Catch Wrestling: Leg Rides to Banana Split & Wrestlers Guillotine: Snake Pit U.S.A.

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we’ll have to take another sing about tradition here attack and defense positions now here with full determine just going to most common any face we’re playing it we’re working a lot of late rides we get in some way driving something that we’ll talk about the only understandable a drive guys like John passengers of the blade ride down one by him so these someone lay rides a may and use and I these are basics so random down here here to make them sleep he’s down here on his face his feet are down here it’s hard for me to get anything under here at first to get space to get to his ankles way I want to because I really want to start with a ball and chain and then branch out into a crossbody so what I’ll do is kind of in here with this brown the other side that is on Barry the knee down in here it’s a column it’s not going to sit for it to be really painful good okay now I’m going to try the back grabbing the toe and get them back now we know what I kick back here for familiar with this it can’t be any space here that can’t be any space that way through the ball and chain submission to be effective if you find yourself with all this extra space like that simply set up jam it in and adjust accordingly so there’s no space I should be on the edge of that wrestling shoe the whole way around now come through you can either padlock it read your point the reason I prefer to point my throwing with the padlock my preferred appointee so reminds me to drive him back because I don’t just pull the toe I Drive back to bring his hips back so I Drive back and then his toes go towards his rear end like that now if his soul is up my palm is up think about that in your toes soul is up palm is up I’m not going to grab like this I’m not going to grab like that we’re going this way okay push back and pull up for the ball Chane I want to transition now to a different leg life when things start getting really interesting before I can do it I want to get rid of this space there so I’m gonna pinch my knees together you’re into all that slack I’m going to work the Superman out crawl out I keep that leg back see how as knee goes in the air this leg comes through I said oh right the middle push that leg down and step over now I have my cross body for cross body on perpendicular where I turn that leg it’s more pressure I could be a lot of pressure on this hip I’m pushing my hips and watching my knee I will leave it traditionally here come through pulling this angle on one all I’m going to do first super simple stuff just to create pain I’m going to cross my own angles so I can hold here for balance and both my ankles on top my feet are off the ground or all I without here this hand comes up to a so it’s a double ankle pressure right there everybody sees what’s happening I’m not trying to push him down I’m pushing myself from there I think I put in on the inside grab the toe Oh the sole is up so my palm is up and they’re going to move this is drag across the Achilles and the last one with my foot behind the hill variation that’s the basis for first you start always with some fun chain universities are going now and step in where you combine to write a download comics crossbody right I’m bringing back my home chain now I’m back here that leg is – I like anybody especially to grab here this calf can you going everything’s locked up total control chart first priority right that helps us maintain offensive nature maintain offensive comparative is how we have implemented our being 28 he I have control I dick Figures the basic attack I can come back here if I want drive back pull back or simply grab this or here break them down that makes me welcome I like that for not done yet when you grab here this hand comes along secures there right there be there for the finish one other thing I’m go through all this with the other sky show you were going if you’re our crossfire Nicholas the row because he can hold but there’s only one way he can roll what’s going to happen though he rolls left shoulder now what happens right he just took a harder position through the Nana Swift and different Groban a swift been arrested guillotine the bear slip foot position as you drive away here are six yellow thing is used to hammer down okay so I landed here banana slipper it’s easier to start with anyways I don’t need to line up here your circular over here I need this time I’m going to squeeze my chest into it I push and pull the same time my chest attached to his thought and so I sit back and drive into the half-inch there’s down now I want to switch to the restrooms new-looking go inside here with that want to throw our limbs down and let go his leg so throwing sweet first we’re here mr. Technosphere ensuing these are champions not dumb because I believe stuff doctor this is what you’re likely to encounter go on top of everybody here and on you can change around and drive for get that kickstand in that keeps them forward now I can work around and grab this get back it’s my leg now since our first part going through the padlock what point you doing this fine line right why do you like padlocks oh he’s going to try I like to point to them by myself drive that do it back that’s your first one I want you to do that get you these together Superman out look that leg in now that will send one down and cross and just get here can we do that it’s all what you do first that’s it one two three

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