Blue Span Immortal RANK 1200~ Dota 2 – ROAD TO TOP 500

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If half his life, if if if if if if if if if if tough for about 3000 -point lead of five of one and 1.5177727 hundred- 1000- off , 3.1 have his office and If the if-if-if-if-and-down-and -fifth of-the seventh for lost data
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and comments to the discoveries publisher
those over a more often came across a black vote big dollop of 899 PM dollars last two dozen so bad to me, now 88 rose to 99 . The server 77 is there more
apparent to the scene from a Russian use any one moves to others in the active roster and play
under serious disease are sex as
runners are Southeast Asia is the nicest a
rather play long and the date because you were
two Australian North America up
to stop you for taking batting face the kind of the fact that she nor is the problem is now
are using racist and strong as Reggie Miller’s it improves any better cost the people seek us really
any race for the second as water and add
the key is a bit shocking that
drafted the monk although postings the drafts are
leaving from the from time . But the but the inspector clearly the house from the them than half of all rights and so you’re saying that southeast
Asians and bill by words in four K Usenet Mexico that the fifth the CIA matches stage show and
you are from the pretty sure four K Southeast
Asia were just fine matches since EU Greece and
Southeast Asia are hurrying in the bracket brackets do all your reader has
the right buttons is my skill as kills it
what motion. Four plays novels building use of the year for key player
you’re complaining about your magistrate both sides I
still say but at least 2.5 K
race so they should include Iraq
and the Nazis that we are very
high s a smart cards IBM’s in from the skin of our existing window and speedboats check can you tell us to baltimore’s three profiles has killed four.
I don’t think that strip does anyone have facts in this
opinion two tobacco but no real asset in a search this change in the lactate
chances are your teammates not play any
waste your forte bracket in your teammates on my words I
would be extremely surprised nine that included the sticker that too much lower
rate than are behalf that is unable to tell you
something that will search so I have played thousands of
games in North America of
playing only hundreds and
hundreds and hundreds of games
in your applet at all say at least two of the
games in Southeast Asia
Southeast is the nicest year I
have ever played a sometimes a separate any mobile
bowl in dollars at the leash it’s a
rattler in the SAP we’ll let you
guys try really hard until the
end of the game even the final
th years that most toxic server at
all the servers and I like to be more than an
eight days at least 18 should
talk and you idle understanding
that if either Indians all the
Time member you never plan as a radio
audience to Beverly on Southeast
Asia and you’ll know what others
are as of right and use young Males do not know that and producers they’re proving servers for Ron either tampering series
swimming as USC’s kazak rooms
are jam is necessary and they have no eta on the
things that the chinas are
limits are but I win gold jerking a
Southeast Asia as being a
battered markets are unblinking eyes regains us is
being racist Delaware plan producers and others say the service sector
black may I add a few words and on
that also I think the streams are pulling out the many players
ripped by bombing based community as the
temperature stream us a fine
trial be back tomorrow in the
same time so we should be read
the names of th everyday brain a pricey seven and had

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