Breezango vs. The Forgotten Sons: WWE NXT, Oct. 9, 2019

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there is a business that fused that uh faints Beth we see a quick check it comes Wesley Blake and again The Forgotten sons utilizing that five count race dumps color out of the ring and it comes Vaughn dango and he’s all about that ballroom blitz and it’s our not sweet for Wesley Blake now Django full of energy opening to wrap that back bodydrop go to the midsection Gennaro bride fun dango is going for the cover side prax hooks the leg three still the legal man no check was made on the top – Gong go and I believe resemble tuning up the band oh but the pulled the muscle once again he calls himself the hammer and so did Wesley Blake with the toe pain what a tag-team match here between the forgotten sons and Briggs angle rollaway up for funding of dollies with China breeze even speak us boys outside remains and that’s all that remains supreme Sango like that The Forgotten Sun treating NXT tag teams like the truculent trio have diplomatic immunity well what a way to expunge that earlier loss

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