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what is up guys welcome back to the
channel and what a week it been last
night we got NXT and AEW going
head-to-head and both of them ended up
delivering a heck of a show which we’re
gonna be discussing all the highlights
the surprises and they boot and recap of
the show
in today’s roundup we’re also gonna be
discussing the latest backstage news
as we head into Smackdown live made you
surprised I’ve been rumoured but it
might not actually happen
big confirmation regarding CM Punk the
latest on Triple H and much more but
before we get into it you guys already
know my show – elbow drop it and hit our
notification if you haven’t just yet to
be fully up-to-date on all of my pro
wrestling coverage nonetheless and let’s
get into it
and let’s start off with some of the
quick update coming up we got Smackdown
live but it’s gonna be the premiere of
it on Fox Network so it’s gonna be
massive we already know multiple legends
are gonna be appearing there like sting
and even the rock ended up confirming
his appearance at the show so it’s gonna
be a good night aside from all of the
other matches that have already been
announced like Kofi Kingston versus
Brock Lesnar Roman reigns up versus are
we growing Charlotte and Becky teaming
up once again to take on Sasha banks and
Bayley a ladder match between Kevin
Owens and Shane McMahon and so on so
it’s a fully stocked show but another
super start I’ve been rumored to be
making a return slash appearance is John
Cena who is of course busy in Hollywood
and unfortunately it’s not looking too
good right now he has been teasing it
over an Instagram that he will probably
show up on Friday but according to PW
insider they indicated that wow it is
not impossible it will be extremely
difficult for John Cena to fly across
the country in time to make the
Smackdown show because on that same day
he’s gonna be filming for his upcoming
DC movie this is unfortunate but at
least holly was giving the rock a break
on that day and we’re getting him with
the fact that this is going to be one of
John Cena’s biggest role in any movie
and it will probably end up being his
bigger draw there’s no way he’s gonna be
missing that type of commitment
again it’s not impossible and Vincent
man does have his own plane but as of
right now John Cena as is a prize it’s
not looking really likely moving into
some other news in some big confirmation
so CM Punk dinner interview with
Collider live yesterday addressing the
rumor that he auditioned for the WWE
backstage to do new show he did not
sugarcoat it and indicated that yes he
out dition for the actual show he was
able to work with Renee young and that
he is open for business he didn’t
confirm that he is going to be in it but
the fact that he auditioned for it and
the fact that obviously Fox wants him
it’s almost a guarantee that he’s gonna
be there also especially after what he
said that he is not dealing with none
WWE officials this is directly a fox
deal and he doesn’t have to talk to
anyone in power in the WWE he also
indicated that even after Fox contacted
him nobody in the WWE contacted him for
a possible return he stated that he
doesn’t want to return to wrestling
because he’s not interested in the drama
the politics the backstage and all of
that but also within the same minute
also indicated that he is a businessman
and that he will be openly to actually
talk to anyone if it is the right
business on this same day which of
course we got nxe going head to head
with a alw Triple H did a couple of
interviews and even indicated that yes
whatever CM Punk is doing is only with
Fox nothing related to the WWE and as
they always say to never say never
because even though it might not happen
anytime soon a CM Punk return to the WWE
is always possible he also alluded to
the he that CM Punk and him had in the
past indicating that whatever happened
in the past just happened in the past so
let’s put it behind us and move forward
the last thing that he indicated is that
that is also a little bit outside of my
purview at the moment because of course
he is more focused on NXT for like I
said Never Say Never
certainly very interesting words from
Triple H and CM Punk and let’s go ahead
and get into the recap of aew and NXT
fair disclaimer I’m not gonna come out
here and tell you that NXT was better
than aw or the
IEW was better than nxc I’m just gonna
review them one by one talk about the
bad and the good and give you my general
thoughts Arnie it’s 2019 there is no
point of us arguing back and forth on
which show was better especially if you
ended up watching both sure we can share
the opinions but there is really no need
for the extra argument which is why I’m
not gonna come here and dissected a
segment by segment because I will lose
my mind so every Thursday in the roundup
that goes up just like today we will
talk about the latest news and I will
get into the aew and nxc shows so let’s
go ahead and get started with week
number one and as I mentioned I’ll give
you guys my general thoughts so here it
is I think that this week IEW was more
aimed at competing with Raw and
SmackDown then NXT itself while NXT was
full-on wrestling it was a complete
takeover from start to finish with just
one single backstage segment so what I
mean by this starting off with aew the
reason why I say it feels like they work
more competing towards Raw and SmackDown
type shows was because they started out
hot were wrestling and then got into the
backstage segments and the promos and
rightfully so because it was to
introduce more of the characters that
we’re gonna be seen over the last couple
of weeks something that of course an XE
doesn’t need to be doing because they
already got established superstars I’ve
been on television for a while so
besides the segments and the promos and
so on ATW ended up having finished two
matches that are very similar to what we
get to see on WWE television roar
smackdown on a weekly basis what he owes
of course cheating to win the match mid
match interference like Jon Moxley
coming in an attacking Kenny omega2 of
course continue their view and build up
toward their big match we also got the
typical attacks after certain matches
and superstars confronting each other to
build up new fields while when we look
at NXT it was just pure wrestling like I
said match after match after match built
just like a takeover so that is my
general thoughts on both for the show
but if you want my rating there were
both thumbs up each of them did what
they were supposed to do with that said
let’s go
run down what went down on the show aw
started off with Cody Rhodes making an
amazing entrance with brandy Rhodes and
he defeated sama Guevara very good match
went over 25 minutes and Cody Road up
Sami with a small package to pick up the
victory after the match Cody Rhodes was
