Bonus Pixel: Gears 5 Batista

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[Music] it’s bonus pixel time pixel what bonus pixel time here on cuz Batista doing here and you said hey I thought those all those commercials and you could play as Batista you’re like how can I like give a ps4 not an Xbox this is the only on xbox its Gears of War 5 and Batista is here and he is not Marcus Fenix he recorded Alliance this game boys yep he’s going in folks he’s time for you now sorry my bad this one’s on me great hangs comes up taste oh yeah oh yeah put you in here playing as Batista okay that’s the plan so good to me but again its online multiplayer so this can go very poorly for us real bad real bad cuz I’m mm-hmm so y’all so fearless if only you’re totally flawless that’ll never have yeah hey I haven’t started yet a man can dream ok fart don’t do this yeah uh-huh just put the mask on you think at this point I would own a gas mask for this show props are expensive this show has no budget so you know yeah but you have to protect yourself from the farts I do it’s pretty bad and the match is over I enjoy this is why I hate recording games that are on multiplayer cuz I think it’s a ploy I know like we’re on a schedule here all of a sudden hey it’s over and you won the match and like boy didn’t do it he didn’t do anything we joined a match and that was the match those already in progress yeah pretty much and I don’t want to be on the bad guys side I want to make you plays Batista right the entire fall in this video right see single-player games are reliable yeah multiplayer game are not yeah we should be done by now we should see I can’t play is the whole point of this videos Batista give me what I want nope oh good they didn’t give it to me give me what I want I’m gonna keep leaving man seriously I’m gonna keep dropping and rejoining give us Batista this looks promising the nationally end right here put this in the match put me in the match give me what I want five four three two one respawning the game knows it’s like who is this noob what is he doing why did it tell me nothing the games goes with it what hell are you doing did I really yeah just pretty funny yep sliding the cover so the a button is getting to cover the a button is to run in this game um and you like jump you don’t jump and that’s the end of the map so turn around the map is that way hey head back toward there you go you can run there you go and yes he did record a lot of his game that says give you give me what what I want shut up that is in here it’s a really fine well he is aware of that meme which is pretty good there’s a guy shoot him shoot him shoot him ma’am I mean he’s sort of work oh you got shot oh he’s down folks he’s down up executed and you got that this is what happened here I got shot tall get in there murder you there you go that’s one of your guys I don’t treat your guys oh thank you all right this yeah yep oh look here’s Bautista oh man bring the but rain doesn’t yeah here we go second wind yeah you can do it Bautista no you’re the animal this is just like call of duty yeah but it’s in third-person true well yeah it’s an online shooter essentially that’s what they do there’s chainsaws nice we’re just pretty awesome holy you can use beefier chainsaw no the end of the match I win there we go that was your Batista video and our team won that match cuz I will so yes you walk it alone you shot nobody you got no kills but the team won and that’s what’s important so there you go there’s your bonus pixel we’re done we’ll see you next time and we’re out [Music]

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