Best Couch Co Op Games On PS4 2019 “Giveaway”

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what is going on ladies and gentlemen monkey flop hearing today I wanted to talk about Castle Crashers remastered on the PlayStation 4 it is one of my favorite couch co-op games of all time and arguably one of the best couch co-op games period to this date and I’m really excited it kind of feels like a dream that it finally got remastered and brought over to the PlayStation 4 I’ve made so many videos about Castle crashes in the past and even a demanding video – maybe that Castle Crashers get brought over to the PlayStation 4 and yet here we are today now big shout out to behemoth for giving me a free coat to review for you guys here today and not only that I also have a free coat to give out to one of you guys so I’ll have more information on they give away towards the end of the video please make sure they hit a like comment down below support your boy if you guys are new subscribe with those Bell notifications turn on because you don’t want to miss the latest and greatest in PlayStation so let’s go ahead and talk about Castle Crashers a little bit more because this is one of my favorite games to be honest with you guys one of my favorite couch co-op games of all time it’s one of those games that even if you aren’t that good of a player and you come over to my house even though you might not play video games that much it’s something that you can get into very easily now if you’re one of the more hardcore gamers that oh you know it knows their way around a PlayStation 4 controller with their eyes closed then you are going to be a master at the game but either way it’s a lot of fun it’s very engaging what are you playing a single player whether you’re playing couch co-op or online mode it’s got it for pretty much everyone out there the games a lot of fun it’s a hack and slash kind of side scroller move your way through they have different levels that in each level they’ll have a couple of different boss fights which can be challenging and I’m always up for a challenge but the game kind of stays true to the PlayStation 3 version as far as the difficulty setting and pretty much everything else it looks gorgeous on the PlayStation 4 pro and I’m you you know I can’t wait for you guys to get your hands on it like I said it’s a great couch golf game hack and slash but one of the things that kind of stands out to me the most is not only that it kept remastered on the PlayStation 4 and it’s hold true to the games values in pretty much everything matted it already has it is $14.99 that price point is something that I deeply deeply value there are so many games that get released to this date that cost $60 plus you know the add-on DLC which can go up to like a hundred hundred and twenty dollars hundred and fifty dollars no Castle Crashers is $14.99 less than $15 and includes all of the DLC you think I’m bragging about the game but I honestly genuinely have been waiting for this game to come out for so long there’s like it says there’s so many videos that I’ve made in the past about Castle Crashers and even the demanding video so this kind of feels like a dream that that this is actually it actually happened and then on top of that the price point of it being less than $15 with all of the DLC previous DLC included with it is kind of unheard of it’s like the game got released on sale right away you know there’s not too many games with this kind of value that you can find for that price point let alone you know about you a for a couch co-op game like this in general alright so here’s the fun part for me behemoth gave me a code to give away to one of you guys so I’m gonna be selecting a comment at random in the comments down below comment your region where you’re from and then put your PSN name in those comments down below of course like the video subscribe with those Bell notifications turn on if you guys haven’t already and there’s no limit to how many you can actually post I’m gonna be selecting a random comment by Friday so please check your PSN you messages because I’m going to be selecting one comments by random and I’m gonna be contacting whoever it is on PlayStation messages sometimes it’s hard to do giveaways because people will put their psi name but not actually check their messages so I’m going to message you give you about 24 hours to respond and then I will send the code if you don’t respond in 24 hours I want to get this code out to somebody that is actively playing on the PlayStation 4 so if I don’t get a hold of somebody within 24 hours on Friday then I will select another random comment and I love to play with you so if you do get the code please you know connect with me because I want to be able to play with you I want to you know do some online multiplayer with you and you kind of have fun with the game and test it out if you guys are already playing it or already have it on the PlayStation 4 also just drop your comments down below with your PSN name say you know I already have the game I’m good but I want to play with you and I’ll check it out and if you guys are down to play some you know online multiplayer with Castle Crashers I’m totally down so thank you guys so much for watching this video thank you to behemoth for giving me a code to try out the game but not only that to give out one of them to you guys so thank you guys so much for this for everything dude and do that like you guys are the reason why I continue doing what I’m doing I appreciate you so much see you in those comments and I will see you guys in the next news update you guys are freaking awesome you

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