Charlotte Flair vs Bayley Match – WWE Smackdown 11 October 2019 Highlights

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Stephanie McMahon and now for the fourth and final round of the WWE Draft Monday Night Raw selects the Viking raiders the final round tonight remember the draft is a two-night event the Viking raiders head to wrong you want to join the raid it’s going to be on USA Network good pick by Raw Eric and I are going to Friday Night SmackDown lucha house-party I’ve never seen you so excited I love the lucious I know this Monday Night Raw chooses Nikki cross the unhinged one heads the Monday night’s al Alexa bliss and remaining on Friday Night Smackdown Otis and Tucker heavy machinery God not just salutis but the caterpillar heavy machinery the Fox realize how much more they’re gonna have to spend on catering for these two well why do you ask him the Fox executives they seem pretty happy then they picked heavy machinery one of the top tag teams here if BB w I think the executives realize that Otis big SpongeBob’s a documentary and the final pick of part one of the WWE Draft Monday Night Raw wants the smoke Montez bored and Angelo Dawkins the streets rapid that is a by Monday night I concur goal very very high upside on this duo WWE draft we’re all about to wrap up here on Friday Night Smackdown what do you guys think of how everything’s shaked out so far Joe you know when you look at the raw roster up and down these guys are solid as can be dangerous dangerous individuals including the Viking raiders these guys know what they’re going to do and I really like what the war rooms put out tonight appreciate you saying that Joe but when it comes to unpredictability one-of-a-kind spectacle Bray Wyatt’s braun strowman Roman reigns I got to hand it to Smackdown the Fox execs got to be stoked the brands looking good over here book I mean thoughts awesome job raw awesome job but I will tell you right now the one name that stands out to most of me in this thing raw got a ricochet man ricochet is a top talent anywhere in the world the guy’s a major player well just to keep you guys informed here anyone that went undrafted tonight that was a part of our available talent pool they are gonna be called undrafted free agents at this point so stay tuned to to find out where your favorite superstars are gonna end though [Music] I certainly hope that the champ stays on Friday nights the Queen has arrived moments ago you saw Renee young at Booker T on our panel we invite you to join Renee and Booker this coming Tuesday night right here over on fs1 because it’s WWE backstage that a view of that brand-new show it immediately follows the American League Championship Series Yankees and the Astros Renee hooker with WWE backstage or up coming up next Charlotte Flair defends her newly won Smackdown Women’s Championship against former champion Bayley for Charlotte Flair the 10-time champion to defend the SmackDown Women’s Championship against the former champion who she defeated at Hell in a Cell Bayley at the Hell in a Cell event what a great matchup it was between two great rivals the champion at the time Bailey certainly came into the match with a game plan took a few shortcuts but inevitably the Queen was just too much for the hugger to withstand Charlotte Flair would lock on the figure-eight submission Bayley left with no choice but to submit making Charlotte the champion for a 10th time in WWE Bailey Ashley threw a temper tantrum after that matchup she was so upset that she lost the SmackDown title [Applause] [Music] and introducing the Challenger from San Jose California with her trademark smile on wonder if she collected her thoughts well enough to sleep Hell in a Cell in the past and moved forward to get Bailey has its opportunity to recapture her coveted smackdown with his championship [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Applause] whoa [Applause] Lily’s slaughtering inflatable people hurt her trademark but yeah it’s something that’s defined fairly throughout her entire career here in WWE and what Bailey is all about that fun-loving persona [Applause] [Music] excuse me that was more than a temper tantrum after losing the title calling it Bailey’s undergone some sort of metamorphosis a complete change in personality from the former champion we as Charlotte does not know quite what to make out of this bloody man was it to make in this city we’ve all known Bailey for years and this is the furthest thing from anything we’ve ever seen on her [Applause] so the question is now how does this this gate persona what will it mean for Bailey in the ring with the SmackDown women’s title on the line here tonight hopefully it means Bailey can focus on winning championships in’ and here we go Bailey went red after Charlotte Flair this is for the Women’s Championship on Friday Night Smackdown here on Fox and Charlotte now turning the tables and Bailey fight it out as well and a very aggressive Bailey from the get-go here it’s Charlotte as well better be careful not to get overzealous because the Queen will make you pay if you make a mistake on Jason just like that neckbreaker by Charlotte Bailey has to pin or submit Charlotte to win the championship here tonight champions advantage it could be the last night we ever see this rivalry depending upon where these two women are selected and the draft as Bailey is whipped getting a barricade in gear point quarry Charlotte Flair’s see just about everything in her career as a 10-time champion I don’t think this is a change in Bailey is going to affect the Queen at least actually offset of this matchup there’s nothing if not spent taking a few shortcuts gonna wonder oh thank goodness Bailey’s friendship with Sasha banks had anything to do with this Sasha banks returned recently with a new look new attitude and it served the boss quite well but home Bailey’s taking a page out of that crop Prosser we do know banks is part of SmackDown drafted earlier tonight meanwhile Bailey looks to regain the