Casey Corbin answers the WWW universe

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well hello there we watch wrestling fans a few weeks ago on an episode I believe Matt McCarthy and Vince April had many questions for me on what I was doing SummerSlam weekend as well as the choices that I would make but I thought I finally address all these questions so with NXT with regards to NXT I won’t be going to NXT on Saturday night because I’m part of the DZ comedy tour I’ve been added to it and I’ll be performing alongside Dolph Ziggler and Sarah Tiana and I believe Kurt Kurt Hawkins and Zack Ryder are showing up as well as who knows who else so I’ll be a part of the DZ comedy tour so I’m unable to go to NXT as for SummerSlam I will be at SummerSlam I’ve been lucky enough to get a ticket thank you for that so that’s awesome but however there are questions if when a van Halen concert in Toronto versus @xt if there was a Toronto con a van Halen concert on the same night as NXT I’d be at the van Halen concert that’s just the way it is if I have my choice between a huge wrestling event or a van Halen concert if they’re in the town the same night it all depends on what event it is if it’s WrestleMania versus Van Halen concert and this Van Halen concert is just a regular lineup with Eddie Alex Wolfgang and Dave I’m gonna go to Wrestlemania if this is some sort of crazy van Halen lineup with all three lead singers versus Wrestlemania I need to know who the main event is because that might be a little tough but usually I don’t mix van Halen and wrestling just because when Van Halen tours I usually like to go see them in a couple cities so if there’s a wrestling in town I’m very go see and man Hills their chances are I’ve already seen that store like two or three times already so most likely I’ll take the wrestling does that make sense I hope it does yes I did have an opportunity to go to the Survivor Series in 1997 and yes I did turn it down and the reason being is because I had tickets to see raw and raw on the Monday and Tuesday night tapings I was gonna meet Bret Hart on the Raw on the Monday night so if I’m going to see the raw and the raw the to Roz why would I need to go to Survivor Series I’m gonna see all the same wrestlers what’s gonna happen in Survivor Series Bret’s gonna win it’s Canada obviously I’m gonna choose my first ever Bill’s game I’ve waited my entire life to go to a Bills game and I chose that Sunday night to go see the bills play the Patriots and watch the bills lose thirty three to six was Tom Brady in the game no this was is 97 he wasn’t even there that’s how bad do I regret the decision yeah you’re right I drink you’ll regret it I regret it every day of my life good stuff up here if it’s a savage sucker so low so versus any wrestling I’m probably gonna take the wrestling that’s just the way it is I’ve seen Sammy too many times and a lot of times this sounds very similar so I’ve seen that show a dozen times wrestling it’s always different wrestling if if there’s a wrestling event going up against Eddie Van Halen playing acoustic seventh Barnes and Noble I don’t even know what Barnes and Noble is sounds like a lawyer’s office but I’m gonna be there watching Eddie Van Halen sumir come to mind zoom Kevin okay cameraman Gavin a man zu Valerie Bertinelli Burton f-value Bertinelli book-signing versus a Diana hired book-signing probably gonna go to the Valerie Bertinelli Sabra that song is well I’m being honest I don’t even know how to get ahold of that Diana book I had it in my hands for a while but I gotta take it away from me had to give it back to the original owner well maybe I should do this if I sleeves up rahhhrr oh yeah would I sit in the restaurant and watch any man hail and eat pasta or go to the g1 probably gonna sit beside any man hail and watching me passed it over the g1 that’s just the system way this in our bed no g1 before but I’ve cooked and served Eddie Van Halen passed it before and he was a very memorable experience so why not relive that again do I want to hang out with the Undertaker and watch them get tattoos or go to a Bills game 100% go to a Bills game although I go it with two or three a year but yes door to a bill scape you do me a favor you tell Val that Mark Calloway says hello I’m mark I know did I tell valid mark said hello of course I did and not only that it got vowed to get in touch with with you know the Undertaker’s grandma who he knew from his childhood and it’s just so interesting those families connected and then all of a sudden valves kids we’re getting packages sent to them from the Undertaker’s grandma filled with Undertaker comics that were autographed and eight by tens so it was good tonight that meeting the Undertaker could bring those two families back together and now the family is a gal Eddie Van Halen good evenin so that’s what’s going on with these SummerSlam I’m looking forward to a great weekend and if you want to hear what SummerSlam week has been like tune in and talking wrestling next Thursday and I’ll tell you all about it until then later

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