pinball machine shout out to everyone who shout to print print fruitful yeah if you want to vote on the Hall of Fame that’s paid rom-com forward slash call the whole like the mailbags mailbag at collage calm and don’t forget of course so put your hands in the middle what does Matthew say for your hands in the middle and you flip them upside down join and take all the bollocks thanks for watching let’s now we can think in the comments below you can follow a call a holic on twitter at color on ik and you can find some facebook at full touch colonic if you draw what we do you can pledge to our patreon at patreon for – called the holic hit subscribe and don’t forget join us [Music]

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