BJJ Technique: Countering a Common Armbar Defense Like a Ninja

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[Music] once alright welcome back to the channel so we’re gonna go over how to defend the armbar defense right so if I go for an armbar the person does the defense where they’re getting control their bicep they’re going underneath sometimes it’s almost impossible to break this grip you know you could try going to the side but if it’s a big strong person it’s gonna be really hard to do so what I’m gonna do is switch my hands and I’m gonna get control and just cut the person’s elbow now really fast I’m gonna do is to take my hand to the floor I’m gonna keep everything extremely tight together it’s gonna be a lot of pressure on mat on the bottom but I’m gonna go here slowly turn right now that we’re here this hand is gonna be exposed because this one’s gonna be trapped now so I’m gonna go here switch it up and now we can get the armbar so again if I start to go for this armbar the person’s locking this defense right so he has this where I can’t pull his arm out so quickly I’m gonna switch I’m gonna Cup you could also try to get in here and control the arms but if the person’s just keeping everything so tight I can’t dig everything in I like to just cut pull this here put my hand to the floor and quickly I’m gonna switch my head so I’ll do it slow one time they’ll do it fast so we’re gonna go here turn let everything pivot now we’re in the S mount I’m gonna rip his arm up bring it’s over top before I fall and then finish the armbar here’s what it looks like full speed then I go to the armbar as always no liabilities [Music]

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