Chris Jericho Introduces His New Faction As The “Inner Circle” (AEW Dynamite: October 9th, 2019)

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[Music] [Applause] [Applause] take a look at this group yeah Excalibur [Music] stupid to surround himself with some pretty Batman ass behind what after that got an army of killers Watson his back and some of the bugs bringing up the rear Jake Hagar [Music] you thought that I was gonna defeat up last week with Texas wall no more cigarettes last week [Applause] [Music] [Applause] maybe the shrewdest dude [Music] he’s dreamed in itself a time and time again oh they get bigger and bigger his longevity has been incurred – six grand twenty-nine and years ago at seven days when Chris Jericho first entered a professional wrestling ring Wow great staff [Applause] my name is Chris Jericho and I am Alice champion of aew last week the debut episode of aew dynamite took the world by storm the highest yet that’s right the highest rated premiere at TNT history and it’s all because of me [Applause] there’s the newsflash shut your mouth sit down [Applause] at the end of the episode you saw the five of us beating the hell out of all the elite we proved who we are the five of us here we are next we are now [Applause] these are my confidants here the four closest men to me that I’ve ever met and people been asked to me all week hey Chris we’re the father you are you still gonna be aligned are you gonna work together more do you have a name the answer is yes to all of this let me explain who we are and what we’re about look this guy right here Sammy Guevara look at him [Applause] he looks like a Spanish God look how sexy he is [Applause] and not only is he a teenage heartthrob he’s one of the greatest performers I’ve seen at his age in a long time he’s athletic he’s acrobatic he is simply amazing and he is on my list and then look at these two psychos beside me right here Santana and Artie’s you might have seen them around but I’ll tell you what they’re dirtier than they’ve ever been they’re nastier than they’ve ever been I personally recruited them to aew and they are ready to fight they’re angry they’re pit bulls among pit bulls the street fighter back-alley brutes and I like it and that’s why they made my list viva la raza and then this man right here this science behind me you may think you know is but his real name is Jake Hagar and yeah Jake Hagar he’s a former world champion but more importantly right here right now he is the toughest most terrified most crazy MMA fighter in the world today okay hold on [Applause] for a second calm down for one second we the people’s socks and it’s dead and buried it was a stupid idea from bad trade and and all that’s gone [Applause] shake agar is the most feared MMA fighter on the planet today and guess what he’s undefeated and that’s a shoot that makes them the toughest man in aw uh and that makes them the toughest man in the entire professional wrestling business baby so he’s not afraid to challenge any fighter wrestler boxer MMA guy former MMA guy street bum bare-knuckle fighter do you name it hey guys ready look gonna be a giant [Applause] these are my closest confidence these are my friends this is my inner circle we are the inner circle baby and we’re taking control of alw no matter who thinks third charge around here we’re in charge down and I don’t care if you’re the young bucks or Kenny or mana or that stupid son of a bitch Cody oh yeah let’s talk about Cody that’s right challenging me on November 9th at full gear Cody’s been entitled from his famous family his entire life was born with a silver spoon in his mouth his entire life well you know what Cody I don’t like you and I don’t like your family [Applause] I don’t like your father dusty rose as it was a jerk [Applause] I don’t like your brother Duff’s and roads I think he’s a mourner I’m gonna kick his ass tonight and most importantly Cody on November 9th that’s full gear when you challenge the champion for the aew championship you know what’s gonna happen to you I’m gonna beat the everliving shit out of you and then we’re going to walk the streets of Baltimore we’re gonna have a little bit of the inner circles you’re welcome well first you answered a lot of questions there let’s go start from the t-shirts tell me inner circle you may want to visit shop aww calm because I got a text message that said shop ewm inner circle well what a group how about Hagar’s staring at the camera not moving no facial expression scary man Jim [Music]

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