Blade and wrestling gear. Stage, ramp, and gear

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hello they’ll be doubly universe blade here and i’m going to show you the rain and wrap and all the tools that are built for my delivery services then stick around because I got a surprise for you then all right the insurance grant well I’m not gonna call it that of course that ya see see look silver trim flames two screens on either side x over the doorway and a nice little ramp down yeah I mean it’s not the best string in the world or it’s not the best surround and sage in the world but I mean I did my best and it looks pretty awesome you know and here we go here’s the tools that I built from superstars the top piece of the steel fence you see home TV the field steps break up into two pieces right well here’s the top piece a smaller piece it that usually uses weapon and wrestling see if that see it’s not really tall oh it’s actually really tiny but so still set then uh I made a steel chair one of my personal favorites it can be held by superstar but it can also a wedge and between the turnbuckles again let you see on TV and this is pretty awesome I mean the only thing I could do to make this better it’s like it fold and you know that’s not gonna happen though here is the mop you seem appear wants on Raw no more than 12 actually i think it was twice 23 times i don’t know but yeah the mop rick mcmahan use it as a weapon once i know that yeah i mean it’s a mop but like i said its may be fun and one of my personal favorites in dosage one of McMahon’s weapon of choice Daniel Bryan’s weapon of choice CM Punk’s or sorry Sam sucks sorry that mean to misuse manner so you kid is sick all right the barbed wire backed one of my personal favorites because Randy Orton hardcore versus the hardcore icon Mick Foley Intercontinental title falls count anywhere Randy Orton had this put underneath his privates and then leg dropped yeah then hurry up here I gotta hurry up here don’t have much time sledgehammer Triple H’s weapon of choice really awesome swings hold in hand you get the point yada yada yada really awesome honestly there for tag-team belt these are really cool yeah Damon my personal favorite of all my creations the custom WWE Championship it Oh awesome yeah red leather epic looking a nameplate cool gay side plates look like the old draw area thing yeah and now for that surprise oh my partner he betta nice tech thank you anyway yeah I made us some awesome custom tie belts see this is do that this is be back right here black wo email goes as tagged Yanni and I have the cool looking triangle on the half and nine the blade tag awesome w/e logo yada yada yada so that’s it for this edition of WWE gear by blade see you next time guys and live your life love it with your dreams maybe you can make it big someday you want to be risk

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