SmackDown Women’s Championship can Charlotte get back to this match ride [Applause] he’s the world’s toughest firefighter because odd Fox in Las Vegas it is Charlotte Flair defending the Smackdown with his challenge others Bailey almost had Bailey there but Bailey quarry a new look Bailey the new attitude Bailey has been in control this match it remains to be seen just how effective this new how look oh my goodness from Bailey will be but at the moment certainly impressive after losing the spec now women’s title at the Hell in a Cell pay-per-view and that nicely Kelly went nuts she threw a temper tantrum and here tonight came out with a new look a new attitude and now she’s dominating the current champion Charlotte Flair well I think it was less a temper tantrum though wasn’t a full-blown meltdown cover here by Bailey to win the title back in a kick-out by Charlotte certainly a newfound intensity in the eyes of the Challenger tonight I don’t know that I’ve ever seen Bailey this focused laser focused on Charlotte Flair on becoming the SmackDown Women’s Champion once again you know how hell-bent she was to prove herself as being a great champion when she held the gold extremely disappointed he embarrassed even that she lost this past Sunday and Bailey with a side headlock continuing to wear Charlotte down and it’s not often you see Charlotte controlled like this by an opponent of flair just so powerful arguably the most in WWE physically speaking very very hard to maneuver Charlotte around if she is not willing to let you do that look at Bailey again into the side headlock controlling Charlotte this is for the SmackDown Women’s Championship currently owned by Charlotte Flair and Bailey now to the apron catches Charlotte with a forearm and it’s Bailey controlling the face the Yepes I should say so far in this match Kelly off the apron of this could be the opening the champion needs right now technically Charlotte Flair could stay in the ring collect a 10 count and retain her championship with that’s not how the Queen will shit himself over that top rope and taking out the Challenger a 10-time champion Charlotte Flair Bailey back into the ring Charlotte out of it flair chop it Charlotte Flair wearing down the Challenger drops Bayley to the mat pin a suplex great throw by Charlotte yeah for mention strength of Charlotte Flair the Queen beginning to feel that this does not bode well for Bailey the Challenger yeah but barely able to quell Lola totally thought she had stopped Charlotte but would not happen there and now Charlotte wearing the legs down a Bailey which will set up the figure 8 which is how Charlotte won the title sunday now trying to drag Bayley back to the set on the ranked Bailey holding on to the ropes Charlotte Flair is defeated Bailey with the figure-eight submission twice in as many weeks you know that that’s what the Queen’s gonna be looking for that boot driving barely off the apron again and that is the intensity that Charlotte Flair brings to the REA Bailey now in jeopardy of squandering another championship opportunity and you use the word squandering what will it be if Bailey loses here tonight we saw what it meant here his impact from the Queen rolls the Challenger and cover by Charlotte Clare to retain the title and a kick-out at two by Bailey once again check out the impact Charlotte’s Flair tremendous athleticism and the knee catches belly Charlotte now trying to muscle Bailey into the center of the Ring smart move by the Challenger ticking out the knee of the champion we saw Bailey attempt a little bit of leg based offense at Hell in a Cell to no avail Queen reverses looking for a backslide Bailey though using the ropes to her advantage Bailey no belly [Applause] Charlotte kicked out into a belly-to-belly we have seen Bailey used that maneuvered a great success throughout her tenure in WWE Charlotte Flair with too much left in the tank daily just planted the champion but at this point Bailey can’t get frustrated because remember the SmackDown winners titles on the loose Charlotte neckbreaker face-first into the turnbuckle goes the challenges and again that frustration by Bailey at the official allowed Charlotte to recuperate and now the Queen goes up to the top rope Charlotte looking for a moon shot family got her legs up but Charlotte able to counter [Applause] Daley trying to make it to the bottom rope Bailey is desperate Charlotte Flair trying to better her ring positioning to prevent Bailey from reaching the ropes and now looking for the figure-4 but Bailey face-first into the middle turnbuckle cover gonna stock up Charlotte Bailey using the ropes for leverage but a kick-out by Charlotte at two Bailey can’t believe it [Applause] and look at valiantly she’s gotta be careful her quarry that she’s not disqualified yeah but all the damage you can inflict within the rules is necessary to become Smackdown Women’s Champion Bailey all too aware of those facts right now suplex 5 Bailey to Charlotte and out Bailey measuring the champion running me drive Charlotte into the bottom turnbuckle Bailey looking to win the championship right here dragging Charlotte out toward the center of the Ring what’s Bentley looking to do though we’ve seen badly utilizing this efficient LIC drop from the top rope voilá Macho Man Randy Savage hailey with Charlotte in the middle the Charlotte to win the championship gives it enough tears down that Tara dare fall for the Challenger the can’t speak enough to a resilience of Charlotte Flair and again the frustration by Bailey we certainly has the heart of a champion [Applause] Bailey is unraveling before our very eyes much like we Shaw selection look at I take advantage of barely screamed the official once again [Applause] bailius wins tonight the spot that women championship for the second time in her career then a sinister smile by the new champion and you look Bailey has won the gold the desired results were in she’d nobody has any rights

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