supposed to be in an in-ring interview
but he got attacked from behind by Chris
Jericho the beatdown continued to
commercial break which was
picture-in-picture so you know that
ieads of you tonight with limited
commercial even though they didn’t
advertise it which technically is a good
tactic to throw off the competition
Chris Jericho then got on the microphone
and of course told everyone who hears as
if we all don’t know who y2j is you
gotta love him I’m next we got mjf
coming out with a mic and cored out the
crowd poor of course getting massive he
he is the biggest CEO and aew right now
and called himself the faster rising
star in professional wrestling he then
went on to defeat Brandon Cutler in a
very quick match this did exactly what I
needed to do showcase how grey mjf is on
the microphone and then of course go
right ahead and give him a quick match
we had so cow and sensor appearing in
front of the white house with Scorpio
doing a Barack Obama impression while
Christopher Daniels and Frankie Kazarian
play Secret Service agents they would
then interview by the stage which by the
way looks amazing and is better than
just doing the interview inside the ring
or even in a backstage area so I love
that they taking that round and during
this segment the lucha brothers showed
up so they argued back and forth from
who is the best tag team in the world
which led to dem Malenko and other
officials from backstage to put them
apart again building storylines with
these superstars which is great just
like Jack Evans and Angelica got into a
confrontation with private party
the third match of the night we got
packed defeating hangman Adam Paige
pancake a page below the belt then hit a
black arrow into the brutalizer and the
referee Earl Hebner stopped the match
awarding the victory to pack that debris
Baker joint commentary for the next
match which is the women’s title match
she of course is the number
one contender to whoever won tonight and
that was Rijo defeating nyla rose to
become the first aw Women’s Champion Ryo
worked smart and fast throughout the
match eventually penny nyla rose after
hitting her with running knees to the
face so now we know that we’re gonna be
getting Rijo taking on brie Baker up
next which they might be saving it to
the next pay-per-view but all of this
wasn’t over after this match Michael
nakazawa announced that he was going to
interview Rijo and Japanese bony LaRose
attacked them both which led to Kenny
Omega coming out to say Rijo they of
course got history in Japan from teaming
together and mixed tag matches and so on
so if you didn’t know that then it might
have been a little bit weird but it did
provide her for a good transition
because we got into the main event which
was Chris Jericho Santana and Ortiz
defeating the elite can you make under
your box but it was a lot that happened
in this match
midway through jon moxley appeared and
attacked kenny omega pulling him out of
the match taking him to the backstage
and giving him a piledriver on a glass
table that sounded crazy the match
continued without him and Chris Jericho
invention Utley pin Matt Jackson after
the Judas effect after the main event
Cody Rhodes running an attack Chris
Jericho then Sammy Guevara running an
attack Cody Dusty Rhodes came in to make
the save and last but not least Jack
Hager makes his debut formerly known as
Jack Swagger in WWE he came in and ended
up standing tall with the heels it looks
like they’re going to be making a heal
faction under the leadership of Chris
Jericho we will see if the faction rau
is what they’re looking for
regardless this was a great way to end
the show because now I wanted to tune in
next week to see what is happening with
all of these guys involved as for nxe I
told you guys that was straight-up
wrestling and I do feel like in general
this whole week nxe had the best in ring
competition they gave us the best
bell-to-bell wrestling and started off
with the NXT championship Adam Cole
defeating Matt riddle this is a great
back and forth match that lasted almost
30 minutes and it was hard hit him after
matt’ll we got a bit of a chakras finn
bálor music hit and he announced that he
is now and exceed that sorely came out
of nowhere up next we got velvety dream
cording a promo on Roderick Strong
indicating that he is focused on getting
a rematch to get his North American
Championship back up next we got one of
the best matches of the night you should
ride defeating me ahem and all that I’m
going to say is that when you Shorai
comes out there I am absolutely glued to
the television I don’t know about you
guys but everything from her Hyo
entrance to her presentation to why she
does in the ring it’s pretty much almost
perfect than anyone right now they’re
doing great with her and it’s just a
matter of time before she actually
becomes NXT Women’s Champion
I think she’s the one that’s next
whenever they decide to take it off
Shayna Baszler she gotta be the one
who’s gonna win it up next we got Johnny
gorgiano defeating Shayne thorn when
hitting him with a superkick the fourth
match of the night we got NXT Women’s
Championship match Shayna Baszler
defeating Candice larae I wasn’t
expecting Shayna to lose because she has
been so dominant and it’s clear that
she’s gonna continue that but it still
sucks that can this loss we have Pete
Dunn defeating Danny birch and after the
match the lights were now and Damien
priest laid out P done and I’m very
interested in this feud so bring it on
and then for the main event we got the
NXT Tag Team Championship match on
disputer era defeating the sri prophet’s
awesome tag team match even though I
feel like the NXT championship match
should have been the one to close the
show nonetheless after this saxy match
we did gather Adam Cole coming out on
the stage to celebrate with his on
disputer era brothers but that
celebration didn’t really happen because
the former NXT champion Tommaso Champa
made his return and the show ended with
him staring down Adam Cole so there it
is guys certainly a lot of they beaut a
lot of returns and a bit of unexpected
stuff were nxc of not just Tommaso
Champa returning but Finn Balor also
getting moved from the main roster on
Smackdown to NXT which technically now
is the main roster show so I probably
should stop using that
what all of that said let me know your
thoughts down in the comments below what
do you like or didn’t like from each of
the shows or if you’re watching only one
of them
what do you thought of it anyways guys I
thank you for watching this nxe /hw
roundup if you guys enjoy don’t forget
to elbow drop it and if you found this
informative for much more hit those
notifications and subscribe to the
channel we’re under words a two hundred
thousand subscribers I’m into T ow
dig it

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